La Vanguardia Case Study


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A presentation about how the 3rd biggest Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia is translated each day with Lucy MT. For more infomation on this please contact!

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La Vanguardia Case Study

  1. 1. DIMARTS, 19 DE MARÇ DEL 2013 Número 46.917 1,20 euros .cat Fundada el 1881 per Don Carlos i Don Bartolomé Godó Among our customers Language Technology Consultancy are major corporations such as: Bosch, and Machine Translation Coca-Cola, Honda, The unique combination of skills and technologies offered by Lucy Lanxess, Metro, Nikon, Software and Services enables you to efficiently solve your language and SABMiller, SAP translation-related business challenges for global business success. and Volkswagen OUR COMPANY CLIENTS La Vanguardia translated into Catalan usingLucy Software and Services GmbH is headquartered near Heidelberg, Germany.Development labs and sales/support centers are located in Germany and Spain. Lucy Machine Translation Writing a bilingual version (ES/CAT) of the newspaper or Automatic translation of the SpanishINTERNATIONAL CENTRAL OFFICE manually translating the articles every night would have been version was the only viable option, but this inLucy Software and Services GmbH too time-consuming and prohibitively expensive. turn posed various problems. READ MORE INSIDEDaisbachtalstr. 7 Staff:D-74915 WaibstadtTel. +49 20 post-editors 12 editorsGERMANYLucy Software and Services GmbH Timeline:Neumarkterstr. 81D-81673 München Start 5 p.m.Tel. +49 89-2000-196-0 First 11.30 p.m. Second editionSPAIN 2.30 a.m. 032013 123456 IVÁN SUÁREZLucy Software Ibérica S.L. LA VANGUARDIA translated into Catalan, while all newspapers have experienced a loss, La Vanguardia has seen a significant increase in sales. READ MORE INSIDECopèrnic, 44, 1rE-08021 BarcelonaTel. +34 93 396 87 Post-Editing effort: 30 minutes linguistic review 75,000 words/day + weekly supplement 10 minutes journalistic review 1,000-1,500 words/hours post-edited high quality output IVÁN SUÁREZ
  2. 2. The rise in number And what is most relevant, 57% of the readers choose of copies was 4%, while all newspapers have experienced a loss, the Spanish version whereas .cat the rise in the number La Vanguardia has seen a significant increase. 43% read the Catalan edition. of readers was 7%.About La Vanguardia THE CHALLENGE SOLUTIONEstablished in 1881 and a member of the publishing Machine Translation technology was the only feasibleGrupo Godó, La Vanguardia is the third largest newspa- Writing a bilingual version (ES/CAT) of the newspa- High quality: La Vanguardia is regarded as option given the constraints of time and budget. Inper in Spain and Catalonia’s leading daily newspaper. It is per or manually translating the articles every night having a high standard of written Spanish, the addition, La Vanguardia needed a tailor-made program,a general daily newspaper with a national approach, would have been too time-consuming and prohibi- Catalan version should follow suit. able to satisfy their requirements.edited in Barcelona. It has approximately 850,000 readers tively expensive. Automatic translation of theand a daily circulation of some 200,000 copies. Spanish version was the only viable option, but this Bilingualism: The journalists should eventually Lucy Software worked to customize and integrate the Lucy in turn posed various problems. be able to write their articles either in Spanish or LT into a dedicated workflow:Up to 2009, only two newspapers were published in both Catalan and the system would translate them intolanguages: El Periódico de Catalunya, the second most The biggest challenges in the project were: the other respective language. Linguistically the system was adapted to complyimportant paper in Catalunya, and El Segre, a local high linguistic quality, bilingualism, the timeframe, with the linguistic requirements of the style guide LVnewspaper with a low daily circulation but very important and the costs. Timeframe: daily publication of two language its area. editions with a tight deadline. Technically, the machine translation program wasIn 2011, the celebration of the 130th anniversary of La Costs: The economic crisis had affected the press integrated to seamlessly fit into the journalistsVanguardia (LV) was the perfect occasion for publishing a worldwide and had tightened the budgets in the workflow, both into the Hermes Content ManagementCatalan edition. The two newspaper editions were also to newspaper industry. La Vanguardia has many times System and into InDesign. Journalists and post-editorshelp the newspaper consolidate its market leadership in been acknowledged as an example of a well-written were to post-edit in the same editing environments.Catalunya and its third place ranking in Spain. Spanish newspaper to which some of the top Spanish writers have contributed. Reliability and high performance were also a must. No bottlenecks should appear during the tight The Catalan version of the newspaper should be on closing timeframes. A mirror backup installation was a par with that high level of language and be a set up in case the main installation should fail at any point of reference for well-written Catalan. point in time.BILINGUAL PUBLISHINGPOWERED BY MT For the preparation of a dedicated post-editors workspace, several applications were implemented. SPANISH CATALAN CATALAN EDITORS EDITORS POST-EDITORS FINAL QA Catalan Spanish HERMES HERMES HERMES Preproccessing filters Newspaper Page Newspaper Page Newspaper Page 500+ Proper names Status: FINISHED Status: TRANSLATED Status: TO PUBLISH Customised System Graphics Grammar: Graphics 440 modified rules Lexicon: INDESIGN file 16,000+ custom entries INDESIGN file INDESIGN file LV’s Intranet / Style Guide Portal / Web Access for quick