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Wine,weddingandsong STORYHIGHLIGHTS
Next in a growing series of arts festivals opens Saturdayin Cortona, Italy
Napa Valley...
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Festivals: Del Sole Foundation
JoshuaBell: Fisher Prize
gala can be the most opulent.
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Nina Kotova: CNN Living "Wine, Wedding and Song", 2007


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CNN Living article "Wine, Wedding and Song",2007, talks about the founder of festival Del Sole philanthropist Barrett Wissman.
In 2011 cellist Nina Kotova was presented an award for her outstanding cultural contribution to Tuscany from the Tuscan-American Association as a co-founder of the Tuscan Sun Festival.
Nina Kotova co-founded the Tuscan Sun Festival in 2003 and its sister-festival Festival Del Sole in Napa Valley in 2006 and served as the Artistic Director of the Tuscan Sun Festival (also known as the Festival del Sole) in Cortona, Italy.

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Nina Kotova: CNN Living "Wine, Wedding and Song", 2007

  1. 1. Wine,weddingandsong STORYHIGHLIGHTS Next in a growing series of arts festivals opens Saturdayin Cortona, Italy Napa Valley's Festival del Sole staged more than 50 events in nine days Wineries engage in friendlyrivalries, throwing lavish after-concert galas International artists cite chances to meet each other, communityamong lures Next Article in Living » art.vineyard.jpg Napa Valley'svineyardsare one of three sitesin an expanding networkof international cultural summits. Fact Box Del Sole Foundation Festivals Cortona, Italy Tuscan Sun Festival August 4-16 Singapore Singapore Sun Festival October 18-30 NapaValley, California Festival del Sole July 11-20, 2008 NAPA, California (CNN) -- If Barrett Wissman were in the ministry, his arts festivals would be sunny outposts on a fast-widening mission field. His Tuscan Sun Festival opens Saturdayin Cortona, Italy. An all-new Singapore Sun Festival opens October 18. And a secret known to missionaries everywhere is clearlyin swayat the Festival del Sole in Napa Valley, which has just concluded its second year: Bonding with the locals. With quick fervor, local leaders, the hospitality industryand those all-important vintners of Napa have embraced their festival. When symphonyconductor Stéphane Denève mentioned last year that he'd like to get married there, Tatiana and Gerret Copeland of the Bouchaine wine estate threw the ceremonyfor them in the vineyards. See images from a maestro's marriage in the vineyards of Napa during this year's Festival del Sole » "It's a mission in mylife to have more and more people enjoyand love the arts," Wissman says in an interview sandwiched between Denève's presentation of the Grieg piano concerto and Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" suite with the Russian National Orchestra. Watch highlights and comments from Barrett Wissman and the artists of Festival del Sole » "One of the reasons that we have these festivals -- engage local communities and have music, literature, art, film, cuisine, wine, all these subjects -- is we attract different people who like each one. And then get them to like something else. Today, our goal in education in the arts is to get everybodyinvolved." Wissman is uniquelypositioned to "get everybodyinvolved." More than a priest or even a bishop in this arts-mission field, he's a cardinal in the industry, the chairman of IMGArtists, a major player in world artists' representation. IMG's roster includes violinists Joshua Bell and Itzhak Perlman, mezzo-soprano Fredericka von Stade, flutist James Galway, guitarist Christopher Parkening, the JoffreyBallet and composer JayGreenberg, among manyothers. Wissman has just announced a new managing director for IMGin North and South America, Elizabeth Sobol. She is, herself, a co-producer of a new festival in Boca Raton, Florida, and architect of a highly publicized new joint venture for IMGwith Gorfaine-Schwartz, the agencyrepresenting trumpeter-composer Chris Botti, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, singer-songwriter James Taylor and Hollywood film composer John Williams. No matter how far-flung the festivals and events, Wissman stays near his roots. "I'm a pianist," he says, "a concert pianist. I still play, I playfrom time to time in the festivals. So I'm a musician, I come from the arts." In the case of Napa's Festival del Sole, Wissman has a co-founder, San Francisco-based attorneyRichard Walker, who has a specialization in artists' management. Watch an audio slide show in which Richard Walker talks about the atmosphere of the festival » Having worked with Mikhail Pletnev's Russian National Orchestra, Walker says, since its inception in 1990 as the first symphonic entityfounded after the Soviet Union's collapse, he emphasizes the stylistic range demanded in festival work. And Walker echoes Wissman's interest in making these festivals oases in the itinerant lives of world- traveling artists. "The events that surround the musical performances," Walker says, "are attended bythe artists, themselves -- a time of camaraderie for them because theysee each other and spend time enjoying each other's company." As if on cue, two world-class pianists, Polish-Hungarian Piotr Anderszewski and French-born Jean-Yves Thibaudet, are seated at the same table at a gala post-concert dinner held byFar Niente wine estate on a cloudless night