Choosing your first table tennis bats


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Table tennis bats, stiga bats, joola bats, xiom bats

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Choosing your first table tennis bats

  1. 1. Choosing Your First Table Tennis BatsIf this is your first time playing table tennis, thennothing can be more confusing than to find the besttable tennis bats that you can use to play this sportseriously. To make matters worse, there are lots ofbrands of table tennis bats that are available in yourlocal sporting goods store that it is difficult to findthe right that fits your needs.In fact, you have the option to buy Joola bats, Stigabats or Xiom bats. Although buying your first tabletennis bats can be challenging, there is a way for youto find the best bat that fits your needs if you knowthe things that you need to look for in one.When buying your first bat, don’t buy premade batsbecause you might get bats that have inferiorquality. In fact, it will help you if you have your batcustom-made to fit your needs. However, if yoursporting good store does not offer custom-madebats, it is important that you look at the blades of
  2. 2. the bats that you want to buy. Start with bats thathave all-around blades since you are still starting tobuild your table tennis skills.Also, bats with all-around blades are also easy tocontrol as they are neither too fast nor too slow. Thisallows you to develop your style and skill and bythen, you are ready to replace your old bat with anew one.Another thing to consider when it comes to buyingyour own bats is that you need to consider its handletype. Different bats like the Stiga bats, Xiom batsand Joola bats have different types of grips and it isimportant that you choose those that you arecomfortable with. The most common choicesinclude flared and straight handles so you should atleast grip the bats and see if you are comfortablewith it before buying.On the other hand, it is also very important tochoose the right rubber that fits your needs. If youare still a beginner, then opting for bats with smoothrubbers are your best option. As soon as you buildyour strength and skills, you can opt for the pimpled
  3. 3. rubbers which are more specialized than thesmoother ones.When it comes to choosing your first table tennisbats, it is important that you choose those that youare comfortable with. Moreover, it is also crucialthat you ask the opinion from the experts so thatyou will be able to find the best rubber thatcomplements your skill set.