IT professions, something new? | presentation to EPFL IT students


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My presentation to EPFL tech students about new IT jobs. From my personal business experience to growth hacking, but "code as long as you can!" ... if you like it.

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  • [why engaged as employe] / opportunity / <= depends on biz cyclesSion: what I like > Dungeons & Dragons (1st program)Lausanne / experienced in something new > assistant EPFL (European project) ; CAD robotics in Fribourg /Zurich: stay in CAD, no more programming + 6 months in England [ok for Junior, EPFL] / Coordinator Europe-India ; IT strategy Energy (IP& e-mail) /Monthey: my desire for small company, new area (construction), broader (+ marketing) [EPFL, CAD, German, ready to stay]Bern: (stop CAD) NEW Internet, Web, Java, + telco/mobile, happy for product management, further with Internet/mobile, 2 caps (marketing/biz & tech) [EPFL, ABB, German] / technical project leader Kudelski (same job) + stay by Swisscom /Geneva: broader for Internet, more experience with consulting [experience in “new” (mobile, telco), ready for “not already done”]Vevey: I can do it alone, 2 years in Germany (not more money, but more time <=> family) / insourcing <= people saw me at work /Singapore: same as Vevey + operation , [old boss, experience in consulting, + always up-to-date (Internet, mobile, social media, deep web, API, EPFL=tech), PM>stategy] / insourcing /
  • IT professions, something new? | presentation to EPFL IT students

    1. 1. IT professions, something new? @NicolasSierro @galixo EPFL | Table Ronde Industrie sur "Les nouveaux métiers de l'IT" | 14.11.2013
    2. 2. • Discover a lot of things • Know what you like • Do what you like • Code SW • Use SW • Developer • CRM admin • SW product manager • BI manager •… • • • • DB specialist IT architect Project leader … IT professions, something new? @NicolasSierro Introduction (do you like to code?)
    3. 3. CAD teacher Engineering Programming CAD, robotics Mobile/Internet Product Manager Project leader Key Account Mgr Deputy head dev International Use SW (CAD) Training In project Engineering International Internet/mobile Project leader Product Manager Operation … as freelance Everything… except SW dev Marketing (CAD) play with code Digital, tech, mobile Product Manager COO & partner IT professions, something new? @NicolasSierro Ready for change? (my way)
    4. 4. • Language, framework ? Scala developer • Methodology (agile, unit<=> mobile test, quality) • Web, API, frontend • IT architect (&biz) • Project leader + you … in team • Teams in different location (offshore) • International • Operation (cloud) • CTO IT professions, something new? @NicolasSierro What our customers are looking for … (example of competences & experiences) • Developer (senior)
    5. 5. New IT job example: Growth Hacker marketing programming actions, realized with customized growth hacking SW development & operation, in short time (iteration) [automatize marketing manual tasks | AARRR] e.g. Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral • A/B test of your online campaigns & service (sites & apps) • link actions <=> specific monitoring in AARRR funnel’s steps • Give your referral customers free package(s) (dropbox) • Message competitor’s customers with link to website (airbnb) • Identify LinkedIn profiles as lead for your business & visit their pages, so that they visit yours & your brand/service • Expose newsletter recipient to your brand in social media • etc. IT professions, something new? @NicolasSierro Online marketing
    6. 6. Before your questions, my question… What is the difference between these 2 pictures? from Merci! @NicolasSierro