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Humane society launches two holiday programs


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Humane society launches two holiday programs

  1. 1. Humane Society Launches Holiday Programs by Nina JohnsonThe Humane Society for Hamilton County hopes to find permanent homes for their Featured 50 pets byDec. 31, 2012 and the community can help through two holiday programs.The Homeward Bound for the Holidays program features 50 dogs and cats that have waited the longestfor a home. The Humane Society’s website lists the Featured 50 with photos and personality profiles.Manager of Marketing and Public Relations Jennifer Juddexplained that a volunteer writes a customprofile for every animal at the shelter. “Having over 400 animals to write a profile for can be a challenge,so you try to find that one special thing about each cat or dog. One of our amazing volunteers, RebeccaEbert, single-handedly writes all the profiles, and we truly think they make a difference,” Judd said.All Featured 50 pets adopted through the Homeward Bound program come with a Noah’s AnimalHospital gift package. This package includes a free annual exam, booster vaccines, and a dental cleaning.Featured 50 dogs come with either an additional Paws and Play or Ultimate Canine training package.The Holiday Sponsor program offers another option to help a shelter animal. Sponsors choose betweenthree levels of support and two ways to dedicate their gift. Sponsors who dedicate their gift in the nameofsomeone elsewill have a card sent to their recipient.Cards feature professional photos of six different shelter animals. Sponsors can also choose to honortheir family, a pet, or the memory of those who have passed away. Sponsored nameswill be displayedon an ornament decorating a shelter animal’s cage.Judd reports the community has made the programs a success. “Weve had a dog adopted whos beenwaiting since August 2011, and a cat whos been waiting for almost two years,” Judd said. Sheencouraged the public to visit the wide variety of animals and pointed out that purebred pets are amongthose available. “About 40% of the cats and dogs in our care are purebred,” Judd said.The shelter also welcomes basic supply donations such as liquid laundry soap, trash bags, bleach,canned cat and dog food. A wish list of more specific items can be found on the
  2. 2. Pop-Out Box #1:Adoption hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday Noon to 5p.m., Tuesday and Thursday Noon to 7p.m., ClosedWednesdays.Visit to view photos of available pets.