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Hot and New: ADM & Testing Services


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“In the past, the choice was between cost savings and transformation. Now you have to do both; it is a model of continuous improvement re-
engineering never stops.”

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Hot and New: ADM & Testing Services

  1. 1. “WFM Has Changed to a Know- Why Governments Are Android Accelerates Mobile ledge-based Function” Pg 8 Treading Slow Pg 10 Application Development Pg September 2011 The gateway to the global sourcing of IT and BPO services Hot and New: ADM & Testing Services
  2. 2. Software Paradise, 后Hangzhou Sourcing Demonstration City of Chinasourcing Hangzhou Hangzhou was defined as the “China Service Outsourcing Demonstration City” in February 2009. Hangzhou is also the one of eleven software industry base cities in mainland China. It has currently formed the several industries including telecommunication, software, integrated circuit, digital TV, animation games and E-commerce.The revenue of software business in Hangzhou was achieved at 47 billion RMB in 2009, the software export revenue reached at 460million USD. There were total 112 enterprises passed CMMCMI, ISO27001 certification. There were 20 IT software enterpriseshave list on public market, two companies ranked at Top 10 of self-brand software products, total 15 enterprises have list at the key software enterprises name list of the national strategic planning. In order to accelerate the development of outsourcing industry, Hangzhou Municipal Government set up the leading team to draw up the development plan, issue the supporting policy to make the rapid development of outsourcing industry in Hangzhou. The total delivered amount of offshore outsourcing business reached at 919mllion US Dollars, risen to 352% compared to the same period of last year (2008).Hangzhou government has put more focus on the financial service outsourcing that is considered as the medium and high end outsourcing industry, Hangzhou now is creating to become the financial delivery center. International Financial Outsourcing Center Promotion & Undertaker: Great-Idea International Outsourcing Consulting Center
  3. 3. Hangzhou, China A City of Financial Delivery Center To Combine the Global Resources and Facilitate theIntegration & Upgrade of the Global Service Capability Please Attention October Trip in Hangzhou China Sourcing Summit & Delegation to China Sponsors: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China Host City : Hangzhou People’s Government Official Promotion: Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau International Financial Outsourcing Center Contact: Tel-8610 85863613 Fax-8610 59081093
  4. 4. Global ServiceS A CYBERMEDIA PuBlICAtIonAn integrated media platform which connects thevarious constituents of the global technology and Pradeep Gupta business processing services industry ecosystem. Chairman & Managing Director Cyber Media (India) Ltd. E. Abraham MathewDirectory of ServiceS PresidentNewSletter Ed nairA regular digest of key industry happenings. Editor MaGaziNe Satish GuptaThe fortnightly digital magazine features research Associate Vice Presidentreports, articles and experts’ views. Available on Smriti Sharma Smita VasudevanGlobal Services’ web-based seminars aim to useful information related to outsourcingindustry in the form of presentations and discus- Sourabh Chandra Pushpsions by industry specialists. niketa ChauhanreSearch deliver indepth analysis and research reports Gary Bindraon sourcing subjects. Global Services Cyber Media (India) Ltd.Online resource center designed to provide CyberHouse, B- 35, Sector 32focused content on special subjects to the out- Gurgaon-122001, Indiasourcing community. Tel: +911 24 4822222 Fax: +911 24 2380694eveNtS Contact:From multi-day, high-level, resort conferences to breakfast discussions we offer a numberof opportunities that connects the outsourcing Disclaimercommunity. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without prior written permission from the publisher.cUStoM ProGraMCustomized services rendered through different letterS to the eDitormedia platforms. Send letters to, or to any of our writers. We reserve the right to editoSoUrce booK all letters. Postings submitted to our blogs andA directory of global outsourcing service providers. letters to the editor may be published in digital magazine or Website.
