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Assignment 3 guidelines


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Assignment 3 guidelines

  1. 1. 3rd YEAR [3B] History of Architecture (AP 313) Course Blog : Assignment - 3: Essay Marks : 40% of the internal marking [Individual Assignment] Write a 3000 word essay on the given topic. A. Guidelines: 1. Essay need to have critical thinking and fair amount of details. 2. All referencing needs to be done in accordance with ISO 690 Numerical Referencing Style. 3. It is mandatory for every essay to have a bibliography with at least three books. B. Marking Scheme: 1. First Draft: 151 % 2. Final Paper: 25% C. Submission Requirement: 1. First Draft: 1500 to 2000 words 3. Final Essay: 2500 to 3000 words th – 18 March 2014 th – 29 April 2014 Note: Late submissions will be marked with 50% deduction (late submission will be accepted only if submitted within 48 hours after the final submission time) 1 15% of total internal marking of the semester (respectively other percentages) Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. Sl . No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Name of the Student Pankaj Kumar Mipul Kumar Singh Devender Singh Ishant Anand Rushil Banga Jasvinder Singh Deepak Kumar Singh Saumya Kohli Shivika Gulati 9 10 Arnab Ghosh 11 12 Vedika Agrawal Mayank Shekhawat Vandana Vishnu Bhotla 13 14 GaganDeep Kaur Babra 15 Samridhi Sharma 16 Prannay Dhingra 17 Aakanksha Gupta Parul Jain 18 19 Hemant Kandpal 20 Prashansa Sachdeva 21 Nalin Bhatia Ishita Bhartia 22 23 Akshat Bansal 24 Nitya Bali 25 Purnima Pawar 26 27 Mishika Bablani Aashish Gupta Diksha Jain 28 29 Varsha Mallya 30 31 Damini Bhardwaj Aditi Agarwal Essay Topic Le Corbusier and esprit nouveau Regionalism and search for Indian-ness Discuss the works and writings of Louis Kahn. Discuss the influence of Le Corbusier on architecture in India Discuss regionalism with examples. Discuss the development of Gurgaon and architecture there. Discuss the development of NOIDA and architecture there. Discuss Modern architecture in India Explain “Modernity”, “Modernization” & “Modernism” w.r.t. the advent of modern architecture. Explain Post-Modern architecture with the help of examples. Explain regionalism in architecture as an expression of appropriate technology and sustainability by giving examples. Discuss globalization and its impact on new cities like Gurgaon and NOIDA Explain “Post Modernism” in architecture with the help of works by Venturi, Rossi, Michael Graves, Eisenman and Tschumi. Discuss Indo Saracenic architecture with examples. Discuss Arts & Crafts movement, De Stijl and Cubism with examples Discuss organic architecture of F L W. Discuss the impact of colonialism on Art, Architecture and Urbanism in India. Discuss the impact of the discovery of steel, concrete and glass as new building materials on subsequent architecture. Discuss the development of sky scrapers in architecture Discuss Structural Rationalism during the Age of Enlightenment Discuss German Werkbund and development of Bauhaus Discuss the influence of Habib Rehman, A P Kanvinde, Joseph Allen Stein, Charles Correa (early works) and B V Doshi (early works) on development of modern architecture in India after independence. Discuss international expositions and development of architecture Compare and contrast - Bauhaus and JJ School of Architecture Discuss Santa Elia’s Futurism. Discuss the impact of globalization on contemporary architecture of India. Describe the role of engineers and the use of new materials in the transformation of architecture from the 19th century. Critique on Gautam Bhatia’s book ‘Punjabi Baroque and other Memories of Architecture’. Discuss Art Deco and Art Nouveau Discuss Jenck’s book ‘The language of post-modern architecture’, with examples. Discuss the company painters and development of Indo Saracenic Architecture. Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. 32 Ravideep Singh Manik Bansal 33 34 Sheifali Aggarwal Mansi Jain 35 36 Rashi Chugh Sanjana Pillai 37 38 Siddharth Menon 39 Shreya Gera 40 41 Nivesh Gaur Garima Bansal Discuss architecture by real estate developers in India. Discuss how European architecture was imported to India in Early colonial period. Discuss the architecture of malls & offices in Gurgaon and NOIDA Discuss the cultural and technical transformations that took place during early modern period and how it helped in the development of Modern Architecture. Discuss the influence of LIK and Le Corbusier on architecture in India. Discuss Chicago School of Architecture with reference to Louis Sullivan. Discuss F L Wright and his contribution to Modern Architecture. Discuss minimalism in architecture. Discuss the development of Chandigarh and its impact in architecture in India Discuss 5 principles by Le Corbusier and compare it with monumentality and served-servant space concepts of LIK Nipesh P Narayanan Page 3 of 3