September 2013 Plan


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A quick slideshow highlighting points of discussion for marketing new social app due to launch Sept 2013.

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September 2013 Plan

  1. 1. { Meeple September 2013 Marketing Plan
  2. 2. What we have. Okay, lets start with…
  3. 3. We have: - 355 email addresses - An innovative social app with lots of potential nearing launch - A website (landing page) - Facebook and Twitter accounts - $8,000 budget for 1st month of marketing
  4. 4. Now lets talk about… What we need.
  5. 5. We need: 1. A Final Decision Are we keeping Meeple, or switching to FourPlay?
  6. 6. What we need… (cont.) 2. Finalized Brand/Marketing Materials Copy, photos, intro ads, banners, postcards/business cards, and slogans all approved and ammended to branding guidelines. When we launch we want consistency… If we don’t know who we are, neither will anyone else. (IMAGE=IDENTITY)
  7. 7. 3. Acquire MORE email addresses. More users. More PEOPLE. What we need… (cont.) -Everyone loves a deal. Introduce share and save incentives via multiple channels -Hire Postcard Canvassers. Personable, attractive Brand Representatives out in the field, engaging the public, sharing the fun and the savings all the while collecting email addresses.
  8. 8. 4. Blog/Press Coverage. It’s all about the HYPE! What we need… (cont.) -Reach out to 7x7, the SF Chronicle, & the Guardian for segments, interviews and exposes on what’s happening -Open an Instagram, feature user experience pics, special offers for follows, ads for venues, event photos etc. -Keep users updated on Facebook and twitter, revamp pages as necessary.
  9. 9. 5. Nothing generates hype like a PARTY! What we need… (cont.) -Throw a Press Party w/ one of our Partnered Restaurants as the “Host of the month”. Invite everyone… Bloggers, press, store owners and users. -Have a hired photographer to document the event, capture the magic and let others know what they missed. -Have a frontman. Someone who can engage the guests and explain/promote what we do with enthusiasm. -Keep it fun. Emphasize social perks > economical perks. Our people value people, an emotional approach is more moving than a financial one.
  10. 10. 6. YouTube Account and Video What we need… (cont.) - A fun, simple 30 second video teaser has massive potential for brand exposure worldwide. - Teaser video should invoke curiosity about our brand. - Keep it simple. Dialogue free, a script is not necessary. Imagery of cool people having a blast, accompanied by an appropriate musical track and a fade out to our logo. Done deal. (If you satisfy all their questions immediately, there’s no incentive to explore further.) Keep them wanting more.
  11. 11. 7. Take Advantage of the Holidays… -Holidays are premier opportunities to attract new users, and engage existing ones. -People already have the day off; give them something to do. -People are already planning on spending. Divert some of the cash flow our way. Schedule and advertise major promotions ahead of time to maximize ROI. -For September, Labor Day, International day of Peace and the First day off Fall are all great opportunities to schedule events/promotions. What we need… (cont.)
  12. 12. Now that we have established our needs… Here’s the Gameplan.
  13. 13. Labor Day I N S T A D E A L Street team engaging public, dispensing flyers, collecting emails Press Party International Day of Peace First Day of Fall FALL DEAL YouTube Teaser Release Street team engaging public, dispensin g flyers, collecting emails Street team engaging public, dispensing flyers, collecting emails Street team engaging public, dispensing flyers, collecting emails *Instadeal is our Instagram offer every hump day (wednesdays) the Gameplan Street team engaging public, dispensing flyers, collecting emails
  14. 14. Budget Sheet - 4 Person Street Team (brand reps): @$20/hr, 4 hrs/day, 5 days = $1600 - T-shirts for street team: @$6/shirt, 4 shirts = $24, 100 shirts…... = $600* - Printing Marketing Materials (intro flyers/postcards): per 5000 prints, maximum quote…………………………………………………....= $800 - Press Party: Food & Drink maximum spend ………………….. = $2000 - DJ and Photographer (for press party): $200 each…………….. = $400 - YouTube Video Teaser (30 sec): Maximum investment…………. $2000 Total: $7400 Misc. Reserve: $600 *only if we decide to stockpile for future use Here is our…
  15. 15. Summary of plan 1. Final name decision. 2. Final Draft of marketing materials, including copy, banners color scheme etc. (amend to Branding Guidelines) 3. Grow email list (weekend street teams engaging public) 4. Get Press Coverage 5. Throw a PARTY 6. Make a Teaser video 7. Capitalize on Holidays Just to recap…
  16. 16. Thank you for reviewing, I look forward to discussing soon!