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Common Online Terminologies


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Common Online Terminologies

  1. 1. EMAIL • Email, short for electronic mail. It is a system used to transmit messages over communication networks. • Electronic mails are messages sent and received through the e- mail system.
  2. 2. BLOG • Blog, short for web blog. A web page that is published in the World Wide Web. • Blogs can contain informational or personal posts. • Can sometimes be referred to as the online journal, which is updated daily.
  3. 3. ONLINE CHAT • Online chat refers to any real-time conversation through transmission of messages within the sender and the receiver using the computer.
  4. 4. SOCIAL BOOKMARKING • Social Bookmarking is a centralized online service which allows the users to add, edit, and share bookmarks in the World Wide Web.
  5. 5. URL • It is the abbreviation for the term Uniform Resource Locator. • It is the global address or the reference for the documents and other resources in the World Wide Web. STREAMING • It is a technique used to transfer data in the internet with a continuous flow.
  6. 6. PODCAST • It is a digital program consisting of audios and videos which are made available and streamed over the internet. • It allows subscribers to subscribe to a set of feeds to view syndicated website content.
  7. 7. VOIP • VoIP is a short term for Voice Over Internet Protocol. • It allows people to use the Internet for the transmission of voice communications and multimedia.
  8. 8. WIKI • A collaborative web site comprises the collective works of many authors. • It allows users to add, edit, or delete ideas or content from the web site. • An example of this is Wikipedia
  9. 9. SOCIAL NETWORKING • Social Network is a social structure made of different individuals and/or organizations. • Social Networking is the process of socializing among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or relationships and real-life connections with the use of Internet. WWW • Short for World Wide Web also called as the “web” • It is the collection resources in the Internet that can be accessed and searched by browsers Worldwide based on standards such as HTTP and TCP.
  10. 10. HTML • Short for Hypertext Markup Language • A computer language used to create electronic documents on the World Wide Web. WEB FEED • A continuous transmission of data, which provide users a frequently updated contents or news.
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