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Unit 8 blackboard


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Unit 8 Module 8 That's English

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Unit 8 blackboard

  1. 1. Unit 8.8 Politics Nina Dearle By
  2. 2. What qualities do you think a politician should have? I think that politicians should be honest, passionate and compassionate. They should also possess energy and courage …
  3. 3. Which of the following descriptions reflect your opinion of politics in your country?  interesting  important  depressing  useful to society  a waste of time  corrupt
  4. 4. What’s your opinion? 1 It’s bad if the same party governs for many years. 2 Politicians want an easy life. 3 The economic crisis in Spain happened only because of the banks. 4 It would be nice to increase pensions but it’s not realistic.
  5. 5. Are you interested in politics? Are you a member of a political party? Have you ever been on a demonstration? I have been a member of a political party since I was 14. My parents are both members of the same party and we sometimes go on demonstrations together about issues we consider important. I think everyone should take an interest in politics because...
  6. 6. What do you think? 1 You don’t choose where you are born, so it’s silly to feel proud of your country. 2 The rich don’t pay enough tax. 3 In general, companies do not contribute much to society. 4 We should subsidise theatres and cinemas. 5 An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is a terrible principle. 6 We should not impose limits on immigration. 7 Marijuana for personal use should not be illegal. 8 No country is more civilised than another. There are only different cultures.
  7. 7. EOI Huelva That’s English! Blog My blog Next lesson: Monday 4th May Unit 10: The Media Homework: p.87 Ex. 9 (120 words)