  5. 5. April 2011 features 15 HOT ANDSErVICES & [COVEr STOry] NEW: ADM TESTING by Sourabh Chandra Pushp Trends in Software Development and the rise of Testing 22 ANDrOID ACCELErATES MOBILE [SPECIAL rEPOrT] APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT by Sourabh Chandra Pushp The unprecedented growth in the user base of Android-based devices and the demand for mobile applications is fueling a huge demand for development using all methods of sourcing- outsourcing, crowdsourc- ing, and buying readymade apps.8 WOrkFOrCE MANAGEMENT xperts 29 ENTErPrISE MOBILITy – FACTS HAS NOW CHANGED TO A MOrE kNOWLEDGE-BASED AND MyTHS!!! FuNCTION” by Hari Haran, President, Persistent Systems, Smriti Sharma 32 THE FuTurE OF SOFTWArEOver the years, WFM has found its way into business process-ing, because when WFM is applied over an optimized process,the overall economics is far superior. Service providers have DEVELOPMENTtherefore been using WFM as another tool in their arsenal to by Kumar Parakala, KPMG 35 THE CHANGING FACE OF INoptimize overall process management.10 CLOuD COMPuTING:TrEADING GOVErNMENTS ArE WHy CuSTOMEr SATISFACTION OFFSHOrED IT SOLuTIONS SLOW by Lalit Dhingra, President NIIT Technologies, Inc.,by Smita Vasudevan North America 32 A CEASE FIrE WAr FuNCTIONCloud adoption for e-governance has been slow. Even as gov-ernments acknowledge that cloud is the way to go, there are IN THEmany challenges that need to be addressed. What’s the way out? POINT HOLy By Nigel Hughes, Global Services Director, Compass Management Consulting GlobAl ServiCeS DiGiTAl MAGAzine Forthcoming Specials: n vox artiS on infraStructure management n DeStinationS comPenDium
  6. 6. Editor’s NotE Directions for Indian BPO t he Nasscom BPO Summit was a good occasion to get a sense of where the Indian heritage companies are headed. Multiple flavors ruled these conversations depending on which group you talked to and what they were looking out for. The large ones were interested in high growth strategies; the mid-tier companies were either looking for opportunities in commod- ity areas with temporally high demand or evaluating niches that require specialized expertise; and the legions of small BPO shops were there wide- eyed trying to make sense of what BPO is all about. Altogether, it was an interesting set of viewpoints. More importantly, most of these ideas were very much grounded in reality; unlike the prover- bial ‘shifting the paradigm’, ‘going higher up on the value chain’, and kind of talks. Here are a few of them: A leading client said- “Don’t treat kPO or knowledge-related BPO like IT in terms of costs. The competitive edge here will come from value and Ed Nair insights. It is not about lift-and-shift, but it is about combining expertise between the client and the service provider. This mindset is yet to evolve.” Editor • A leading service provider said- “In the past, the choice was between cost savings and transformation. Now you have to do both, it is a model of continuous improvement- re-engineering never stops. Don’t blackbox your processes; you need to see it.” “In the past, the • The idea of shoring has gotten silly. This place is good for that and so choice was between and so— don’t be guided by that. This is a people’s business, so go where you have the people. cost savings and • Don’t compare yourselves with IT services companies; their pressure is transformation. budgets and ours is business model. Now you have to • The biggest mistake is to club BPO companies with IT outsourcing do both; it is a companies. The runway for BPO is much longer; size of the BPOmodel of continuous market is close to $280 B, growing at CAGr is 20% and the size of IT market is $150 B, growing at CAGr of 7%. improvement- • Over time, supply markets become demand markets and demand mar-re-engineering never kets become supply markets. stops.” • Indian BPO had it good till now. Now is the time to ‘scale up the algorithm’. • BPO service providers need to be able to do three things continuously: manage cost pressures and lower costs; invest in training, skills, and platform; and deliver increases in business value to clients. Overall, my sense is that most of the Indian BPO companies realize that cost arbitrage, FTE-based models, and transaction volumes no longer determine success. Although the domestic Indian BPO market is a totally different story, Indian BPO vendors do seem to understand what is needed to lead the global market. Enjoy the summer !!! GS
  7. 7. YOUR STRATEGICTECHNOLOGYPARTNERBuilding solutions forFinance, Telecom, IT,Automotive and Energysectors 4500+ best in class engineers 18 offices in 11 countries Track record of building highly complex solutions Expertise in business and technology domains Focus on innovation and R&D Best-in-class processes CONTACT US: MICHAEL MINKEVICH ROMAN TRAKHTENBERG VP Technology Services Managing Director, Luxoft USA E-mail: E-mail: Tel: +7 (495) 967-8030 x4427 Tel: +1 (212) 964 9900x Mobile: +7 (495) 364-9137 Mobile: +1 (917) 930-205