in a circular arbor crowded with honeysuckle. Thibaudet jumps up at one point to accompanyviolinist Bell in Manuel Ponce's "Estrellita," watched bycomposer Marco Tutino and cellist Nina Kotova. Readabout Joshua Bell's recent winof the $75,000 Fisher Prize "We are located in a wonderful hotel," says conductor Denève, the newlywed whose base of operations is Glasgow where he is music director of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. "Wonderful swimming pool, actuallyit's a great wayto socialize and get to know more and more the fellow artists because usuallyyou are engaged and just have one or two nights." Thibaudet places a similar premium on these festivals' sense of communityfor artists. "When we have concerts," he says, "we just come into town, we playand we leave. Usuallythere won't be anyother soloists, there's onlyyou. So we never get to meet each other during the year." And it appears that the Napa communitycouldn't be happier than to find these major concert and recording artists "working the valley." In a kind of vine-roots, if not grassroots, effort, the wineries have jumped with endearing eagerness into what Walker terms a "friendlycompetition" for whose after-concert updated 12:46p.m. EDT, Wed August 1, 2007 READ VIDEO PHOTOS INTERACTIVE By Porter Anderson CNN more photos» Living » Food Relationships Religion U.S. Edition +  menu
  2. 2. Don't Miss Festivals: Del Sole Foundation IMGArtists JoshuaBell: Fisher Prize gala can be the most opulent. Theylayon rich dinners set at starlit tables, some byglowing pools, others on cricket-chirpyhilltops and still others under chandeliers hung high in some of the most honored wine-making facilities in the country. One of the venues for the festival this year has been the Medieval-looking Castello di Amorosa, another the renovated Lincoln Theatre in Yountville. Wineries participating in special events around an intenselyproud sponsorship of the festival have included Far Niente, the Copelands' Bouchaine Vineyards, Darioush Winery, Clos Pegase, Robert Mondavi Winery, Peju Province Winery, Pine Ridge Wineryand St. SupéryVineyards and Winery. Manyof these are festival-funding partners, joined byDomaine Chandon, Blackbird Vineyards, Dalla Valle Vineyards, Plumpjack Winery, Folio Winemakers' Studio, Gargiulo Vineyards, Swanson Vineyards and COPIA, a nonprofit center of wine-making culture in the valley. The vintners, themselves, seem to enjoythe chance to mingle in the common interest of the festival and in the companyof these artists they seem to be tying onto their hearts like vine tendrils in their fields. Margrit Mondavi is a welcome guest one evening at Far Niente, as are Tatiana and Gerret Copeland of the Bouchaine house. Florence's Maria Manetti Farrow, whose ranging Villa Mille Rose is an influential olive oil estate, seems to be everyone's fondest table mate and everyartist's favorite dinner companion. Resort partners include Auberge du Soleil, Calistoga Ranch, Solage Calistoga, the Carneros Inn and Silverado Resort. Walker, in fact, estimates that the Napa festival -- which with Cortona and Singapore is produced bythe nonprofit Del Sole Foundation for the Arts and Humanities -- could cost as much as $10 million to stage, if the manyin-kind services provided byhoteliers, wineries and others were totaled in cash. The "rehearsals" for all this, if you will, took place in Cortona, where Wissman and Charles Letourneau, executive producer, have staged several years of festival events in what Wissman likes to call "a magical, Fellini-esque feel." When he looked for a spot in the United States to base a sister festival, "Napa was the perfect place," close to the metropolitan pace of San Francisco but removed enough to shelter artists and audiences in peace. Wissman looks across a long, candlelit table amid shadowygreat barrels of Bouchaine wine. French conductor Denève has Tatiana Copeland's dinner guests in stitches with his tale of how he proposed to his new wife on the glass floor high atop the Canada's National Tower in Toronto -- "MyGod, it was frightening!" "One has to lead," says Wissman, Cortona's Saturdayopening alreadyoccupying his thoughts. "When doing something important. No matter what your job is, no matter what your work is, you have to lead." E-mail to a friend Official sponsorsof the 2007 Festival de Sole include Auberge Resorts, Bouchaine Vineyards, Boucheron, Grove Street Winery/Peter Paul Wines, Napa Valley Vintnersand XOJet. All About Napa Valley • Culture and Lifestyle • Wine • Travel Destinations • Calistoga Ranch From the Blogs: Controversy, commentary, and debate Top News Senators 'troubled' after Rice meeting Bergen: Senseless Benghazi obsession U.S. Crime + Justice Energy + Environment Extreme Weather Space + Science World Africa Americas Asia Europe Middle East 2016 Election Washington Nation World Markets Tech Media Personal Finance Luxury Opinion Political Op-Eds Social Commentary Health Diet + Fitness Living Well Parenting + Family Entertainment Celebrity Watch TV + Web Movies + Music Tech Gadgets Cyber Security Innovation Nation Fashion Design Architecture Autos Luxury Travel Best of Travel Sleeps + Eats Business Travel Aviation + Beyond Pro Football College Football Basketball Baseball Soccer Living Food Relationships Religion Video Live TV Digital Studios CNN Films TV Schedule TV Shows A-Z More… Photos Longform Investigations iReport CNN profiles CNN Leadership Search CNN ... 
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