Inox Style - 2014


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Inox Style designs, develops, manufactures
and markets a wide range of quality equipment
and machinery intended for Milk Processing
Industry and Food & Beverages Industry.

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Inox Style - 2014

  1. 1. Inox Style is a Greek industrial stainless steel manufacturing company of equipment and machinery, which was founded in 1978 by Mr. John Kyriakou and today is one of the oldest companies in this sector. Inox Style designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of quality equipment and machinery intended for Milk Process- ing Industry and Food & Beverage Industry. Inox Style holds a significant market share in Greece and in recent years exports worldwide with a strategic goal the continuous increase of these exports. Inox Style has also the knowledge to research, design and implement solutions (turn-key plants) in production lines for milk & food facto- ries, including all the necessary auxiliary equip- ment to achieve the best possible results. High quality products and services and complete customer satisfaction is a major aim of Inox Style. To achieve the above applies a Quality Manage- ment System according to EN ISO 9001 certified by an internationally recognized body.
  2. 2. 1 Milk Collection Silos of various capacities Filters milk / curd cheese Plate heat exchanger milk Pumps transmission milk Milk Cooling Tanks Flow meter milk Milk degasser Washing machines for milk containers Cheese (Feta) Production Hard Cheese Production Yogurt Production Mizithra Production Milk Boilers CIP Auxiliary Equipment Tanks of various types and sizes Wheeled benches Steam boiler Machines for butter production Production networks, C.I.P. Networks General Services (steam-condensate, natural water, cold water, etc.) General and special stainless steel constructions Full Automated C.I.P. Manual C.I.P. Open type milk boilers Close type milk boilers Milk boiler with oil burner Milk boiler with gas burner Heated milk boilers Milk boiler with propane torch Milk boiler with electrical heat Gathering components Cheese vat for Mizithra Hangers for Mizithra Wheeled benches for Mizithra Boilers for yogurt production Chambers (cooling / heating) Distribution pumps Distribution pistols Yogurt incubator Colloid mill Lobe pumps Wheeled benches for yogurt Cheese Vats Cheese var tools Wheeled bench for draining curd (tezakia) Cheese (feta) molds Automated production lines of cheese (feta) Machines for turning over cheese (feta) molds Washing machines for molds Curd Cutters Stacker for molds Cheese producer of various capacities Wheeled bench for curd filling Hard Cheese molds Presses for Hard Cheeses Tables for pressure curd Washing machines for molds Units of brine production Brine tanks Pasteurization for cheese-making and bottling milk Separators – clarifiers Milk homogeniser Milk deodorizer Milk Pasteurization
  3. 3. MILK COOLING TANKS / SILOS / TANKS MILK COOLING TANKS SILOS / TANKS 2 MILK COOLING TANKS / SILOS / TANKS Inox Style manufactures silos and tanks of high quality for the stor- age of milk. Tanks and Silos meet the standards set by the dairy and food industry, EC directives and standards, are CE marked and manufactured due to the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) in accordance with the latest interpretative guidance of FDA. Inox Style manufactures silo tanks in capacties, dimensions and specifications according to the requirements of each customer. Inox Style manufactures and markets milk cooling tanks of high quality and perfor- mance. The milk cooling tanks meet the standards set by the dairy industry and food, are CE marked and manufactured due to the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). The range of milk cooling tanks include: •• Beneficial milk cooling tanks from 100 to 24.000 lt •• Open type •• Close type •• Self-cleaning •• Vertical •• Horizontal
  4. 4. 3CHEESE PRESSES CHEESE PRESSES PRESSES “TUNNEL” TYPE HORIZONTAL CHEESE PRESS VERTICAL CHEESE PRESS Types of cheese presses •• Vertical cheese presses •• Presses “Tunnel” type •• Horizontal cheese presses Cheese presses manufactured indicative have the following technical characteristics: •• Pressure using pneumatic pistons •• Seats according to specific needs •• Made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 •• Accompanied by the necessary auxiliary equipment and air accesso- ries etc •• Connecting presses with PLC and automation process systems Inox Style manufactures cheese presses of high quality and reliability for drainage and landscaping cheese. The presses are designed to bring about the desired results ensuring ergonomics, operator safety, easy and quick cleaning. All presses meets the standards set by the dairy and food industry, EC directives and standards, are CE marked and manufac- tured due to the current good manufactur- ing practices (cGMP) in accordance with the latest interpretative guidance of FDA.
  5. 5. Inox Style manufactures high standards cheese vats for the production of hard cheeses. The cheese vats are designed to bring the desired result in the best possible time and with the maximum economy. All cheese vats have ergonomic design and ensure secure environment for the user while respecting the requirements stipulated by the dairy and food industry, EC directives and standards, are CE marked and manufactured according to the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the latest interpretive instructions of the FDA. Some characteristics of cheese vats indicative listed below: • Range of capacities according to the needs of each customer • Manufactured entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 • Open type • Close type • Double “O” type • Reheating ability • Planetary and satellite stirring • Ability of partial rollover • Ability of cutting the milk curd to any size • Adjustable stirring speed • Display and control of temperature • Connection to CIP network • Ability of monitoring via SCADA • Platform and other accompanying equipment CHEESE VATS 4 CHEESE VATS
  6. 6. Inox Style manufactures conveyor belts for sanitary spaces such as the dairy industry, cheese factories and the entire food industry. The conveyor belts are of high quality, reliability and excellent durability. Are designed to achieve the desired result ensuring ergonomics, operator safety and easy and quick cleaning.All conveyor belts meet the standards set by the dairy and food industry, EC directives and standards, are CE marked and manu- factured due to the current good practices (cGMP) in accordance with the latest interpretative guidance of FDA. Types of conveyor belts indicative include: • Straight conveyors • Inclined conveyors • Trolley conveyors • Lifts • Conveyor with adjustable height • Conveyors Z-shaped • Conveyors U-shaped • Conveyors Γ-Shaped • Conveyors using either belt or modular ramp etc. CONVEYOR BELTS 5CONVEYOR BELTS TYPE U TYPE Z TURN TABLE LIFT STRAIGHT CONVEYORS ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT
  7. 7. 6 MILK BOILERS MILK BOILERS BOILERS OIL BURNER OR STEAM CLOSED TYPE Inox Style for over 35 years constructs successfully milk boilers of high quality and excellent durability . The boilers of Inox Style are designed and manufactured with emphasis on boiling speed and in the economy of the heating medium while ensuring ergonomics, operator safety, easy and quick to clean. All boilers meet the standards set by the dairy and food industry, EC directives and standards, are CE marked and manufactured due to the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) in accordance with the latest interpretative guidance of FDA. OPEN TYPE
  8. 8. 7MILK BOILERS MILK BOILERS MIZITHRA BOILER CREAM BOILER •• Boilers with steam •• Boilers oil burner •• Boilers with gas burner •• Boilers using electrical resistance •• Boilers with propane torch •• Boilers creams, rice pudding etc. •• Boilers open type •• Boilers closed type •• Boilers with stirring anchor type with Teflon scrapers •• Boilers with stirring blades or propeller type •• Capacity and dimensions according to client needs •• Accompanied by instruments and equipment such as temper- ature sensors, temperature logger, electrical panel, control panel agitation and temperature etc. •• Manufactured entirely of stainless steel The boilers we made indicative are:
  9. 9. 8 AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT PUMPS SACK BIN CABINET MIXER FOR SAUCES - TZATZIKI THERMOADHESIVE MACHINE UNIT OF BRINE PRODUCTION Inox Style manufactures all necessary auxiliary equipment required for a modern or traditional cheese com- pany. All the equipments are designed and manufactured according to the needs of each application while maintaining high levels of quality, ergonomics and work safety. WASHING MACHINE OF MILK CONTAINERS
  12. 12. We undertake the entire research, design and implementation of stainless pipe networks of high requirements and specifications. For more than 30 years we produce and install stainless pipe networks to any production site, even at the most demanding and unusual. The design and construction are performed by experienced and qualified personnel in accordance with national, international and European standards and in accord- ance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Skilled welders use certified welding methods due to ELOT EN ISO 15614.01 and qualified in welding due to EN 287-1. services PIPE NETWORKS We offer solutions at the industry related to pipe networks which indicative include: 1. Distribution of Milk and other Dairy Products networks 2. Distribution of raw materials and final products 3. Pipeline networks which require low average roughness Ra of internal surfaces 4. Steam networks 5. Pressure networks 6. Modification of existing networks or replacement parts of them 7. Connect machinery and equipment to the existing network of plants etc. 8. Depiction and design of P&ID diagrams At the same time Inox Style is able to supply all the neces- sary auxiliary equipment, electromechanical components of a network such as pumps, special or not, C.I.P. systems, measuring instruments, electrical and control panels (PLC), flow and mass meters, diaphragm valves, automations etc. 11services
  13. 13. We provide integrated solutions (Turnkey Plants) for installation and process of any production unit. We undertake the entire study, design and implementation of projects which may include from a simple mixing container until a full automated or conventional (Push Button Control) production line. TURNKEY PLANTS SUPPORT Our experienced and dedicated team provides reliable solutions in every field of industry which indicative concern: Integrated solutions (Turnkey Plants) indicative concern: 1. Depiction of production site 2. Design of the production line to ensure: • The best possible result of the final product • Ergonomics • Highest level of productivity • Working Safety • Supervision of the tasks 3. The essential and auxiliary equipment, for example: • Production Machinery • Pipe networks • Electrical panels and Connections • PLC, automation and programming of them • CIP / SIP systems • Measuring systems • Platforms and other auxiliary constructions • Establishment and installation of new machinery and equipment in every production site and connection of them • Resettlement of existing machinery and equipment and reconnection of them • Periodically and preventive service of production ma- chineries • Repairs machinery collapses • General repairs, equipment modifications to improve the operation of the production line, improving working safety, etc. 12 SERVICES SERVICES
  15. 15. Trust us for our... 35 Years of Experience Expert Knowledge Tailor-made Solutions Excellent Quality Constructions Immediate Response Ongoing Support INOX STYLE – IOANNIS Th. KYRIAKOU LakkosKatsari, Aspropyrgos - Attica, P.C. 19 300 - Greece tel: (+30) 210 5595918 fax: (+30) 210 5596313 e-mail: