5 Overlooked Outsourcing Opportunities for MSPs


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•The most popular managed services offerings
•Determining “core” vs. “chore” services
•The most common overlooked outsourcing opportunities

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  • Great tips! We especially like the bullet point on flipping the focus away from 'commodity bottoms-up infrastructure pursuits'.
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5 Overlooked Outsourcing Opportunities for MSPs

  1. 1. 5 Overlooked Outsourcing Opportunitiesfor MSPsJune 7, 2012 Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Welcome Joe Panettieri, Editorial Director Nine Lives Media, a Division of Penton Media E: Joe@NineLivesMediaInc.com
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover• The most popular managed services offerings• Determining “core” vs. “chore” services• The most common overlooked outsourcing opportunities• Your questions throughout
  4. 4. Managed Services in the Enterprise • 75 percent of MSPs in the MSPmentor 100 serve customers with at least 101 seats • Remote monitoring remains the most popular managed service among MSPmentor 100 members (97 percent) • MSPmentor 100 companies manage 2.7 million desktop and mobile devices (up 50 percent from 2010)
  5. 5. Please Welcome Phil O’Konski John J. O’Donnell Greg Donovan Director Vice President Vice PresidentManaged Services IntelliNet Corp. Service Provider Practice Integration Nimsoft Datalink
  6. 6. Welcome Phil O’Konski Director, Managed Services Integration Datalink
  7. 7. About Datalink• Year Founded: 1987• Headquarters: Eden Prairie, MN• Number of Employees: 400• Market Focus: Fortune 500, Mid-Tier Enterprises• Types of Services Offered: – Consulting – Design – Implementation – Management – Support
  8. 8. Welcome John J. O’Donnell Vice President IntelliNet Corp.
  9. 9. About IntelliNet Corp.• Year Founded: 1997• Headquarters: Cleveland, OH• Number of Employees: 100• Market Focus: Enterprise• Types of Services Offered: – NOC services (24/7/365 networking monitoring, network support, help desk) – Application services (software deployments, app support, app development) – Service delivery (project management, service assurance) – Network services (architecture, implementation, support) – Desktop services (desktop lifecycle management, end user support, VDI implementation, OS and app management)
  10. 10. Welcome Greg Donovan Vice President Service Provider Practice Nimsoft
  11. 11. Nimsoft – Who We Are Bridging the Gap between Business and IT Leading from the Front • Independent division within CA • Direct offices worldwide • USA, UK, Spain, Norway,Growth Momentum: Nimsoft Since Acquisition Germany, Sweden, Australia, Benelux, Singapore, India, Latin America • 1,000+ customers worldwide • Corporate IT and MSPs
  12. 12. The MSP’s Customer CIO: Core vs Chore the business • Core: Run – Sales – Manufacturing – Finance • Core: Enable users to do their jobs • Chore: – Running datacenter – Network operations – CRM/ERP systems management – ITSM applications
  13. 13. Polling QuestionHow many managed services on average doyou provide your customers?A. NoneB. One to twoC. Three to fiveD. Six or more
  14. 14. Overlooked Opportunity #1Monitor Application End User Experience – Resonates with business owners, senior executives • It’s about revenue and profit • Sophisticated MSPs are selling C-levels killer application performance – Flips focus from commodity bottoms-up infrastructure pursuits to high-value, top down application experience • Infrastructure-only monitoring of little value if customers can’t conduct their business transactions – E2E measurement of customer’s vital business applications • Example: Large oil company, critical app, five geographies, oil traders need sub-second response time • Example: e-Comerce site, customers not generating revenue, app and infrastructure teams pointing fingers
  15. 15. Overlooked Opportunity #2Managed SharePoint Services • Care and feeding of SharePoint after setup • Providing administrative services, ensuring SharePoint is configured and maintained effectively: – Adding users – AD integration – Enable employee access to other SharePoint sites – Deploying new widgets
  16. 16. Overlooked Opportunity #3‘Managed Monitoring’ Services – It’s about ‘making IT look good’ • Shifts the mindset of displacing IT or becoming your customer’s IT department to helping make your customer’s IT department look good • Enables IT to focus on delivering value for their business, not maintaining tools – Monitoring tool administration • Administer end customer’s monitoring tool; adapt monitoring to constantly changing IT – persistent observance and configuration to ensure valid data
  17. 17. Overlooked Opportunity #3 (cont.) ‘Managed Monitoring’ Services (cont.) –Monitoring customer’s end-to-end IT • Customer application and infrastructure monitoring services – Alarm noise reduction, sift through false alarms, root cause – Customer notification and escalation of critical issues – Unified dashboards and reporting
  18. 18. Overlooked Opportunity #4Modernize Gentrified IT Systems - Update old equipment with modern IT solutions • e.g., build/manage/monitor private clouds (Vblock, Flexpod or lower-end lookalikes) either on customer’s premises or in your or your partner’s data center
  19. 19. Overlooked Opportunity #5Managed VoIP Services – Lots of movement from aging systems to VoIP – Underserved SMB market • Significant uptake but lots of SMBs leave it unmonitored – no place to go when problems occur • VoIP vendors largely ignoring managing/monitoring SMB – Help customers decide most important VoIP monitoring points for their business • Thousands to consider, narrow to the critical few – Deliver proactive managed services across VoIP infrastructure to ensure peak performance
  20. 20. Bonus: Overlooked Opportunity #6 Leverage 7x24 help desk for after-hours services, such as: • End user support for patient information system • Website navigational support, password resets • End user support for hotel Wi-Fi service provider • Password resets • End user support for basic PC tasks • Microsoft Office Q’s, printing issues
  21. 21. Bonus: Overlooked Opportunity #6 (cont.) Leverage 7x24 help desk for after-hours services, such as: (cont.) • End user support for two-factor authentication • Manage hard/soft tokens, reset passwords, ship when lost • Data Center walk-throughs, ensures compliance • 2 a.m., 6 a.m. walk-throughs, check temperature/water/etc.
  22. 22. Ask the Experts Phil O’Konski John J. O’Donnell Greg Donovan Director Vice President Vice PresidentManaged Services IntelliNet Corp. Service Provider Practice Integration Nimsoft Datalink
  23. 23. Where Can I Get More Information?Nimsoft.comNimsoft.com/mspzoneModern IT Blog: blog.nimsoft.comSocialize with Nimsoft!Twitter: @nimsoftFB: facebook.com/NimsoftLinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/Nimsoft/SlideShare: slideshare.net/NimsoftMonitoringYouTube: youtube.com/user/Nimsoft
  24. 24. Our Next Channel Expert Hour Webcast Date: June 20 Time: 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET Topic: Recurring Cloud Backup Revenue: 2 Options for VARs & MSPs Register: mspmentor.net/events
  25. 25. Nine Lives Media Contacts Editorial Joe Panettieri, Editorial Director E: Joe@NineLivesMediaInc.com Sponsorship Amy Katz, President E: Amy@NineLivesMediaInc.com