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  1. 1. Nikhil Lazarus Studies at Florida, Miami  Resides in Pune, Maharashtra 411006  Phone: (+91) 9823302511 or (+1) 7869306573  E-Mail: Education University of Miami – School of Business Coral Gables, FL Expected Graduation: May 2018  Bachelor of Arts (BBA), Majors: Management  SAT: 1950  Relevant coursework: F.I.R.S.T Step (Business 101), Business Law, Business 150 (Excel), Marketing 201, Calculus for Business Students (MAS 110), Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting Work Experience June 2012  Summer internship - Architecture Pune, India  Visited and understood the needs and visions of the employees for my father’s new office  Constructed a blueprint of a new plan for the office, paralleled to desires of the employees  Further aided in formulating a plan focused on the interior architecture  Summer internship at Voixtek – Writing Pune, India  Authored key documents for the Voixtek website and app  Aided in the design of the website and app  Edited all existing information  Summer internship at Unique Logistics India Pune, India  Edited the design and content of the website  Focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase web traffic  Summer and winter internship for author Timothy Wallis Miami, Florida  Completed comprehensive market research  Analyzed potential markets through various interviews  Leadership Experience Model United Nations Hague, Netherlands January 2013  Elected as the Ambassador delegate  Researched and gave speeches relating to the adopted country’s perspective  Taught and supervised younger and novice persons on core essentials to debating
  2. 2. 2 Global Youth Leadership’s Conference New York and Washington D.C, USA June 2013  Chosen from school to attend leadership workshops and conferences in New York and Washington D.C President of Fitness and Environmental Club Pune, India June 2012 – June 2013  Supervised, coached and created plans and routines for younger individuals on body weight exercises for beginners.  Lead small groups to teach, educated and spread awareness on the impact of industrialization on the environment. Skills, Activities, Interests Skills:  Proficient at Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint; also adept at keynote, numbers and pages (for mac) Activities:  Boxing, swimming, soccer, running, stock market investments research Interests:  Leisure:  Reading, soccer, swimming, sprinting, fitness, travel and cultural immersion and adaptation.  Academics:  Business law, accounting, nutrition, architecture, stock market and real estate