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Carmel awarded national theatre festival


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Freelanced article written in AP news style, published in Current in Carmel

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Carmel awarded national theatre festival

  1. 1. Carmel Awarded National Theatre Festival Nina JohnsonThe community theatre eventAACTFest 2013 will be hosted by the Carmel Repertory Theatreatthe Center of the Performing Arts June 17 – 23, 2013. More than 7,000 community theatresacross the country and those entertaining armed services overseas compete to qualify for thisnational showcase sponsored by the American Association of Community Theatre.The event willinclude 12 production performances, educational theatre workshops, a theatre marketplace, andthe presentation of national awards.Previously hosted in cities such as Memphis, TN and Charlotte, NC, the festival is a major gainfor the entire theatre community of Carmel. Larry Creviston,Chairman of the Carmel RepertoryTheatre and AACTFest 2013, thanked the mayor and the city council for their commitment to theperforming arts. “The main reason we beat out cities like Cleveland, Minneapolis, Boston, SaltLake City, and many others, was you,” he said. He explained thatthe quality ofCarmel’sperforming arts facilities and proximity to shopping, salon, and restaurant options surpassed theexpectations of AACT’s Festival Committee.Over 600 participants are expected to benefit the local economy during the week-long event.Cities are chosen to host the festival in odd-numbered years, but Creviston expressed AACT’sinterest in a permanent host city. “They are, at this time, keenly interested in keeping the festivalin Carmel,” he said. “If we can convince a national organization to utilize Carmel then perhapsothers will follow suit.”"The Carmel Repertory Theatre will be looking for many volunteers to pull off this excitingevent,” said Susan Creviston, AACTFest 2013 Vice-Chairman.Local community and theatremembers are encouraged to participate through several volunteer opportunities. “We welcomeall questions and assistance,”she said."(This festival) will benefit all theatres in the area,” saidShannanSpeicher, AACTFestCommunication Director. “We cannot wait to share this with them."Info Box:Get InvolvedVolunteers- support staff, dinner hostsTechnical Presenters- share your technical theatre skillsYouth Presenters- share your skills in managing, directing and performing with young peopleMerchants- list your business as a special merchantVendors- promote your theatre-related products or services in the festival marketplaceSponsors- financial support for community theatres