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Battery Ignition System


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Mechanically timed Battery Ignition System

Published in: Automotive
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Battery Ignition System

  2. 2. Index Objective Construction Working Advantages Disadvantages Applications Conclusion
  3. 3. Objectives To understand the construction and working of a battery ignition system. To locate and identify parts of a battery ignition system. To know the application, merits and demerits of a battery ignition system.
  4. 4. Construction It consists of the following parts: Battery(Lead Acid type)  Stores the Electrical Energy.  Charges using the Dynamo driven by the engine
  5. 5. Ignition switch  Helps in turning the system ON or OFF
  6. 6. Ballast Resistor  Under prolonged conditions it helps to maintain the temperature of Ignition Coil
  7. 7. Ignition coil  Steps up the Low Voltage to High Voltage to induce an electric spark in the spark plug.
  8. 8. Contact breaker  Making and breaking the primary circuit.
  9. 9. Capacitor  Prevents the burning and possible welding of metal points.
  10. 10. Distributor  Distributes the Ignition surge to individual spark plugs.
  11. 11. Spark plug  Creates the spark due to ionisation of gap
  12. 12. Working Ignition switch is turned on, the current starts flowing through primary circuit. This current sets up a magnetic field around the soft iron core of the ignition coil.  When the breaker points opens, the current which was flowing through the contact breaker starts flowing through the condenser As the condenser charges, the primary current falls and the magnetic field collapses. This change in the magnetic field induces a current in the primary winding which flows in the same direction as the primary current and changes the condenser to a voltage much higher than battery voltage thus stooping the current flow from the battery.
  13. 13. Due to this, the condenser then discharges into the battery, thus reversing the direction of both primary current and magnetic field. This rapid collapse and reversal of the magnetic field induces a very high voltage in the secondary winding of the ignition coil.  This high voltage is then carried through the high tension wires to the distributor rotor, where it passes through one of the ignition harnesses into the spark plug and produces a spark. CONTINUED..
  14. 14. Advantages  Moving parts are absent-so no maintenance.  Contact breaker points are absent-so no arcing.  Spark plug life increases by 50% and they can be used for about 60000 km without any problem.  Better combustion in combustion chamber, about 90-95% of air fuel mixture is burnt compared with 70-75% with conventional ignition system.  More power output.  More fuel efficiency
  15. 15. Disadvantages  Because of arcing, pitting of contact breaker point and which will lead to regular maintenance problems.  Poor starting: After few thousands of kilometres of running, the timing becomes inaccurate, which results into poor starting (Starting trouble).  At very high engine speed, performance is poor because of inertia effects of the moving parts in the system  Sometimes it is not possible to produce spark properly in fouled spark Ignition Systems plugs.
  16. 16. Application  It is used in all S.I. engines used in modern vehicles.  It is used in engines in industries which requires sparking for combustion.
  17. 17. Conclusion Ignition system is very important component of a vehicle. It harnesses the energy of collapsing magnetic field. Condenser is used to create voltage much higher tan the battery voltage.
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