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Former demolition site ready for redevelopment


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Assigned article written in AP news style, published in Current in Carmel

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Former demolition site ready for redevelopment

  1. 1. Site Ready for Redevelopment Nina JohnsonOn Nov. 14, the Carmel Redevelopment Commission announced that cleanup procedures at theformer grain elevator site are complete. The project started in April, but experienced delayswhen professional demolition crews from Casey-Bertram discovered an unknown substance inthe rubble.Tests by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management revealed thesubstance was non-hazardous and approved the completion of debris removal.President of Casey-Bertram, Scott Casey said, “(This) project was completed per local, state, andfederal codes. All material was taken to appropriate landfills and documentation was provided tocustomer (Carmel Redevelopment Commission).”City Director of Community Relations Nancy Heck explained that existing funds fromcommercial taxes paid for the removal. “Cleaning up the grain elevator will allow the propertyto be put back on the tax rolls for the city because we can now sell it to a private company forredevelopment,” Heck said.“We are very pleased to be able to offer the site to developers in a more shovel ready form and toget the property back on the tax rolls for Carmel,” Heck said. “The City and the CarmelRedevelopment Commission have found more positive results from private sector investmentwhen sites are ready for redevelopment.”This area along the Monon Trail just south of the Arts and Design District is the focus ofCarmel’s third development stage called Midtown. The city of Carmel and the CarmelRedevelopment Commission have been working with Speck and Associates to plan a pedestrian-friendly center to seamlessly connect Main Street with City Center.A project report by Speck and Associates includes plans to replace the existing 250,000 gallonwater tower with a 750,000 gallon tower. The report describes a tower no higher than theprevious grain elevator but designed as the central architectural feature of a walking park withfountains. “As it lends value to surrounding properties, this feature should result in increased taxrevenues that justify its cost,” the report stated. The report also recommends incorporating theexisting Emergency Medical Services antenna and electrical substation to avoid relocation costs.Possible Sidebars:Grain Elevator Memories: Professional photographer Ron Kern immortalized Carmel’s 140 footgrain elevator before demolition. View his photos of the grain elevator at and click on the Flickr photographs on the page’s lower right.
  2. 2. Redeveloping Brownfields:Increases neighborhood benefitsIncreases productive businessEliminates health threatsfrom’s a link to the report for images of the planned sketches: