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Yc presentation

  1. 1.  Youth Club is a unique program for our youth enabling them to utilize their time, skills and energies in a positive direction The aim and purpose of Youth Club is to provide a platform for the youth to collectively work towards their individual salvation and the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala Mission Statement: To get the best of both worlds!
  2. 2.  Established in May 2011 by graduate students of different quality institutes of Pakistan. To name some: Shifa College of Medicine, GIKI, Quaid e Azam University, International Islamic University etc. Branches in Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad & Peshawar. Very soon in Karachi Insha Allah.
  3. 3.  We all thought that Youngsters usually have a boring image of Islam in their minds and they feel it imposes a lot of things on them so they want to run away from it. So we looked around the different organizations/jamaats of pakistan and clearly felt that something is missing from these organizations.
  4. 4.  We thought that they are reaching the middle and lower class and teaching them basics of Islam, but they have not quite been able to attract the youth especially the elite class youth. So we thought of making some unique platform which could do that. Our main motive was to tell the youth to not waste their teenage like we did and not repeat the same mistakes which we did. We want to tell them that Islam holds peace for them and solution to all their problems. Plus point is that we have passed through that which they are passing through and we have an educational background.
  6. 6.  Spiritual activities include: Weekly Gatherings (Halaqas) in which Quran translation is to be taught and members are to be given some assignement to do till the next week. Tazkiyah e nafs is also done in these gatherings. Holding Islamic workshops on Aqeedah, personality grooming etc. Holding monthly big events (islamic lectures) in some university/college/school or public place like marriage hall etc. This also includes spiritual counseling of the youngsters. Teaching them manners especially focusing on their relation with parents.
  7. 7.  Physical activities can be promoted by holding events related to sports and by encouraging members to get involved in sports. For example this month we are planning to hold a double wicket tournament.
  8. 8.  Purpose of this is to teach the Youngsters that Islam is not dry and it also encourages you to have some entertainment. We will try to teach them ways of getting halal entertainment insha Allah. Islamic entertainment includes: Documentary Nights Village Trips Farm House (Horse Riding and Swimming) Bonfires Barbq Nites Mountain Hiking trips etc. The purpose of all these will be to teach youngsters Islamic manners of travelling and entertainment.
  9. 9.  Alhamdulilah we have a team of Doctors, Engineers, BBAs, MBAs, MSC etc from highly reputed Institutes of Pakistan. We can provide counseling to youngsters with regards to choosing there careers and halal & haram. For this we plan to hold seminars and arrange events related to educational counseling insha Allah.
  10. 10. Brother Raja Zia Ul Haq from Islamabad.Computer Engineering from University ofPortsmouth, Uk.Masters in IT from University of Canberra,Australia.Over 10 years of professional work experiencein Sale and Marketing for IT, Media andTelecom industry sectors.Currently he is a professor in Bahria UniversityIslamabad.
  11. 11. Brother Yousuf Raza fromIslamabad.A Doctor by profession. Did hisM.B.B.S from Shifa College ofMedicine, Islamabad.He is the co founder and formerpresident of Shifa Student Society(Shifa College of Medicine).
  12. 12. Brother Mohammad Ali from Faisalabad.Did Mechanical Engineering from GhulamIshaq Khan Institute of Engineering &Technology in 2010.He is also doing B.A Islamic Science(Honors) from Islamic Online University.Currently he is doing CSS (Civil SuperiorServices)
  13. 13.  Sister Sarah Chaudhry (Former Drama Actress and model) Sister Sataesh Khan (Former Drama Actress and model) Brother Sheraz Uppal (Former Singer and Music director) Many Doctors & Chamber of Commerce president and General Secretary.
  14. 14.  Alhamdulilah we have 250+ active and working members all over Pakistan as well as abroad. Special team of: Doctors Engineers Business studies graduates & Business Men.
  15. 15.  This event was held in two cities: Islamabad & Lahore. In Islamabad it was a one day event with inspirational lectures on the personality of Prophet sallalaho alayhi wassalam. In Lahore, this event was divided into 4 parts and every week 1 part was covered in the whole month of February 2012. Alhamdulilah more than 250+ people attended these events and gained a lot.
  16. 16.  A series of Inspirational talks on Islam by 4 motivational speakers (including 2 scholars). Purpose was to tell the youth about the history of Islamic heroes and to inspire them.
  17. 17.  Event held in three cities of Pakistan. In Faisalabad, it was held in LGS (Lahore Grammar School), Jamea Salafiyah and a Dawah workshop in Masjid Tauheed. Brother Hamza Tzortsis also met top M.B.B.S doctors of Faisalabad and doctors promised to help youth Club however they can in future. Alhamdulilah message of Islam reached so many universities and elite class of Pakistan. Hamza Tzortsis also held a debate with Professor Parvez Hoodbhoy (LUMS) on the subject of Islam & Rationality. Most lectures were about Current Affairs and Islam being the solution to all our problems.
  18. 18.  Alhamdulilah over 1000+ people attended this event. Held in Faisal Mosque Auditorium, Islamabad. More than 25 top Institutes of Pakistan Participated in it. Won by Quaid e Azam University. Junaid Jamshed distributed the prizes. The purpose was to teach youngsters about Islamic way of holding competitions. Tazkiyah e nafs was also a purpose as different lectures were held on this topic.
  19. 19.  Purpose of this event was to gather practicing Young Muslims and let them tell their stories of how they started practicing Islam and left their previous lives. Videos were recorded in order for the Young Generation to take inspiration.
  20. 20.  Youth were invited to spend one night with Youth Club and Islamic Routine was taught to them. Qiyam ul layl was done at night.
  21. 21.  Youth Club Lahore was launched in lahore in November 2011. Around 100 people attended this event and Youth Club was introduced to them.
  22. 22.  Youth were encouraged to participate in a Quiz related to Islam. Prizes were given to the winners.
  23. 23.  We have Alhamdulilah, professional computer programmers, graphic designers, video editing experts. We have young energetic confident and very well educated speakers (both male & females) who are an example for youngsters.
  24. 24. CEO & AMEER Chapter Advisory Committee (Scholars & Presidents Intellectuals) PublicFinancial Coordinator Publications Relations AmbassadorManager s Officer Officer