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  1. 1. What are you wearing today? Johnny Sam Dany Alex Elisa Charles Jessie Paul David Tom Exercise I: Look at the picture and answer the following questions. E.g. Tom is wearing jeans, a blue t-shirt and green tennis shoes. 1. What is Elisa wearing? 2. What is Tom wearing? 3. Who is wearing a blue t-shirt and trousers? 4. What is Charles wearing? 5. Who is wearing pink dress? 6. What is Sam wearing? 7. Is David wearing a white shirt? 8. Is Alex wearing a yellow sweater? 9. What is Jessy wearing? 10. Is Tom wearing a red coat?
  2. 2. Exercise II: Match the images with the correct word. 1. Sweater 2. Blouse 3. Dress 4. T-shirt 5. Trousers 6. Jeans 7. Shirt 8. Gloves 9. Socks 10. Coat
  3. 3. ANSWERS EXERCISE I 1. Elisa is wearing a dress and high heels. 2. Tom is wearing a shirt, trousers and tennis shoes. 3. Paul 4. Charles is wearing a red t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. 5. Danny 6. A blouse, trousers and shoes. 7. Yes, he is. 8. No, he isn't. 9. Jessie is wearing a red blouse. 10. No, he isn't.
  4. 4. ANSWERS EXERCISE II 11. Sweater 12. Blouse 13. Dress 14. T-shirt 15. Trousers 16. Jeans 17. Shirt 18. Gloves 19. Socks 20. Coat