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Professional Business Writing


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Assigned to write business letters (created headers for fun) for fictional scenarios.

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Professional Business Writing

  1. 1. DATE: August 3, 2011TO: Sebastian Watts, CEOFROM: Kathleen Nina M. JohnsonSUBJECT: Confidential Materials & Office AccessCongratulations on your recent promotion! I’ve witnessed your dedication first-hand and am pleased tosee our board of directors recognize your important role in the company’s success. I am dedicated tomaking your transition from President to CEO as seamless as possible.You may have heard the bad press about Welby, Inc.’s recent leak of confidential information. Thisincident encouraged me to review our policies regarding access to such materials. Since the personnelactivity and confidential materials in both of our offices has increased, it occurred to me that our open-door policy may need revision. Please provide your preferences regarding my management ofconfidential materials and access to your office: • Out of Office: Who is authorized to access your office? Your travel itinerary? Your computer? Departmental project documents? • In Office: How should I screen personnel before they enter? Am I authorized to fulfill document requests made by authorized personnel? • Mail: How would you like me to process your personal mail? Confidential business mail? • Media: How should I handle media requests?I appreciate your taking the time to address these critical issues. Please provide your instructions on theback of this memo by Friday morning and I will provide a typed copy for your signature. With yoursignature, I can implement your instructions promptly and enforce them while you attend the CEOMatters Conference next week. Thank you for your feedback and assistance.Sincerely,Kathleen Nina M. JohnsonExecutive Assistant to CEO
  2. 2. August 3, 2011Ms. Monica KeilPresidentKeil Consulting Services423 E. Williamette Ave.Colorado Springs, CO 80903Dear Ms. Keil:RE: Request to Return Executive Desk Invoice #3499Yes, I will certainly accept your return of the executive desk (Invoice #3499). I will promptlyreturn both your purchase price plus the shipping charges. I’m disappointed that your executivedesk arrived with a marred finish and sticking drawers. Though we take great care in ourpackaging and our choice of carrier, desks are occasionally damaged in shipping.Please consider giving Idaho Wood Products a second chance. All of our office furniture andwood products are made from the finest hand-selected woods and crafted by master artisans. Ihave enclosed our current catalog and placed a bookmark on page 10-E. You may appreciate thestyle of this traditional conference desk. This desk has an available matching credenza, filecabinets, and accessories.Your customer satisfaction is guaranteed. I promise to personally examine any furniture youmay order in the future. Call me at 219-555-6098 if you’d like more information about our newfurniture-leasing plan that offers a substantial savings and flexibility.Sincerely,Rodney HardingMarketing Manager
  3. 3. McDonald’s Corporation 100 McDonald Lane, Elk Grove Village, IL 60118 708-555-0000 3, 2011Ms. Sandi Escalante3233 Garden DriveSpringfield, MO 65807Dear Ms. Escalante:Thank you for asking about McDonald’s efforts to reduce waste. We agree with environmentalists likeyou that restaurant waste depletes the world’s resources and clogs over-burdened landfills. When werealized there was immense waste taking place both behind and over our counter, we contacted theEnvironmental Defense Fund for direction. With the help of the EDF, McDonald’s 12,000 restaurantshave cut their waste stream by more than 80%.McDonald’s waste reduction efforts include 42 resolutions addressing packaging, recycling, andcomposting issues:Packaging • McDonald’s is one of the food industry leaders in abandoning polystyrene “clamshell” boxes for hamburgers and sandwiches. McDonald’s restaurants reduced daily polystyrene use by 90%. • The company is testing a starch-based material in consumer cutlery to replace plastic utensils. • The company is also testing reusable salad lids and shipping pallets, pump-style dispensers for condiments, and refillable coffee mugs.Recycling • McDonald’s has initiated a nationwide program for recycling corrugated boxes. The program insists suppliers use corrugated boxes that contain at least 35% recycled content.Composting • Many restaurants have begun trial composting of eggshells, coffee grounds, and food scraps.McDonald’s restaurant crews are trained to consider waste reduction goals while maintaining cleanliness,speed, and quality service. Please consider visiting a McDonald’s location near you to witness our waste-reduction efforts. Enjoy the enclosed coupons for two free value meals during your visit. Thank you fortaking an active interest in our environment and your willingness to hold corporations like McDonald’saccountable.Sincerely,Kathleen Nina M. JohnsonDirector of Customer Service
  4. 4. August 3, 2011Mr. Derek JonesManager, Information SystemsBig Dog Catalog Company1308 East Tenth StreetBloomington, IN 47405Dear Mr. Jones:I agree with you that our million-dollar network upgrade has not been seamless. As a matter offact, our upgrading process has been riddled with bumps and turns we didn’t anticipate. Iapologize for the slower connection speeds and service disconnections that have occurred duringour upgrade. As I explained on our telephone call, USRobotics assured us that the problemscausing your service interruptions have been resolved.At WeConnect, we’re committed to providing our customers the fastest connection speeds to theinternet. When we discovered that USRobotics could supply us the finest modems on themarket, we jumped at the opportunity to provide such high quality service to our customers. Wedidn’t, however, begin the upgrade without first running rigorous lab tests. The equipmentpassed with flying colors, but has not proven bug-free after installation.WeConnect is committed to a complete resolution. USRobotics is providing excellent supportfor their hardware as the last of these technical issues are resolved. Please report any furthertechnical problems on our website dedicated to this issue: are looking forward to providing you our best internet services yet. If you have anyquestions or comments, please contact me at 219-555-0243. The million-dollar network upgradewe promised will be a reality as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.Sincerely,Kathleen Nina M. JohnsonCustomer Relations