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Prodcast training session for MMu law Staff

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  • Generic term podcastPedagogy values are when you can deliver episodes. Keeping students engaged.
  • Investment in time is essentialUsing : BB Flashback,PPT,IE – Podcast Server, Email , WebCT, Upload pageDon’t give upSupport procedures are in being developed or are in placePodcast BlogsiteHelplineDocumentationHow to ? PodcastsMore courses – central training teamsBy the time you get to between 3-6 podcast, you’ll have worked out do’s and don’tsThis Slide is Picture Superiority Effect  (PSE)
  • Production – You’ll be working with BB Flashback software, PowerPoint slides and Script if you have written one, Microphone and you may use a Webcam tools. Managing your files, you’ll be working with different applications, file formats, so therefore knowing how to create folders and mange files in those folders.Publication – Browsing to the Podcast server to upload your file, choosing the appropriate workflow, navigating to your successful podcast upload and tagging it with your unit code.Delivery – Logging into your MMU outlook mail, Logging into Moodle, creating a Weblink resource in Moodle, Copy and paste the URL link in the email into your
  • The timeline is where everything happens.Play\\pauseJump to end\\beginningTime position of selected frame\\total time of podcast.Audio Track\\video trackDepending on your selection each second of your podcast is made up of number of frames, ie 14fps, therefore you can edit in detailThis file is very important. Keep a copy of the original and work on a backup copy.Create a test podcast and experiment with this file and learn about the tools of Falshbackfor post-production.
  • Page 21To Apple ServerLimited formats (MP3, MP4, MOV, WMA)WorkflowsPublicMMUOnlyTagging
  • Login to moodle andcreate a link.
  • Podcast training law270711

    1. 1. Training onPodcasting at MMU<br />Nillan Fakira<br />E-Learning Content Developer<br />Learning and Research Technologies (LRT)<br />Email:N.Fakira@mmu.ac.uk<br />Ext.3801<br />LRT Blog Sites: http://lrt.mmu.ac.uk/podcast<br />http://lrt.mmu.ac.uk/nillan<br />
    2. 2. What is a Podcast?<br />The basic ingredients : recording of live/pre-recorded lectures, it can be PowerPoint slides, audios, animations and images for users to view on demand and/or download onto different technological devices for later viewing. This can involve a series of episodes that are made available over a time period.<br />Use of Podcasts for Pedagogy<br />Supplementary to traditional classroom notes<br />Student created podcast as an assessment<br />Revising and Revision<br />Worked Examples<br />Assignment Brief<br />Missed Lectures<br />Distance Learners<br />etc etc.......<br />
    3. 3. Podcast Blogsite<br />http://lrt.mmu.ac.uk/podcast<br />Support<br />Podcasting@MMU Tutorials<br />(Found in Moodle ‘Staff Resource Area’)<br />
    4. 4. Process<br />BB FlashBack Software<br />PowerPoint or other S/W<br />Recording Tools (Microphone, webcam)<br />Files and Folders, File Formats.<br />1. Production<br />(Create podcast)<br /><ul><li>How to upload to the podcast server
    5. 5. Workflows
    6. 6. Tagging</li></ul>2. Publication<br />(Upload podcast)<br />3. Delivery<br />(To your Students)<br /><ul><li>Outlook - Email
    7. 7. Moodle (VLE)
    8. 8. Weblink</li></li></ul><li>1. Production<br />(Create podcast)<br />Process<br />Run Flashback in background to record your screen.<br />Run your PowerPoint in the foreground and Present as you would normally with microphone close to your mouth for better recording.<br />BB FlashBack<br />Screen Capture Software<br />Convert your production into a QuickTime file format that your users can playback.<br />
    9. 9. Post - Production<br />
    10. 10. 2. Publication<br />(Upload podcast)<br />Podcast you created and Saved on your PC/Storage Device.<br />Upload to Podcast Server<br />
    11. 11. PodcastPublication<br />Choose Workflow<br />Upload Podcast onto the podcast server<br />Viewable by anyone who has access to the podcast server URL<br />Public - Audio only<br /> - Slides-n-Screen<br />- Video only with mp3<br />MMU Only – Audio only<br /> - Slides-n-Screen<br /> - Video only with mp3<br />Authenticated Users only – Students and Staff<br />Podcast server<br />http://podcast.mmu.ac.uk/<br />
    12. 12. 3. Delivery<br />(To your Students)<br />Moodle<br />Delivery by a Weblinkin Moodle <br />http://moodle.mmu.ac.uk<br />
    13. 13. Thank youand Any Questions?<br />
    14. 14. Start – Program – CeLT Applications – BB FlashBack pro – Flashback recorder<br />