Profiling the Nintendo Wii Controller


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Profiling the Nintendo Wii Controller

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  2. 2. Profiling the Nintendo Wii Controller The Nintendo Wii is quite a unique gaming system not because the graphics and software options are more stellar than other gaming system, but for the fact that it allows users to be a participant in the game – moves and all. The Nintendo Wii controller is a sophisticated device which senses your movements, which are broadcast into the game. You are playing as if you really were playing it one on one.
  3. 3. Two Main Types of Controllers When it comes to this gaming system, there are actually two types of Nintendo Wii controllers – the Wiimote (a remote control-style device), and a classic style which resembles Nintendo controllers of gaming consoles past.
  4. 4. Classic nintendo wii controller looks similar The classic Nintendo Wii controller looks similar to other Nintendo controllers to other gaming systems and allows you to play other Nintendo games through the Wii. This classic style is sold separately from the gaming system as it is considered an accessory rather than a necessary part of the operation of the console.
  5. 5. Necessary part in the operation of the gaming console The Wiimote type of Nintendo Wii controller is more commonly known and is a necessary part in the operation of the gaming console. This device resembles an actual remote control and has several buttons on the face of it as well as a trigger button below it which is used in some games. This Wiimote also comes with a special strap which must be worn around the wrist each time a player uses it to avoid sudden, accidental releases from the hand during the learning curve of handling the controller.
  6. 6. How They Work The classic style of Nintendo Wii controller hooks into the port located at the bottom of the Wiimote so that it would be used as a wireless controller. For the Wiimote itself to work wirelessly, there is a sensor bar which must be placed on top of your television with a cord that is hooked into the back of the gaming console.
  7. 7. Accelerometer inside this controller The Wiimote Nintendo Wii controller is motion-sensing and uses Bluetooth technology in order to work without a wire hook-up into the console. There is an accelerometer inside this controller which senses direction, speed and how it is held as these are important to such games as bowling, tennis, golf and more. There are corresponding sounds that come from the game you are playing so that you know when your swing, hit or thrust is working correctly.
  8. 8. Capability for manual calibration of the controls Currently, both the classis and Wiimote Nintendo Wii controller does not have the capability for manual calibration of the controls. Therefore, there is a learning curve in using these devices so you learn the nuances of how they operate and how to adjust your own movements accordingly.
  9. 9. Plugs into the bottom of the wiimote In addition, there are other accessories that can be used in conjunction with these Nintendo Wii controllers such as the Nunchuck which plugs into the bottom of the Wiimote. All in all, with a little practice, you can easily master how to use the controller to the best of its (and your) ability.
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