Hints and Tips for Monitoring Cisco UCS


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This webcast covers best practices for monitoring Cisco UCS and demonstrate Nimsoft Monitor, which provides:

A comprehensive view into the status and operation of physical elements, including fans and fan modules, power supply units, fabric interconnects, IO modules, and basic environmental monitoring of blade interfaces, processors,and memory arrays

Real-time views of the virtual environment ESX host and VM guest availability—views that automatically associate hosts with guest instances

Pre-configured alarm and alert settings, quality of service settings, and dashboards.

For more information, visit www.nimsoft.com.

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Hints and Tips for Monitoring Cisco UCS

  1. 1. Hints and Tips –Monitoring Cisco UCS Stephen Smith Lax Sakalkale Product Marketing Product Management Virtualization, Cloud Virtualization, Cloud Monitoring Monitoring Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 1 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda› Why Cisco UCS?› Cisco UCS Monitoring Challenges› Nimsoft Monitor for Cisco UCS› Monitor the Entire Environment – Three Key Dimensions› Cisco UCS Monitoring Best Practices: » Setting thresholds and metrics » Ensure consistent monitoring » Automatic configuration of Cisco UCS monitoring› Demo› Q&A Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 2 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  3. 3. Why Cisco UCS?› 10,000 UCS customers can’t be wrong!› $1Billion in annual run rate› A turnkey converged infrastructure solution for Cloud stacks » Consolidates infrastructure, saves space, power » Base platform for both Vblock and FlexPod systems FlexPod Cisco/VMware/EMC Cisco/VMware/NetApp Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 3 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  4. 4. Monitoring Cisco UCS – New challengesUCS MonitoringChallenges:› Platform successful but complex› Silo’d monitoring solutions » Separate platforms for each IT technology » Requires expertise in multiple disciplines » Difficult integrations, manual processes› Required – A unified approach » Single solution » Modular architecture » Unified views Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 4 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  5. 5. Nimsoft Monitor for Cisco UCSExtending Monitor Visibility to the Full UCS StackNimsoft Monitor - A turnkeymonitoring solution for UCS-based Cloud stacks› Discovers and monitors all physical and virtual components including Vblock or FlexPod » Server, Network, Storage, Software, and Virtualization » Service level and usage optimization reporting› Modular – No Integration Required› Event correlation and analysis› Customizable, roll-based dashboards› True multi-tenant SaaS delivery› Usage-based metering and billing› OOB Unified Dashboards Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 5 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  6. 6. Best PracticeMonitor The Entire EnvironmentThree Key Dimensions:› Network + Compute » Physical and Virtual› Configuration » Internal components / configuration› Context » Converged Infrastructure stacks – FlexPod, Vblock Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 6 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  7. 7. Best PracticeSet Appropriate Thresholds› Set thresholds appropriate to usage » Baseline current usage - Check typical growth rates - Set threshold times and exceptions› Best practice thresholds » Use the “Top Ten” / “Bottom Ten” » Alarms for growth rates – Not just thresholds - Physical CPU/Memory/Disk/Network use - Alarm on Rate, not just threshold » Use % measures as standard - Will still reflect meaningful data even if resized » Set alarms for minimum available % - Long enough time to correct the problem when usage grows disproportionately » Physical performance and capacity - By platform component Physical CPU, I/O (read/write performance), network, memory Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 7 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  8. 8. Best PracticeEnsure Consistent Monitoring in Elastic Env.› Auto-configuration » Auto-apply to existing elements› Auto-monitoring » Auto-apply to new elements› Nimsoft Templates » Policies for monitoring » Transportable to other instances, or applicable within auto-configs or auto-monitors› Key metrics » Nimsoft includes best practices in the Templates » Templates are included with probes Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 8 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  9. 9. Cisco UCS Related List ViewsAutomatically display the statusof new elements» Virtualization Environment» Chassis» Chassis fan module» Chassis fans» Power supply units» IO modules» Blade servers» Blade server adaptor units» Blade server memory arrays» Blade server processors» Blade server interface cards» Fabric interconnect fans» Fabric interconnect power supplies» Fabric interconnect IO modules and vethernet ports» Fabric interconnect IO module fibre channel ports» Fabric interconnect local storage and dynamic counters» Fabric interconnect Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 9 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  10. 10. DemoAuto Discovery of UCS Environments Delivering UCS Monitoring Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 10 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  11. 11. Nimsoft Monitor for Cisco UCS Environments› Nimsoft - Complete single tool » Single infrastructure and portal » Coverage for Cisco UCS, virtual environment, networks, applications, services and more » Automatically detect configuration and apply monitoring » Events, alarms, performance » Service Desk and Monitor› Effectively, efficiently, maintain Service Levels » Rapidly identify & correct outages » Proactively prevent problems Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 11 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  12. 12. Thank You!Interested in learning more?Want to learn more or see a more complete demo? Contact usand receive a free, no-commit call from a Nimsoft productexpert to discuss how Nimsoft can help you make the most ofyour UCS investment.Join us for a Nimsoft Service Desk webcast on 1/31:http://info.nimsoft.com/nimsoft-service-desk-webcast.htmlMeet the Nimsoft Team at:• CIO Summit, Feb 9-10, Hamburg• CloudCon Conference, Feb 13-16, Santa Clara, CA• Pink Elephant ITSM Conf, Feb 19-22, Las VegasMore information: http://www.nimsoft.com/solutions/nimsoft-monitor/server/cisco-ucsContact Nimsoft at: 408-796-3400 Q&A Follow the conversation at #MonitorUCS Page 12 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved