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EIT Climate KIC Urban Transitions 2018


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Presentation in the frame of RIS Partner Day, 13 June 2018, Brussels regarding Urban Transitions. Urban transitions refer to integrated solutions for zero carbon resilient cities, decentralized energy, CO2 savings, Blue Green Solutions, air pollution, urban mobility and smart sustainable districts

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EIT Climate KIC Urban Transitions 2018

  1. 1. City District Building Technology
  2. 2. Climathon 104 cities 45 countries 6 continents 4.455 participants 622 ideas generated 15 City Challenges, 13 cities, 7 countries >180 solutions sourced 2 Flagship Programmes Network of 18 Districts Reinventing Cities, C40 19 cities, 49 sites
  3. 3. Materials production Regional economies Industry emissions Food value chains Forests in integrated landscapes Climate-smart agriculture Climate-risk information Decision metrics Climate finance Networked alumni Entrepreneurship Capacity building Retrofit & clean decentralised energy Blue-green infrastructure Mobility
  4. 4. Drive a significant increase in urban retrofit rates and enable district-scale clean energy production paving the way for deep cuts in emissions.
  5. 5. IMPACT: The CO2 savings stemming from a 2nd Skin renovation compared to regular renovations are projected at roughly 68 kg CO2 e/m2/year. Current EU refurbishment rate is far too low to achieve 2050 targets. STAGE: Demonstrator. SCALE: Housing Corporation Waterweg Wonen (Vlaardingen, NL) committed as a launching customer.
  6. 6. IMPACT: Improves energy performance, potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 5% through façade renovation; dematerialisation, shifting from a product to a service based model. STAGE: Piloted innovation idea. SCALE: Climate-KIC Benelux region, The Netherlands, TU Delft.
  7. 7. Harness the force of nature in infrastructure design to build liveable, climate-resilient cities.
  8. 8. IMPACT: The campus has made energy reductions by 92% on cooling and 68% on heat, compared to conventional heating and cooling systems. STAGE: Delivered its first commercial successes, incl. a new campus at the University of Zagreb. SCALE: Developed 13 demonstration sites across Europe through Climate-KIC’s partner network. Initial project has become a larger scale project and a spin-out consultancy firm, Blue Green Global.
  9. 9. IMPACT: each unit has the potential effect of up to 275 average urban trees binding up to 240t of CO2 equivalents annually. STAGE: The company has already generated more than €1 million turnover with over 30 CityTrees sold. Starting in spring 2017, six CityTrees be will installed in Modena. SCALE: Units sold in both Asia and Europe.
  10. 10. Trigger the switch to clean urban mobility to achieve considerable cuts in urban transport emissions
  11. 11. IMPACT: Bringing together operation planning with technical models and optimisation algorithms. 430,000 buses in Europe cause 30 million tons CO2 annually. STAGE: Pathfinder 2010, now Demonstrator aiming to next develop a self sustaining business model. SCALE: Conducted 2 use cases in Birmingham and Berlin, ebusplan service used for several commercial customers, for example: Movia, the transport authority of Copenhagen and Eastern Denmark, and MAN bus and trucks.
  12. 12. Retrofit and decentralised energy Green Resilient Cities Urban Mobility Urban Transitions Portfolio Highlights London France Zurich Vlaardingen Copenhagen Germany Rimini Modena Brussels Lisbon Gothenburg Veijle Cyprus Helsinki Sofia Malmö Aarhus Berlin Valencia Birmingham Utrecht
  13. 13. Integrated systems – transforming districts into smart and sustainable neighborhoods
  14. 14. EXAMPLE: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – London. IMPACT: Complex energy optimisation delivered. 15% reduction in carbon coefficient for district heating/ cooling networks and 30% operational energy reductions for the Zaha Hadid London Aquatics Centre. SCALE: Working in London, Paris, Berlin, Utrecht, Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Rotterdam.
  15. 15. Sustainable solutions Valletta, Malta Supporting delivery against ambition for Valletta to become a a zero-carbon capital by 2030 Valencia, Spain Masterplan for La Pinada district now includes measures to reduce building carbon emissions by 50% Helsinki, Finland Smart City framework and metrics developed for measuring impact of actions in Kalasatama district Smart District Data Infrastructure Prototypes of revolutionary new approach to open and integrated urban data management developed and tested against tangible ‘use cases’ links to EIT-Digital ‘city enabler' initiative Smart Sustainable Districts Portfolio Highlights 2017 Malmö, Sweden Concept for a neighbourhood-based development fund developed focused on Sofielund district Helsinki Malmö Valencia Valetta