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Project Veladia was developed by Niobium Labs and targeted to bring what was missing in the lately hyped location based networks. While most of LBNs focus on the gaming aspect, Veladia is what is called ‘true contextual recommendation egnine’. That means that the user can define where and when is the best spot to go according to data collected not only from other users, but from his own close environment!Veladia is all about sharing the knowledge of your experiences, and experience the knowledge of the community.

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Veladia - Smartphone App

  1. 1. Introduction to functionality
  2. 2. What is Veladia?
  3. 3. Veladia is a social tool that lets you share interests & experiences with the people that matter most to you
  4. 4. your friends
  5. 5. You can check out where they’ve dined
  6. 6. or traveled
  7. 7. what museum they loved
  8. 8. or book they read
  9. 9. in which bar they mingled
  10. 10. or movie they enjoyed
  11. 11. Along the way, you can always meet new friends and discover the world around you
  12. 12. Why Veladia ? And why a sheep?
  13. 13. Actually don’t be a sheep
  14. 14. Follow your own path and leave a trail
  15. 15. βε·λά·ζω Pronunciation: ˌve-la-ˈzo Function: verb Definition: the sound of sheep in a flock “communicating” with each other Metaphoric Definition: working hard against your will (to the point you just don’t do what you want)
  16. 16. How does it work?
  17. 17. This is Jason’s iPhone Let’s take a look on his Veladia app
  18. 18. Home Here is Jason’s Friend Feed , including all actions done from his friends. The Local Feed shows him actions from all Veladia users near him.
  19. 19. Have no friends yet? No problem!
  20. 20. Invite Friends Jason can easily find his existing friends using all popular platforms , and he can also add as a friend any Veladia user.
  21. 21. What are you after? Check it out!
  22. 22. Categories Jason can search through a list of categories to find valuable tips from friends and other users.
  23. 23. Any restaurants near me? The power of location-based information.
  24. 24. Near Me - Restaurants 53 Restaurants are located near Jason, with instant view of restaurant type, distance, rating and number of reviews.
  25. 25. Near Me – Map View Apart from the “List View”, Jason can also see all 53 restaurants on the “Map View”, allowing him to figure out their exact location . When you click on a red pin, the restaurant’s details appear.
  26. 26. Near Me – Recommended The “Recommended” tab shows only the restaurants that have been suggested by Veladia users, based on internal algorithms. The same functionality is available at the “Friends” tab, showing only your friends’ recommendations.
  27. 27. Restaurant Details When you select a restaurant, its details card appears with quick bits of info and several engaging options, such as: <ul><li>Add review </li></ul><ul><li>Read reviews </li></ul><ul><li>View map </li></ul><ul><li>Check-in </li></ul>“ Call” and “Add to Favorites” options are displayed with icons, because they are single-click actions.
  28. 28. Wanna post a review? Piece of cake!
  29. 29. Post Review Posting your own review is as simple as texting a friend, and at the same time you can rate the restaurant, bar, movie etc. and share your knowledge with the rest of us! Your post can also be shared on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, by activating their buttons.
  30. 30. Rate Review Rating reviews gives more credibility to the reviewer and at the same time shows whether you agree or not with his opinion. Soon, you will also be able to view the people who rated each review.
  31. 31. Wanna share a thought? Spread the word!
  32. 32. Share a Thought You can also share anything you have in mind, like a status update, which can be posted also on your Facebook and Twitter accounts with a single click!
  33. 33. movies books The entire catalogue of Amazon movies and books – including their reviews – are available at your fingertips, including all related metadata (actors, directors, covers, authors, etc.)
  34. 34. Like what you’ve seen so far? Wait till you see what we have in store..
  35. 35. Work-in-Progress After all, Veladia is still in be-ee-ta 
  36. 36. Add your own stuff! Although Veladia already lists 2.750 restaurants, 727 bars, 1.274 hotels, 400 spots, and hundreds of thousands movies and books, the most valuable information will come from each Veladia user, who will be able to add any item, any time, anywhere!
  37. 37. Give it context! Ok.. a restaurant has location and a given cuisine. So? Is this enough for you to decide if it’s worth going? Imagine being able to define: <ul><li>When is best to go (morning, afternoon, etc.) </li></ul><ul><li>Who to go with (girlfriend, boss, friends, etc.) </li></ul><ul><li>What it’s good for (romantic, trendy, dancing, etc.) </li></ul>
  38. 38. My Profile! Veladia users will soon be able to edit their profile page, by changing their photo, personal details, privacy settings, etc.
  39. 39. Check-In! Sharing your location with your friends has never been more popular. Until now, this was done through GPS only, which often resulted in “ghost check-ins”. Veladia will use QR codes for this feature and therefore eliminate ghost check-ins. This way, venues will have access to 100% accurate reports of user visits, which will result in building an efficient loyalty model that benefits both the customer and the venue.
  40. 40. We will reward you! Incentive schemes are vital in building users’ loyalty and frequency of use. We are currently working on a smart reward system that will engage both the users and the products (restaurants, movies, books, etc.), without affecting the content’s quality. Adding places and reviews will never be more fun!
  41. 41. Veladia goes Global! Greece is the first country we target. The world will probably follow 
  42. 42. Thank You! And remember: “Escape the Flock”