What is the Nintendo Wii?


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What is the Nintendo Wii?

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  2. 2. What is the Nintendo Wii? Gaming consoles continue to advance and improve, providing players with more and different opportunities to become part of the gaming world. The three big manufacturers of gaming consoles include Sony for the Playstation, Microsoft for the Xbox gaming systems and Nintendo. All three of these inventive corporations are constantly re-designing gaming systems to compete with each other.
  3. 3. Best for a specific player or players in a family Often it can be confusing as to which unit is the best for a specific player or players in a family. The Nintendo Wii has an interesting history and marketing strategy that is aimed at the family as players, as opposed to the specific gamer who is well versed in the strategy of many of the games on today's market.
  4. 4. Learning About the Nintendo Wii The Nintendo Wii is the inventive gaming system created by Nintendo after years of research and development. The Nintendo brand is well associated with several other gaming systems including the Game Cube and the Nintendo DS which is a hand held gaming unit.
  5. 5. Code name of revolution While Nintendo was researching and developing the Nintendo Wii it was given the code name of Revolution, and many believed that to be the actually name of the new gaming system, so many were surprised by the name Wii.
  6. 6. System itself was unveiled in 2006 The system itself was unveiled in 2006 and the system simply took off in sales. The concept behind the Nintendo Wii is one of a player friendly console that everyone can play. The system is set up to be very interactive, which is a unique feature for gaming consoles.
  7. 7. Own movements to control the game The Nintendo Wii has controllers that enable a player to use their own movements to control the game. By making certain hand or arm movements, the player is able to manipulate the play involved during the course of the game. The controller is able to detect movement and then project that into the game.
  8. 8. Own little version of themselves In many games a player creates their own little version of themselves to actually play the game, making it an even more personnel experience for the player. These characters are fun to make and it seems to be a highlight to many games to watch the mini version playing a game.
  9. 9. Extremely interactive The Nintendo Wii is a gaming system that encourages group play, as games are extremely interactive and also contain many physical movements. This makes for exciting games that involve player's full participation in the game.
  10. 10. Complicated movements on a game controller For those that have little experience with gaming systems, the movements allow for ease of play without having to figure out complicated movements on a game controller. With this much involvement in the games, the Nintendo Wii is bound to be a popular gaming system for years to come.
  11. 11. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// allhightech.info /