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Virginia Farm Bureau Reaps Rewards with Nimsoft Service Desk


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Nimsoft Service Desk provides a user-friendly interface, configuration flexibility, and increased visibility to simplify and streamline service desk activities and enable faster incident resolution.

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Virginia Farm Bureau Reaps Rewards with Nimsoft Service Desk

  1. 1. Virginia Farm BureauVirginia Farm Bureau Reaps Rewards with Nimsoft Service Desk SaaS Delivery Model and Easy-to-Use Interface ProveChallenge Fruitful for Bureau’s IT StaffImplement an easy-to-deploy and Backgrounduse solution for automating ticketingand service desk processes. Virginia Farm Bureau Federation is a non-governmental, nonpartisan, voluntary organization committed to protecting Virginia’s farms and providing a safe, fresh and locally grown food supply. With more than 150,000 members in 88 county Farm Bureaus, it is Virginia’s largest farmers’ advocacy group, working to supportSolution its producer members through legislative lobbying, leadership development programs, commodity associations, rural health programs, agricultural suppliesNimsoft Service Desk provides a and marketing, and other services. In addition to the federation, the VFBFuser-friendly interface, configuration maintains 16 different businesses, including a full line of commercial and personalflexibility, and increased visibility to insurance products.simplify and streamline service deskactivities and enable faster incident Challengeresolution. With so many members and customers involved with the various commercial businesses, the VFBF must keep its IT infrastructure running optimally at all times. System availability is of paramount importance to maintaining customer service levels, so the ability to process and resolve service issues is critical.Results The VFBF’s IT organization had been relying on manual processes for much of its∞ Increased ticket tracking, ticketing and compliance tasks. Although CA Service Desk Manager was installed troubleshooting and resolution on-site, extensive consulting services would have been necessary to get the effectiveness. current version of the 12 complex modules of the solution up and running in the∞ Improved productivity by environment. It was a very robust, complete solution; however, maintaining it eliminating manual processes would have stretched the VFBF’s limited IT budget beyond its constraints. associated with creating and The team began evaluating other service desk tools to find one that was more resolving trouble tickets. suitable to the needs of the organization. CA introduced the team to Nimsoft∞ Reduced infrastructure and Service Desk, a SaaS-based solution that provides the attractive features of CA management overhead with Service Desk but was more affordable, and easier to implement and manage. remotely managed SaaS solution. “We’d had good experiences with CA and trusted their recommendation—Nimsoft∞ Improved audit accuracy and had all the features we needed,” said Steve Villalpando, Manager of IT Governance significantly reduced audit costs. and Service Delivery, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation. Solution Nimsoft Service Desk is a SaaS solution with built-in ITIL®-based best practices and the ability to adapt the workflow to the specific needs of the business in a low cost, easily upgraded way. The flexible, configurable solution can be
  2. 2. Nimsoft Case Studytailored to the specific needs of the business without the of creation. Even e-mail requests can be routed based on textcost and complexity associated with traditional code-based embedded in the subject line or other aspects of the message.customization, helping companies quickly gain value. “Everything comes to the service desk as a request, whetherThe VFBF found the solution easy to deploy and quickly it’s a request for new functionality or to fix something,” saidget users up and running and appreciated its user-friendly Villalpando. “We triage the request in the tool and create aninterface, configuration flexibility, and the increased visibility incident or request record, then assign it to the appropriateprovided by the dashboards. group for processing.”“With Nimsoft, we can quickly The ITIL-based Incidentrespond to changes,” said Management module with pre-Villalpando. “The solution is “With Nimsoft Service Desk, we packaged workflows make it easyeasy to re-configure on the fly— can rapidly respond to changes to identify, register, prioritize,without scripting—and new users in our computing environment categorize, and track incidentscan become productive without or our IT service portfolio. It is reported to the service desk. Theseextensive training.” pre-packaged solutions leverage also very easy to re-configure— advanced service managementAfter implementation, demand on the fly, without scripting—so techniques to effectively managefor the tool was so high that new users can become productive the entire lifecycle of