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The New Nintendo Wii Brings Gaming to a Whole New Level


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The New Nintendo Wii Brings Gaming to a Whole New Level

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  2. 2. The New Nintendo Wii Brings Gaming to a Whole New Level You have likely heard about the new Nintendo Wii in the gaming world and probably want to know why you should buy one when you have a perfectly good Xbox or Playstation at home already. The answer is that this new gaming system from Nintendo is revolutionary and incorporates features that the other systems do not have – virtual full player interaction!
  3. 3. How it Compares The new Nintendo Wii cannot be equally compared to other gaming systems simply because it is so unique how it operates. While other gaming systems have a controller for players to manipulate characters on the screen via various controller buttons and joysticks, the Wii uses your own body's movement to operate the characters in the game.
  4. 4. Totally dependent on your movements This new Nintendo Wii is totally dependent on your movements and the controller for the gaming system is sensitized with accelerometers and special sensors to measure your body movements such as speed and direction.
  5. 5. Gaming systems deliver more Yes, other gaming systems deliver more in the way of 3-D graphics and stereo-quality sound but the new Nintendo Wii delivers with the interactive movements and the fact that you can tailor your characters to suit your needs and different players. Each player in a Wii game is issued a Mii character in which you can choose traits such as eye shape and color, nose shape, hair, facial features such as freckles and shape of face and even choosing glasses, sunglasses and more.
  6. 6. Gaming systems What the new Nintendo Wii has that the other gaming systems do not have is free online services and online game playing, a cool virtual game console and even an SD slot for storage and viewing photos. Most new Wii gaming systems come with a basic game package in which the games are tailored so that you can learn how to use the Wii remote as well as accessories like the nunchuck.
  7. 7. Share "friend codes” Other gaming systems require you to pay a yearly or monthly subscription fee in order to communicate with others on the internet but the new Nintendo Wii does not. The Wii does require that you share "friend codes" that you can find in the configuration menu with those you plan to communicate with regularly. This is a great feature for families who are concerned about their children's online safety.
  8. 8. Possible Future Features Currently, the new Nintendo Wii does not have the capability to play DVD movies, unlike other gaming systems but there are plans to possible incorporate this feature. In addition, you can look forward to being able to download additional features for your Mii character as well as downloadable interactive games that include old arcade favorites.
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