  8. 8. WFM Outsourcing“Workforce ManagementHas Now Changed to a MoreKnowledge-based Function”the simple definition of Workforce Management (WFM) involvesassigning the right employees with the right skills to the right jobat the right time. in effect, it is also about optimizing the workforcerather than mere allocation of resources. over the years, WFM hasfound its way into business processing, because when WFM is appliedover an optimized process, the overall economics is far superior.service providers have therefore been using WFM as another tool intheir arsenal to optimize overall process management. Smriti Sharma, Sr. Correspondent, Global Services, interviewed Sanjiv Kapur, global head-BPO & CIS, iGATE Patni, to find out how the company used WFM to optimize its contact center management business. Excerpts from the conversation:GS: What’s the primary driver for WFM outsourcing? expertise and leverage experts in cost effective and efficientSk: The current market scenario - cost pressures, increased call centre operational management. Outsourcing in thiscompetition, rapid industry change and the virtual nature area has been increasing in both large- and mid-sized com-of the workplace, mixed with traditional constraints - panies, but there is accelerated growth in the mid-sized salaries account- market for WFM optimization. ing for 70% or more of the cost GS: How has WFM evolved over time? of running a call Sk: WFM process outsourcing started as simply a BPO centre, are both function. It has now changed to a more knowledge-based factors that have function, which requires a partnership between vendor been understood and client that enables the vendor to seek and implement by organizations process improvements to a mutually beneficial outcome. in their search Companies that gain the most out of outsourcing establish for improved a knowledge based partnership with vendors, working resource utiliza- together to fully assess the operations and implement the tion. best solution for the company. WFM out- sourcing has Financial services companies have been expanding allowed com- WFM practices and benefits to all parts of their organi- panies to focus zation, extending past the contact centre. Improving Sanjiv Kapur on their core resource utilization has become a value to front-, mid- and8 Globalservices september 2011
  9. 9. WFM Outsourcingback-office areas, especially focusing on the typically exten- GS: Going forward, how do you see WFM evolving?sive branch network. WFM process outsourcers have to be Sk: We see there is increase in demand for leveragingable to support WFM efforts in non-traditional centres, more sophisticated analytics to drive forecasting accuracy,such as a bank branch, and have to be able to support operational performance by using different analyticalemerging technologies including video, social networking models based on speech analytics, market analytics, busi-and other off phone work activities. ness analytics and employee behaviour analysis (attrition trends, shrinkage, home-based reps, etc.) to drive effi-GS: What are the different models/ methods of imple- ciency and optimization at the enterprise level. Customersmenting being employed? with contact centre business typically rely on WFM toolsSk:WFM is a collaboration of science and art. If it is well- for historical or trend based forecasting. These forecast-balanced with process and if it is implemented well based ing models are based on both empirical and stochasticon customer needs, it could reap multifaceted benefits the organization. Customer organizations can acquireWFM capabilities by outsourcing work in multiple ways: GS: What are the challenges faced when you use WFM? Sk: The challenges faced are similar to that of any processa. Consulting services: where customer onboard the con- outsourcing engagement; WFM adds an additional layer sultant to review and improve the existing processes or of complexity to it. The challenges are: creates them afresh. The same is later supported by the in-house WFM team 1. Identifying contract terms that are mutually beneficialb. Selective process outsourcing: where most of the WFM for both the client and the service provider. functions are outsourced and a limited work left in 2. Identifying key metrics to measure vendor performance house with the customer 3. Audit / governance mechanism to validate the processc. End to End outsourcing- where all the WFM processes being implemented by the service provider and functions are outsourced to the vendor in entirety 4. Maintaining the status quo is not acceptable to the and performed at chosen location. customers, it is now necessary to showcase continuous Our market strategy has moved away from outcome- improvements to the processbased pricing, FTE and volume based transaction model 5. Customer expectation of phase of the outsourcingto a revenue/ risk sharing or pay per transaction model. model needs to be appropriately set at the beginningThese models really ensure that we are aligned to resolve of the engagement. Typical outsourcing models movecustomer challenges and provide empowerment to deliver through the phases of transition, stabilize, steady andcontinuous process improvement. matured. GS9 Globalservices september 2011
