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Hot cup se_ov2

  1. 1. SEO
  2. 2. What is SEO?
  3. 3. What (Really) is SEO? • 11 Billion Google Searches Per Month • 75% Click On Organic Search Results • 95% Do Not Go Beyond Page One • 94% Click Through Rate With Search and Social Media Combined
  4. 4. SEO Objectives Most Search Engine Optimization campaigns have at least one of the following four (4) objectives: 1. Conversions (i.e. number of products purchased, enquiries or leads generated) 2. Awareness (i.e. the number of visitors to the website per month, duration that people spend on the site etc.) 3. Positioning on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). (i.e. how high up are you appearing on the SERP for keywords that are relevant for your site? 4. Link popularity (i.e. the number of high quality external links to your site)
  5. 5. Myth#1: SEO? Its Rocket Science
  6. 6. Each year, Google updates its algorithm around 500-600 times! 20/01/2014
  7. 7. Truth#1 But it is complicated.
  8. 8. Myth#1: SEO? Its Rocket Science
  9. 9. Myth#2: SEO Cost? But its free!
  10. 10. SEO activities • SEO Plan  overall marketing plan and business goals • Keyword Research  selecting the most appropriate keywords & phrases • SEO Audit  identify your relevant position to the competition, your business strengths & weaknesses plus opportunities • Domain Acquisition  acquiring domains with relevant search keywords • On Page Optimization Activities  techniques that the SEO specialist applies on-site • Off Page Optimization Activities  techniques that the SEO specialist applies off-site • Performance Measuring & Monitoring  SERP rankings, Traffic Volumes, Conversions etc
  11. 11. Title: Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens – Παρουσίαση Description: Το Ξενοδοχείο Μεγάλη Βρεταννία προσφέρει μια ασύγκριτη προοπτική της μυθικής ιστορίας της πόλης της Αθήνας. Το μοναδικό GB Spa σας προσκαλεί σε ένα τα Headings: <H1>: Με θέα στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα <H2>: Μια Αθηναϊκή Περιπέτεια <H2>: Η Φινέτσα Άλλων Εποχών στα Καλύτερά της Images: 37 ALT attributes are empty or missing. Real case example #1
  12. 12. Your site’s content is your most valuable asset. You must frequently update your site with unique and fresh content relevant to your topic. • Add more text content by describing the offer/event a bit more. • Pages with 500 – 1000 words will rank higher on the Search Engine’s result pages. • Do not have more ads than text content on your main category pages. Real case example #2
  13. 13. • This is how a Search Engine Robot will view your site. • Make sure that your top Keywords appear high on the page and especially on the Navigation Bar. • If you do not have A LOT of traffic coming from the areas mentioned, it is advised to remove them from the Navigation Bar and present them in an alternative way. Real case example #3
  14. 14. Link Building Distribution of Domains Linking to, based off the top 100 domains. Domain Authority: 39/100 Page Authority: 48/100 Total Domains: 190 Total Links: 8.407 LINKING STATISTICS
  15. 15. Types of Links • Natural Links – Links that are gained naturally through the creation of quality content • Inbound only (one way) links – Request inbound links from relevant sites • Reciprocal linking – Links that are agreed between websites • Links from Directories – Some are Free and need attention before submit the site. • Direct Paid links – Links from companies such as Text Link Brokers etc
  16. 16. Truth#2 It’s free but it needs, time.
  17. 17. Myth#2: SEO Cost? But its free!
  18. 18. Myth#3: SEO? It’s a scam, spam, con, etc…
  19. 19. Ann Smarty Contributor to: - Search Engine Journal - Mashable - Internet Marketing Ninjas - KISS Metrics - SEOchat Founder member of: - MyBlogGuest Google’s official page for No-Follow links In general, we don’t follow them. This means that Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links. Ann’s Hustling Mind 1. However if you keep reading, they seem to be saying that Google won’t even find the page unless there are non-nofollow links to it: 2. No matter how misleading the official page sounds, numerous tests have proven that nofollow links are used for discovery (Google finds and crawls the page that has only one nofollow link)
  20. 20. What do all these poker experts have in common?
  21. 21. Truth#3 It’s not a scam, but it needs a bit of hustling.
  22. 22. Myth#3: SEO? It’s a scam, spam, con
  23. 23. Conclusions • SEO has evolved from simply getting found to improving how users engage with your content. • You need to optimize for users first, so they actually click through your listings and stay there. • “Search Experience Optimization” is what SEO should really stand for. ~Kelly Kranz, Content Manager.
  24. 24. Sum up - Building an Authority Site from Scratch 1. Keyword Friendly Domain Name 2. Content - Relevancy & File-type variety - Fresh - Size: 300 – 500 words 3. Site Structure - Bold/Strong/H1 tags - Title Tag - Internal linking - External linking - No-Follow / No-Index 4. Backlinks - One of the biggest issues that most websites have is that they build 1.000 backlinks to the Homepage, and about 10 – 20 backlinks to the rest of the website. Your goal is to rank EVERY CONTENT page, since then your future pages will rank high naturally. I recommend no more than 50% of your backlinks pointing to your homepage. - RSS Feeds: Submitting your RSS feeds to feed directories can create automatic backlinks to your individual post pages. - Quality backlinks: No-Follow VS Do-Follow - Anchor text 5. Content Distribution & Social Media (Digital PR)
  25. 25. Useful URLs • • • webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf
  26. 26. Thankyou!