an incident,Villalpando had to add more without extensive training.” from detection through closure.licenses. “Prior to Nimsoft our Templates and action-basedIT managers had no visibility into —Steve Villalpando workflows help confirm correctthe ticketing processes,” he said. Manager of IT Governance and Service Delivery processes are followed and“Because Nimsoft Service Desk Virginia Farm Bureau Federation eliminate the need for extensiveenables them to easily view the training or hiring of highly skilledactivity and status of all tickets technicians.assigned to their individualgroups, there is much higher demand for the tool than we “Nimsoft enables us to keep an inventory of everything in theexpected.” IT infrastructure, so our support team can quickly identify the root cause of an incident, zero in on the affected device,Connecting the Dots: Request, Incident and effectively troubleshoot,” said Villalpando. “Being ableand Change Management to pinpoint a problem leads to much faster resolution, andVillalpando’s team leverages the Request and Incident increases service availability.”modules to improve the consistency and quality of service Nimsoft Service Desk also enables Villalpando’s team toby applying service levels to the fulfillment process, while keep a complete audit trail of all ticketing processes, whichreducing costs through self-service and automation features. simplifies compliance activities and increases accuracy.Clear communication with end users leads to increasedcustomer service, as well. “Prior to installing Nimsoft, our technicians would close the ticket when service was restored, and information aboutThe Service Catalog module provides ticket templates so changes to the infrastructure was not linked to the incidentusers can easily enter requests. The templates pre-populate record,” said Villalpando. “With the Nimsoft Service Deskthe required information to speed turnaround times. After a Problem Management module, our technicians can directlyuser enters a request, the Request Management module uses create a change request according to what’s in the problemthe built-in, configurable workflow engine to automatically record, which helps us maintain a complete audit trail thatroute all tickets to the appropriate group or technician, based includes changes made to the infrastructure as a result of theon a combination of the information in the request or the time incident.”2 | Case Study: Virginia Farm Bureau
  3. 3. Nimsoft Case StudyResults associated with system management, patches and updates. “Nimsoft is managed completely off-site, which is a big plus,”VFBF is realizing numerous benefits from the Nimsoft Service said Villalpando. “We don’t have to spend money on operatingDesk implementation. Through automation, the solution has onsite infrastructure, and we save on storage and coolingeliminated most of the manual labor previously required to costs, as well.”create, investigate, troubleshoot and close tickets, increasingvisibility into the ticketing process and streamlining audit With its advanced reporting features, Nimsoft Service Deskactivities. can further reduce costs by decreasing the amount of time and resources allocated to completing audits. Prior to“We don’t need highly skilled technicians to troubleshoot Nimsoft, the VFBF team spent hours helping auditors withand resolve tickets,” said Villalpando. “Nimsoft is intuitive and on-site manual audits, because certain systems were deemedeasy to use with built-in self-service features that enable end “not reliable” in terms of their ability to produce accurate datausers to fix a lot of things on their own. Reducing the amount about the infrastructure.of support we need to provide and increasing our ability toquickly troubleshoot and fix problems, will save a lot of money “With Nimsoft, all the information is there, and we can quicklydown the road.” generate a report that satisfies compliance requirements,” said Villalpando. “By automating and streamlining this process,Delivered as a SaaS offering, Nimsoft Service Desk minimizes Nimsoft slashes our audit costs by about 50%.”infrastructure overhead and reduces the operational costsAbout NimsoftNimsoft provides leading IT Management-as-a-Service solutions within the CA Technologies portfolio. Companies and serviceproviders of all sizes use Nimsoft to rapidly and easily implement essential monitoring and service desk capabilities necessary tomanage today’s dynamic computing environments. Learn more at North America United Kingdom Australia Singapore Headquarters +44 (0) 845 456 7091 +61 (0)2 8898 2943 +65 64328600 U.S. toll free: 1 877 SLA MGMT (752 Norway & Northern Brazil New Delhi 6468) 1 408 796 3400 Europe +5511 5503 6243 +(91 11) 6656 6667 +47 22 62 71 60 Email: Mexico City Mumbai Web: Germany +52 (55) 5387 5406 +(91 22) 66413800 +49 (0)89 – 99 61 90 60 Copyright © 2012 CA. All Rights Reserved. One CA Plaza, Islandia, N.Y. 11749. Nimsoft is a trademark of CA. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. ITIL® is a Registered Trademark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.