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Writing test 1


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Things to take into account when tackling the tasks in the first C1 written test.

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Writing test 1

  1. 1. Writing Test 1 C1 December 2013 Things to take into account Nina Dearle By
  2. 2. Topic 1 • You have decided to participate in a work-and-study-abroad programme, and in order to check you will be able to deal with an English-speaking environment, you have been asked to give your opinion on learning a foreign language in the twenty-first century. Write about 250-300 words. Task (Content) You should write about: a) the importance of learning a foreign language. b) the importance/influence of digital tools on learning a foreign language. c) how teaching and learning a foreign language has changed in the twenty-first century. d) all of the above.
  3. 3. Format Yes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. or no ? Should you have written over 300 words? Should you have written between 3 and 6 paragraphs? Should you have written an introduction and a conclusion? Should you have addressed the reader with questions? Should you have used rhetorical questions.
  4. 4. Language Did you use any of the following? Yes or no ?  globalisation and unprecedented interest in foreign language learning  job advantage in a global economy  rapid pace  enhances opportunities  expands one personal horizons  new teaching methodologies - more learner-centered, more collaborative and more technologically driven  emphasis on skills - focus no longer on grammar, memorization and learning from rote  digital technology and tools - geographical and physical boundaries transcended  browsing and surfing the Web – the “world at your fingertips”  immersion programmes
  5. 5. Topic 2 “Why do working women find it so hard to reach the top?” This question was posted on a forum on the internet recently and you have decided to give your opinion. Your answer should be about 250- 300 words. Task (Content) You should write about: a) women’s struggle for equality b) how women have achieved equality in the workplace c) the reasons why few women make it to the top – 3 or 4 d) all of the above
  6. 6. Language Did you use any of the following? Yes  the glass ceiling  clashing life, family and work priorities  education  gender stereotypes and expectations  childcare options  gender pay gap or no ?