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Flipbook:power of story


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Expressions are more valuable than impressions of the brands

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Flipbook:power of story

  1. 1. Power of Story Expressions are more valuable than impressions of the brand [3] Photo: Via Pexels Nina Wang (Tongke)
  2. 2. Photo: Lia Leslie Via Pexels
  3. 3. Photo: Lia Leslie Via Pexels
  4. 4. Your brand strategies brings your competitive positioning to life, helps you stand out from your competition, and works to position you as a certain “something” in the mind of your prospects and customers. [1] Photo: Via Pexels
  5. 5. Having worked on many famous brands as an advertising executive, Jim Signorelli has found that today, in order for advertising to be truly effective, the brand being promoted must work the way a good story works.[8] Photo: Via Pexels
  6. 6. Photo: Via Pexels
  7. 7. This involves creating new brand associations to help the brand stay relevant. Brand must be infused with novel perspectives, resources, and identities on a continuous basis to keep customer attraction strong. [5] Photo: Via Pexels
  8. 8. is anything which is deep seated in customer’s mind about the brand. [2] Brand Association Photo: Via Pexels
  9. 9. Brand should be associated with something positive so that the customers relate your brand to being positive.[2] Photo: Via Pexels
  10. 10. In my understanding, brand association are not the same as “reasons-to-buy”, but give you the acquaintance and differentiation that’s not replicable! Photo: Via Pexels
  11. 11. Childhood experience associates with the brand, Photo: Markus Spiske Via Pexels is likely to affect the brand perception in a positive way! [7]
  12. 12. Starbucks has a secret society for the pumpkin spice latte, part of their jobs in managing brand is about infuse them with newness and relevance. [prof. Sidneyeve Matrix’s Vodcast]
  13. 13. Vivid Customer Story If you want to influence how a costumer feels about your product, provide an experience that creates the desired emotion. One of the best way for a customer to experience your product is by sharing a vivid costumer story. [9] Photo: Via Pexels
  14. 14. Photo: Via Pexels
  15. 15. Since the "Share a Coke" campaign returned to the U.S., people have been clamoring to find their names on bottles of Coca- Cola.[6] Photo: Via Pexels
  16. 16. Youth Interaction Photo: Burak Kostak Via: Pexels
  17. 17. Photo: Via Pexels
  18. 18. Interactivity is extremely important for younger audiences. They are a group not satisfied with just being told a story, they want to help tell the story, affect the brand, and literally see themselves in that brands’ story.[4] Photo: Markus Spiske Via Pexels
  19. 19. Take trademark away, people find replacement; Take love mark away, people find its absence. Photo: Via Pexels
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