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Keep up with Breaking Nintendo Wii News

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  2. 2. Keep up with Breaking Nintendo Wii News When the Nintendo Wii was first introduced many people did not get it. Most video gamers did not understand the concept of getting off the couch and having to move around to make your video games work. Some rejected it while other embraced it. The first bit of Nintendo Wii news had nothing to do with the popular video games titles of the day or the well known video gamers that had made game consoles like the XBOX famous.
  3. 3. First real bit of nintendo wii news The first real bit of Nintendo Wii news was that the Wii was something everyone could use. Young and old alike were able to use the Wii and enjoy it as simple games like golf and bowling became interactive video games that seniors could use for exercise. In Nintendo Wii news the headline was not how many people were playing the Wii games but what kind of people were playing.
  4. 4. Either never played video games before People that had either never played video games before, or put down their controller in the early 1990’s and never wanted to pick it up again, were infatuated with the Wii and sales started to climb. The Nintendo Wii news in the beginning was that the Wii was not a hit with the video game market but rather the non-video game playing audience. No matter who you are news like that will get people’s attention.
  5. 5. This new system It was not long before Nintendo Wii news started to turn to the video gamer world as the gamers started to become curious about this new system that their little brother, and their grandfather, was playing constantly. Gamers were not used to working up a sweat when they played video games but here was a whole market of people losing weight playing video games. As the Nintendo Wii news spread so did the popularity and soon game developers came calling.
  6. 6. The Wii at the Forefront Now the Nintendo Wii news is that the Wii is a system that is regarded by hardcore video gamers as something worth while and that means that game developers have to start developing new games for the Wii now. But the Wii isn’t like every other game system.
  7. 7. Wii game library The newest version of Call of Duty may not translate into the Wii world. So Wii developers are developing new games just for the Wii and the whole Wii game library is becoming quite popular. It is amazing what a little good press can do and in the early days of Nintendo Wii news the news may have been a little different but it was all good.
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