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C1 Topic 7 Social Relations

EOI C1 English Course Topic 7

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C1 Topic 7 Social Relations

  1. 1. by Nina Dearle By Topic 7 Social Relations (Doing Time, Doing Tenses) A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a fabric of relations that is now more complex and mobile than ever before. Jean-Francois Lyotard (French philospher) No road is long with good company. Turkish proverb to do time
  2. 2. Vocabulary in Use (Upper Intermediate) 38 Describing people: character 39 Relationships 60 Politics and public institutions 61 Crime 99 Headline English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) 13 Talking about yourself 14 Relationships : positive aspects 15 Relationships: problems 16 Passions: reactions and emotions 17 Feelings: antipathies and aversions 19 Observing others: character traits 24 Socialising and networking 40 Authorities: customs and police 41 World views; ways of thinking 42 Festivals in their cultural context 44 History 46 British politics 47 The language of law 48 War and peace 100 Newspaper headline language
  3. 3. Establish the function of the future in the following sentences: 1. I’ll carry one of your cases for you. 2. Man will colonise the moon in the near future. 3. Shall we dance? 4. I’ll kill you. 5. I’ll always love you. 6. He’s in poor health but he will smoke. 7. I shall go no matter what you say. 8. I’ll tell you if and when he arrives. 1 bench (law) 2 bench (law) approach the bench
  4. 4. In 2000 the British Government proposed that smacking should remain legal. However, it said it would consider jailing people who use slippers or the cane on children. Smacking stays legal Parents could be jailed for using slippers or the cane
  5. 5. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions: 1. What does the police officer “find” in the car? 2. What information does the police officer want? What are they talking about? Should prison sentences be for punishment or rehabilitation? clink Listening 1 Listening 2
  6. 6. What would happen in your country if you: were caught speeding? accidently killed someone? were caught smoking marijuana? attacked and injured someone? were caught writing graffiti on a public building? were caught shoplifting? murdered someone?
  7. 7. The Government was able to win an important vote because it had a majority in Parliament. A minister who might have had to resign from the cabinet lost their seat at a parliamentary election. A senior member of the opposition tells the media the party is sacrificing one of its key policies. The largest party in a local council have been surprised by the success of an opposition councillor in a local election. The Government have denied that the country is becoming a police state under their rule.
  8. 8. Questionnaire analysis 85-100: You are on the extreme liberal end of the social scale. Your strong ideals probably make you an active supporter of human rights movements and lead you to defend the underdog. However your view of society may lean a little too far towards the permissive and libertarian to be practicable. 40-85: Your ideals are still showing, but your feet are firmly on the ground. You have a realistic attitude to the actual workings of the social machine without wanting to interfere too much with individual freedom. You maintain the balance between the radical and conservative tendencies that are present in all of us. Less than 40: You are likely to be extremely right-wing and have a strong authoritarian streak. You are a great believer in law and order, something of a traditionalist and not prepared to changer your attitudes very easily.
  9. 9. Newspaper Headlines a) It is likely that the two countries will begin imposing taxes on imports from the other or stop exporting important commodities to the other. b) Emeria is saying that the Darda government has tortured people or taken political prisoners etc. c) The Ambassador of Emeria walked out of the UN during a session in protest at what was being said. d) The situation is becoming very delicate with people anxious about an invasion. e) There are no indications that the war is coming to an end. f) Emeria has invaded Darda Headlines from BBC news
  10. 10. Understanding newspaper headlines headlinese grammar rules for headlines
  11. 11. Enduring Love? Couple relationships in the 21st century Maintaining 21st century relationships takes more than romance New party challenges Spanish political order 2014! A lot of bad apples Crime and Punishment
  12. 12. Language functions to check out: 1) Giving reasons and explanations 2) Drawing conclusions Films to watch: 1) Hidden 2) Fahrenheit 9/11 Books to Read: 1) Protect and Defend 2) Death Match Questions to think about: 1) What citizenship entails. 2) The purpose of punishment. 3) Do social networking sites hamper real life relationships? 4) The most important political issues at the moment. Grammar to brush up on: 1) Tenses 2) Prepositions