Peter James - Leadership Day 2011 Presentation


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A presentation presented at the Leadership Conference in 2011 by Peter James, Chairman and Co-founder of Ninefold

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Peter James - Leadership Day 2011 Presentation

  1. 1. Peter James - NinefoldLeadership day – July 2011Follow Peter James on Twitter @ Kilcare
  2. 2. The cloud market The cloud landscape – it’s hot!- A significant increase in media discussion is broadening cloud awareness and uptake- Cloud storage is a major growth area Ninefold is the only Australian self-managed cloud of any scale.
  3. 3. Ninefold – about us Just who is Ninefold anyway?- Australian self-managed public cloud- Pay only for what you use; add your credit card & start- Targeting start-ups, webcentric entrepreneurs, & digital agencies- Powered by social media, community and online strategies- Cloud storage is a core strategy- Low latency (faster speeds) and local data residency are key differentiators Sign up in seconds. Start using in minutes. Benefit for years.
  4. 4. New products & features Rapid road map of features- January 26 Public beta and blog launched- Feb 14 Official launch- March 23 Cloud storage- April 19 VMware, API & extra templates- June 1 Micro instances- June 15 Updated pricing- June 28 jclouds & Fog code libraries Still more to come…- July Atmos GeoDrive- More templates, more features, more improvements
  5. 5. What our customers say Ten times faster than Amazon. Ninefold is easy to use, we love the self help guides and it was extremely easy to move from AWS to Ninefold. The programmers love it! Kathy Phelan, CEO, Social Media Education
  6. 6. Ninefold and MacTel Ninefold & Macquarie Telecom- Targeting a different market with a different strategy - Provides multiple touch-points in the fast moving cloud market- Collaboration where appropriate for added leverage - Working together to produce detailed white papers / blogs on data jurisdiction issues- Accounting, finance and HR/payroll support Ninefold- Ninefold co-located in the Intellicentre (IC1)- Lead sharing
  7. 7. Online marketing SEO / SEM / banner ads- Banners on additional sites via contra (Australian Anthill / Digital Ministry)- SEO woven through all content including blogs and offsite assets- Campaign tracking with specific URLs and Google Analytics track ROI
  8. 8. Content marketing Blogs / presos / videos- Regularly updated by multiple Ninefold staff- Thought leadership- Easily shared & spread via social media Content syndication- Republished on other major sites- Delimiter / Digital Ministry / Technology Spectator / Sitepoint
  9. 9. Social media marketing Twitter- Rapidly growing in followers (662)- Identify & respond to customer issues- Rapid spread of Ninefold news & PR, driving additional traffic and awareness Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube- LinkedIn Ninefold page attracting fans- LinkedIn cloud group planned for Q1/2- Facebook page continues to grow- Youtube ‘How to’ videos and testimonials
  10. 10. Community marketing Offline event sponsorships- Developer & digital meetups & conferences- 40 events attended in June alone- Wider brand awareness via speaking opportunities- Supported by advocates at the events- T-shirts, beanies, hoodies and promo code vouchers Offline community- Ninefold advocates in most capital cities and NZ- Lead generation and brand awareness- Plus resellers
  11. 11. Strategic partners O2 Networks & Riverbed- Strategic reselling partnership- Other resellers being appointedAs the only Riverbed Diamond Partner in Australia,O2 Networks are excited to leverage Ninefold’scloud storage platform to deliver a local, secure,high performance and cost effective replacementto tape backup.