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Welcome to the API Economy


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The 90s were disruptive for traditional business models in the race for a web presence, today, application programming interfaces (APIs) are the new must-have for the companies to their customers and community. What has changed? Social Networks, Social Commerce, Social Content and the extensions of that: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and eBay, leading us to the generational culture of "simple": User Applications Intelligent and targeted conveyed by Apple, Android, and other Store. Mobile devices are the new appendix and our applications are the currency of exchange….

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Welcome to the API Economy

  1. 1. Nino Guarnacci | Davide Del Vecchio Welcome to the API Economy
  2. 2. source
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  6. 6. Mobile Connectivity Penetration (Italy) 2012 2013 source
  7. 7. What does it mean for Business?
  8. 8. Channel Web2App transition bigger pie & Markets Every Business Year2Week as a Digital Business evolutionary change Evaluation Model Business Models Social redefine the presence immediate Enablement StartupPrototyping Enterprise-Scale
  9. 9. The New Distribution Channel Employees Customers Front Offices Web Sites Custom Apps Revenue APP Developers New Market Revenue Reach Company new Ch a nne l Billion Devices + Milion People + Unpredictable Reach =
  10. 10. API-fy for What? API…. It serves as an interface between different software programs and facilitates their interaction, similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers…. API Gateway Identify Assets + Align Marketing Strategy + Define & Expose API + DMZ Gateway Mobile Devices Developer Portal Merketing Developer Channel Web2.0 Portals API Marketplace and Keys Mng. Documentation & Support Business Metrics Monitor Self Service Registration + + + + API TEAM Inf. Tech. Asset Management Dependency Analysis + APP/API Lifecycle Mng. + Portfoglio & Use Monitoring + Social Networks
  11. 11. API adoption growing fast..
  12. 12. API Business adoption chargeback.. $2.4B in revenue through its APIs 13B 5B transactions a day transactions a day through its APIs 5B / Day (Oct ‘09) 3B / Day (March ‘09) 1.1B / Day (April ‘11) 1B / Day (Q1 ‘12) source source @3scale
  13. 13. The Inside World Reflection Overturning Subsidiaries Interaction Replacement Brand New
  14. 14. The tip of the Iceberg Aims to build an Ecosystem Reach wide range of audience! Widgets! Gadgets y! an p e om Sit C eb W Social! Network Exp ose d Mobile! Apps API COMPANY 3rd Party! Apps Unlock services from interface! Externalize the Company R&D! Enable MVC cloud scale integration SERVICES & DATA Unpredictable Multiplier of Business source
  15. 15. API Builder Characteristics Better Interactions API >> Websites Access Enablem ent Dev Communities Reseller Engagement API Community Strategy Efficiency Usage Build Tech Competencies Cost Ranges Enable new services Encourage 3rd Party tool $ BM New Business Models linked to multiplier factor source
  16. 16. The Web OS (Tim O’Really) Location Activity Streams Advertising Identity & Social Graph Image & Speech Recognition Government Data Payment Search Time Media Access (Auth,Caching,Analytics) Storage Communications (Email, IM, …) Compute Power Connectivity
  17. 17. API Deployment Requirements { Access Control } { Security } Developer Partner Company Services & Data { Scalability } API Mobile Device { Charging } Internal Customer { Monitoring }
  18. 18. API Deployment Requirements Need a rock solid API Infrastructure Management: Cloud or On-Premise? { OAuth 2.0 } Developer Security & Access Control Partner Company Services & Data API Monitoring & Reporting Analysis Mobile Device Developer Portal Groups, Forum Wiki { JSON } Internal Chargeback & Billing Services Customer { ReST }
  19. 19. ReST vs SOAP Adoption ReST vs SOAP ReST SOAP
  20. 20. US Government: Project Open Data Project Open Data to help agencies adopt the Open Data Policy and unlock the potential of government data… managing this data as an asset and making it available, discoverable, and usable…. • • Public • Described • • Reusable • • Timely • agencies must adopt a presumption in favor of openness to the extent permitted by law • data are made available in convenient, modifiable, and open formats that can be retrieved, downloaded, indexed, and searched Accesible • described fully so that consumers of the data have sufficient information to understand their strengths, weaknesses, analytical limitations, security requirements, as well as how to process them • available under an open license that places no restrictions on their use • published in primary forms with the finest possible level of granularity that is practicable and permitted by law and other requirements Complete • available as quickly as necessary to preserve the value of the data • a point of contact must be designated to assist with data use and to respond to complaints Managed source
  21. 21. Welcome to the API Economy Q&A