  10. 10. Infratructure Oursourcing Cloud Computing: Why Governments Are treading slowCloud adoption for e-governance has been slow. Even as governmentsacknowledge that cloud is the way to go, there are many challengesthat need to be addressed. What’s the way out?Smita Vasudevant he cloud is the biggest wave of change to hit can help increase cloud adoption in a big way and when the tech industry. When businesses world over will other countries follow suit. are expecting huge benefits through cloud adoption, there are no reasons as to why the Adoption Picks Upgovernments should lag behind. The broad picture is that Cloud is now more of a reality than just hype and isexperts suggest that the public sector is gradually becoming changing the way enterprises are doing business. This isaware of the promises of the cloud and adoption rates are surely acting as an eye opener for most government agen-also going up. Strategies are being rolled out worldwide, cies that are looking to revive and transform their serviceinvestments are being planned for cloud computing, but delivery capabilities. There is more interest for the cloudmost things are still on an evaluation stage. now and adoption is going up, but there is a clear differ- According to the AMD 2011 Global Cloud Computing ence in the way different countries are approaching theAdoption, Attitudes and Approaches Study, around 37 per cloud.cent of global businesses have deployed the cloud models Taking a quick look across various geographies, uS andin some way, whereas only around one-fourth of the pub- uk seems to be reasonably ahead in their cloud adoptionlic enterprises are on the cloud. Interestingly, a very large strategies. The uS Federal Budget 2011 puts a strongpercentage is evaluating and investigating its benefits and focus on cloud as a strategy to drive down costs and bringimplications. efficiencies. According to the Federal Cloud Computing As concerns and hype surrounds the cloud, there is a Strategy (2011), an estimated $ 20 B can be moved to theclear need to cut through the myths and encourage adop- cloud out of the $ 80 B uS IT spending.tion. There have been talks on how the uS government ClouD ADoPtIon BY uS FEDERAl the road So far GoVERnMEnt By 2014, over $ 1Bn of the federal IT budget would be devoted to the cloud. By moving to a cloud service, General Services Administration (GSA) now pays an annual total of $650,000 for and all associated costs which is a cost savings of 72 per cent. The migra- tion to the cloud is estimated to help Washington D.C. city government save 48 per cent on mail expenditures and the City of Los Angeles 23.6 per cent. Source: KPMG report ‘The Cloud Changing the business ecosystem’ kPMG’s The Cloud Changing the Business EcosystemSource: lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance survey 2011 report, states that the united kingdom is also not far10 Globalservices september 2011
  11. 11. Releasing 30 Sept. 2011 Publishing Formats: PubliShing FoRmatS: l digital Magazine l l PdF edition l l Web edition (dedicated microsite) Web edition (dedicated microsite) l Webinars l Webinars Distribution: Distribution: 116,972 opt-in subscribers, site visitors, various social 116,972 opt-in subscribers, site visitors, various social media media OpportunitiesRESEARCH (For countries, associations,l Top 100 cities based on Global City Competitiveness Report providers, iPa’s, others)l Key Outsourcing Services from various citiesl Current & future attractiveness advertising Packagel Eastablished, emerging and nacent locationsl Recomendations on location strategy and evaluation Sponsorship PackageREGIONAL DYNAMICSClose look at the changing dynamics of 5 regions - North Country-in-Focus FeatureAmerica, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Asia, Europe Webinar SponsorshipEXPERT CONTRIBUTIONSOver 15 leading global sourcing experts will contribute theirleading edge thoughts on the dynamics of outsourcingdestinations. book Your Space now!CITY PROFILESA profile of 25+ global outsourcing cities For more information and sponsorship opportunities Contact Niketa at
  12. 12. Infratructure Oursourcingbehind in deploying a cloud adoption strategy. The British It is thus highly justified that more number ofgovernment is building a Government cloud application government organizations are turning to the which is expected to be the only channel for IT serv- A recent example of this is The state of Florida mov-ices procurement in the British government. ing to a state-wide private cloud email solution offered Government organizations across the Asia pacific too by ACS, to dealare swiftly finding their way to the cloud. Increasing need with operationalfor Cost savings and flexibility in IT infrastructure are inefficienciesmajor reasons for the shift. As the thrust is more on secu- and duplicationrity and the location of data centers, the APAC shows more across agencies.preference for hybrid and private clouds. Commenting on what theWhat is Driving the Change? move holds for Moving to the cloud is an inevitable change today the state, Chuckand it is obvious that governments too are realizing this. Cliburn, SeniorAs most of these agencies remain in the mid of budget Vice President,constraints, the need to drive down cost is significant. ACS, says, “TheThus cost saving is the primary driver for cloud adop- shift will increasetion in the government space. What else is driving the productivitychange? Operational efficiency and standardization are and collaborateother areas that are critical for government. There is efforts betweena high need for transparency and better interactions agencies.”within communities to ensure that services are deliveredeffectively. The IT infrastructure needs for governments Hurdles to Crossare massive, and the fast changing demands call for a Even as the cloud is gaining popularity in the govern-high degree of flexibility and scalability. Cloud comput- ment space and adoption plans are in the pipeline, realing