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Genre research

  2. 2. WHAT IS INDIE POP? • Indie pop is a genre of alternative rock music that originated in the United Kingdom in the mid-1980s, with its roots in Scottish post-punk bands on the Postcard Records label in the early '80s and the dominant UK independent band of the mid-'80s,The Smiths. Indie pop was inspired by punk's DIY ethic and related beliefs, and it generated a thriving fanzine, label, and club and gig circuit. Indie pop differs from indie rock to the extent that it is pretty much angst free. • The term "indie" had been used for some time to describes artists on independent labels, such as Sun Records, King Records and Stax.
  3. 3. THE SMITHS • The Smiths were the band that started the genre of Indie Pop • The Smiths were an English band, formed in Manchester in 1982. Based on the song writing partnership of vocalist Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr, the band also included bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce.The Smiths are known as being the most important band to of emerged form the British independent music scene of the 1980’s • In February 1984, the group released their debut albumThe Smiths, which reached number two on the UKAlbums Chart. • Morrissey was inspired to wright some of his songs due to his love for English literature his lyrics were influenced by English poets such as Oscar Wilde and Johnny Marr. • He also had a love for NewYork Dolls and 60’s girl bands.
  4. 4. ORANGE JUICE • Orange Juice was a Scottish band founded in the middle class Glasgow suburb of Bearsden as the Nu-Sonics in 1976. Edwyn Collins formed the Nu-Sonics (named after a cheap brand of guitar) with his school-mate Alan Duncan and was subsequently joined by James Kirk and Steven Daly, who left a band calledThe Machetes.[3]The band became Orange Juice in 1979.They are best known for the hit "Rip It Up", which reached number 8 on the UK Singles Chart in February 1983. • Orange Juice's influence over indie music is so vast that it's hard to imagine how shocking they once seemed, not least to the audiences who reacted to singer Edwyn Collins's camp, sardonic delivery with chants of "Poofs! Poofs!".
  5. 5. INDIE IN READING  25-27August 1989 Reading had its first indie festival, Reading festival undertook a dramatic change of direction and shed its reputation as the home of muddy rock. Kicking off with a Friday night featuring the Sugarcubes, Spacemen 3 and headlined by New Order this brought a different set of people to Reading as bands including My Bloody Valentine, Jesus Jones and Loop showed the way forward. Stalwarts grumbled, but tickets sold out and rock never had the same hold over Reading again.
  6. 6. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN • Belle and Sebastian were nominated for the best British newcomer award at the 1999 Brits, few expected them to beat the likes of Steps and 5ive to the prize. But then few realised the power a diehard fan base could harness in the internet age. • Belle and Sebastian are an indie pop band formed in Glasgow in January 1996.They are often compared with acts such asThe Smiths, this again suggests that the Smiths were the beginning of indie pop.
  7. 7. THE LIBERTINES 2003 • Few who saw it thought the open invitation on an internet forum to see Britain's brightest indie hopes play a gig in the front room of their Bethnal Green flat was real. But the handful of believers who made it down to 112a Teesdale Street were treated to a night of Libertines magic.This event almost managed to bring down the wall between bands and fans forever.
  8. 8. ARCTIC MONKEYS • Arctic Monkeys were heralded as one of the first group of acts to come to the public attention via the Internet (fan-based sites rather than from the band), with commentators suggesting they represented the possibility of a change in the way in which new bands are promoted and marketed. • After forming in 2002 in the Sheffield suburb of High Green, then gigging around the city's sticky-carpeted pubs, and endorsing the swapping of their demos among friends and fans, something new tookArctic Monkeys' music further than they ever imagined: peer-to-peer filesharing.
  9. 9. INDIE GOES WORLD WIDE 2008 • Noughties blogs such as Dalston Oxfam Shop hinted at the possibilities available to indie bands if they embraced global sounds, but it took the release ofVampire Weekend's first album for a full-scale incorporation of "world" music to occur.These preppy NewYorkers looked to Africa – more specifically the sounds of Soweto – for inspiration.
  10. 10. VAMPIREWEEKEND • Formation and Rise • Members of the band met while matriculating at Columbia University in NewYork City, beginning with a rap collaboration between Koenig and Tomson.[1]They bonded over a shared love of punk rock and African music, and Koenig toured withThe Dirty Projectors during a period of experimentation with African music, inspiring the band to incorporate world sounds into their earliest work.
  11. 11. INSTRUMENTS (VOCALS) • Singing is the art of making musical sounds with the voice. • Famous vocalists from indie bands include… Morrissey Vocalist ofThe Smiths Stuart Murdoch Vocalist of Belle and Sebastian AlexTurner Vocalist of Arctic Monkeys
  12. 12. INSTRUMENTS (GUITARS)  The guitar is a musical instrument used by all indie pop bands, they are normally the source of the melody of a song and usually provides the distinguishing sound of a song Jamie Cook Lead Rhythm Guitar of Arctic Monkeys Ezra Koenig Lead Rhythm Guitar ofVampireWeekend Pete Doherty Lead Guitar of The Libertines
  13. 13. INSTRUMENTS (BASS)  The Bass Guitar is most commonly 4 strings but can go up to 6 or even 8 strings. It is played usually with the fingers or thumb by plucking or slapping. It accompanies the lead guitar with a “basseier sound”. Andy Rouke Bassist of The Smiths Nick o’malley Bassist of Arctic Monkeys Chris Baio Bassist of VampireWeekend