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Ew a jnc

  1. 1. Engagement With AIESECBut WHY EwA?
  2. 2. Why EwA?• Brand visibility and outreach.• Engaging more young people.• Making AIESEC more accessible.• Drive ELD Programme.• Increase in HR capacity.
  3. 3. Nikita’s Funnel Concept Student Market # of people hearing about AIESEC Associate Membership Youth Empowerment # of people applying# of people rejected GCDP OGX GIP OGX TMP/TLP # of people selected
  4. 4. Engagement with AIESEC• An opportunity for a young person to get introduced and interact with AIESEC, without having joined or experienced one of AIESEC’s ELD programmes.• To engage more young people with AIESEC, our purpose and our values.
  5. 5. Engagement with AIESEC PrinciplesIndividuals become aware of and experience thefollowing in this phase:  The WHY, HOW and WHAT of AIESEC  AIESEC’s values  The value propositions of AIESEC’s value based platform  Participate in activities that facilitate learning as well as contribute to AIESEC
  6. 6. Engagement with AIESEC Things to rememberFocus on value for individuals and notorganizationsMaintain a careful balance of resources and focusbetween ELD programmes and EwA activities.Aim at introducing AIESEC to more young peopleFollow AIESEC’s brand experience guidelinesEwA activities should support your entity’sperformance, health and impact
  7. 7. Our target audiences• I’m a young person and... – I don’t know AIESEC – I don’t know AIESEC but I’m engaged with its essence through other organizations – I know AIESEC, I applied but I wasn’t selected. – I know AIESEC and I haven’t applied because…
  8. 8. Young people in Engagement with AIESEC Contribute to AIESEC– Levels of engagement • Involvement – Condition of being involved with or participating in something • Interaction - Reciprocal action • Intimacy - Close familiarity or friendship; closeness • Influence - The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or somethingBecome a promoter of AIESEC
  9. 9. Young people in Engagement with AIESECLearn from AIESEC– Global learning environmentUnderstand the value of an integratedexperience to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have positive impact on society.
  10. 10. What are the Themes andDrivers/Multipliers of EwA?
  11. 11. Multipliers Themes
  12. 12. Themes Opportunity for a young person to develop skills and mindsets by living a practical experience related to AIESEC activities. AssociateMembership Activities under this are connected to AIESEC on a periodical basis
  13. 13. Themes Opportunity for a young person to connect and learn around management, leadership and global issues Spaces to enable cross Youth cultural understanding andEmpowerment positive impact Could be a one time interaction through the elements of the Learning Environment
  14. 14. Multipliers Enhances the reach and impact of an Engagement activity towards a massive amount of young people YouthAlliances Collaborating with for- youth or by-youth networks
  15. 15. Multipliers Enhances the reach and impact of an Engagement activity towards a massive amount of young people Contentdriven virtual spaces Content based applications or platforms
  16. 16. How can we implement EwAsuccessfully in AIESEC India? Large- Pilot scale Prototype delivery Concept creation
  17. 17. What kind of activities will you need to perform during Piloting? Customer and interaction management Reporting
  18. 18. How do you prepare your LC to pilot?• Education and training of participating members:• Resource management (HR, financial, time):• Structure and co-work: TM and Marketing( Knowing how to drive ELD through EwA )• Internal communication: there needs to be a clear and exact expectation setting on what are you testing through the pilot and what is the decision-making process based on your learnings during the pilot• Behavior: You need to understand the key behaviors you are driving down through EwA - Collaboration, Impact, making AIESEC accessible etc.
  19. 19. REMEMBER: Every Associate Member must gothrough the AIESEC Global Learning Environment Learning Conferences and Circles Virtual Spaces Seminars Individual Team discovery Experiences Mentoring
  20. 20. Associate Membership• Collaboration with other organizations for the delivery of other phases• AIESEC College/university ambassadors to enable expansions• Support for project delivery• Trainee Buddy• The volunteer program• Youth forums with concrete outcomes
  21. 21. Youth Empowerment:• Interactive Online platform• AIESEC – The Leadership Consultancy• AIESEC Conversations• Engagement through ways of being the “youth” at external events.• Virtual Global Village.• External LEAD Session.• Social Media Brand and Influence