allows efficiency, standardization of procedures and implementation remains slow. There are numerous factorsimproved flexibility. It helps in streamlining services responsible for this. Security concerns are more promi-and avoiding duplication, and offers all round efficien- nent in the case of governments and CIOs lack trust incies that can drive down costs significantly. Technology the cloud models. Coupled with that is the fear of losinginnovation is another benefit that cloud can offer to control over the IT infrastructure and data. The AMDgovernments. report states that 36 percent of global public sector is still investigating cloud solutions. Lack of IT skills and exper- ACS oFFERS PRIVAtE ClouD EMAIl tise to handle cloud implementation is also a big hurdle SolutIon to tHE StAtE oF FloRIDA that is coming in the way of adoption. Another important factor to consider is that cloud models work on pay-per- Here are the excerpts from an interaction with use, on-demand basis, while IT budgeting is done much in Chuck Cliburn, ACS: advance. So it becomes difficult to predict demand while The Problem: Over 30 separate email systems for using cloud models. the State Government of Florida resulting in opera- What’s the way out? The Frost & Sullivan report sug- tional inefficiency and duplication across agencies. gests that there is a need for international legal and govern- The Solution: A single, unified email platform to be ance frameworks on cloud computing. It is also essential implemented and operated by ACS, A Xerox Company. for policy makers to strike the right regulatory balance in The new system will be based on Microsoft Exchange ensuring flexibility, regulatory compliance and jurisdiction 2010. Archiving and E-discovery will be based on issues. Symantec products. Help desk services will be provided To capitalize on the cloud opportunity, governments by ACS as part of the contract. The operational model is need to have increased awareness and trust on how it private-cloud solution operated within Florida. works in reality. Service providers need to bust the myths The Estimated Benefits: The anticipated benefits and communicate clearly what the cloud solutions can include a common email directory, share calendars offer and ensure that security issues are handled effectively. across agencies, improved archiving and discovery, Building confidence is likely to act as a major catalyst for improved security, improved disaster recovery and government cloud adoption in the long run and wake this improved help desk services. sector up to the promises of the cloud. GS12 Globalservices september 2011
  13. 13. CASE STUDIESthe Power of Customer Advocacy Global Services features a rich repository of case studies from wide range of industries involving various technologies. A program with an integrated approach of promoting your case study to the largest community of outsourcing professionals through multiple delivery platforms and formats. enter Dont miss this opportunity! Book your Case Study now! Contact Niketa at
  14. 14. Hot and New: ADM & Testing Services“The 2011 survey results are very encouraging andhighly favorable for an active software developmentmarket, as well as the expectation of an improvingbusiness environment,” —Mary Brandon, VP of Marketing, SoftServe, Inc.
  15. 15. Cover Story trends in software development and the rise of testingYou need to continue maintainingthe army of programmers; they arethe ones who ‘create’ software andapplications. Even as software devel-opment services continue to thriveamidst changing technology environ-ments and methodologies, the curve forthe growth of software testing as anindependent service is steep.Sourabh Chandra Pushpl ook at software development at the most basic indicated their software development budgets would increase level. It is part engineering and part workman- in 2011; with nearly half indicating their budget is likely to ship. The end objective is to engineer quality grow greater than 10% as compared to last year. Only 5.2% code; the engineering part focuses on process believed their 2011 budget would decrease by 10% or moreand efficiency and the quality part stresses innovation. as compared to 2010.Grady Booch, chief scientist at rational Software Corp.,says- “Software development is fundamentally hard. And Software Development- Outsourcingbeing a human process, we have to consider what are the The survey indicates early-market activity in SaaS/Cloudthings that eat away at our ability to focus on delivering and mobile applications. The majority of respondents indi-good software. That might be project start-up costs, collab- cated business case planning, solution architecture, andoration costs, stakeholder collaboration, technology churn implementation as their greatest challenges and area that... and the activities of a code warrior that have nothing to need external with quality code.” “The 2011 survey results are very encouraging and highly As an activity, software development will outlast the favorable for an active software development market, as welltechnology industry. Therefore, the market for software as the expectation of an improving business environment,”development will persist, despite economic ups and downs. said Mary Brandon, VP of Marketing, SoftServe, Inc.During period of economic busts, software development will research carried by Horses for Sources research (State ofget postponed, but it will return with a throttle effect when Outsourcing 2011 Study ) predicts 95% of buyers reportingthe economy recovers. positive outcomes. It also reveals that in-house delivery of IT A recent ExecutiveBrief 2011 Software Development application, maintenance and processes are still dominant inTrends Survey indicates continued market stability and con- 2010-2011. Application Development outsourcing saw 38%firms the respondents` increasing optimism on the imme- in-house activity together with 31% outsourced activity asdiate future: Seventy-nine percent (79%) of respondents sourcing model for managing the IT business. Companies16 Globalservices september 2011
