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History repeats itself


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In Russia the police and Putin are celebrating the memory of a notorious mass-murderer from the Lenin/Stalin era. This is not just an insult to the victims of stalinism. It is a sure sign of what will happen to everyone contradicting the Putinist government, be it in Russia or the countries it seeks to occupy in the coming years.

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History repeats itself

  1. 1. Two hypotheses, two facts and one BIG QUESTION
  2. 2. These are the Berlin police HQs
  3. 3. What if the Berlin police would erect here a bust of this man?
  4. 4. Reinhard Heydrich, national police chief, mass-murderer
  5. 5. X facts that people you care for are not aware off then Berlin’s present police chief would be fired within 8 hours
  6. 6. What if she would sign a decree to rename a special police division?
  7. 7. Then she would be arbeitslos within 24 hours. For ever.
  8. 8. These are the Moscow police HQs
  9. 9. And there is a bust replaced in 2005
  10. 10. It’s Felix Dzerzhinsky, national police chief, mass murderer
  11. 11. And here’s the man who signed in 2014 a decrete by which
  12. 12. these police troopers today form the F.P. Dzerzhinsky Division
  13. 13. “We represent in ourselves organised terror”
  14. 14. Europe represents in itself the values of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment
  15. 15. What can we do to make the people we care for realize what’s at stake?