  16. 16. Trends in Software Development and the Rise of Testingare placing a renewed focus on aftermarket services, as well behind the technical requirements, build trust, organizeas maintenance, repair and overhaul services as a source for communications, continuously optimize the process, tailor itnew revenue streams. Servicing existing products is taking on to the specific needs”.a greater importance. Clients who outsource software to outside providers are Software Development Todayexpecting nothing less than great quality, as the IT devel- Virtualization, cloud computing, dynamic languages,opment outsourcing scene matures. After about a decade Javascript browser integration, rIA frameworks, openID,of growth, it is time for superior customer service, reliable and life after EJB are all common features of today’s softwareorganization, modern management and, most important of development landscape.all, top-notch solutions. Nearshoring, farmshoring, cloud- Agile methods are a good thing because they addressshoring: These fancy concepts that mean, respectively, out- the social dynamics of small teams, for which the rationalsourcing to a nearby country, outsourcing to a rural area and unified Method is silent. But it’s also good to have an inter-migrating software development to a cloud have one thing play between the two, because there are a lot of things thatin common – they are evidence for willingness of clients to the rational unified process deals with but for which theseek new IT development outsourcing models. In the new agile methods are silent. So we have some learning to do onyear, more contracts are likely to flow to emerging software both sides. There is a growing demand for applications inoutsourcing destinations, like Brazil, russia and Eastern mobile and cloud areas, and rich multimedia delivery andEurope. As these areas attract investment due to their acceler- storage solutions.ating potential, more Western companies will want to create According to, Genefa Murphy, H-P, ”Two obvious trendsa foothold there. are cloud computing and mobile access. They are comple- According to Andrei Pronin, GM-Auriga- “The buy- mentary. As the number of people and devices on the neters better understand the importance of non-technological increases, our ability to shape traffic on the demand side getsfactors. The providers’ capabilities to see the business needs worse. Spikes in demand will happen faster and reach higher17 Globalservices september 2011
  17. 17. Trends in Software Development and the Rise of Testinglevels over time. Mobile devices exacerbate the demand side Software Testingproblems by greatly increasing both the number of people Software testing has always been an important phase inon the net and the fraction of their time they are able to software development life cycle. Quality cannot be compro-access it.” mised, and this realization has led to a lot of focus on quality assurance space and testing as a discipline got matured inOther prominent future trends are: the last 5 years. A decade ago testing was meant to catch Enterprise App Stores defects but today testing- Enterprise will demand has matured to preventthe kind of apps they defects. There has been afind on their smartphone lot of innovation in thisand tablets. Gone will space and several tools,be monolithic apps with methodologies and proc-loads of features that are esses have evolved andrarely used. Highly spe- developers have startedcialized applications with relying on testing forhigh usability would be in. overall quality of the Private Clouds - product.Despite the economic and Market demands andtechnological incentives of technology advance-outsourcing one’s infra- ments (mobile / tablets/structure, there will always iPad) have also created anbe that organizational and increased need for testinghuman need to build and own one. Private clouds of course as the end user community is getting broadened and diversi-will overlap and need to integrate with public clouds, simply fied. All software products need sufficient testing. And bothbecause the dominant business model will be SaaS. – investors and developers tend to forget about it. Investors Desktop Services - Services that we commonly expect on want to deploy their product fast and start to earn moneya desktop like the file systems, shortcuts, contacts, calendars on it. Developers like to push testing at the end of productand programs will increasingly reside in the cloud. This is development. With tight scheduling, we often end up with aa consequence for the need for greater security on mobile product infested with bugs and inconsistencies. And properdevices and the need to share information among multiple testing needs time. The best approach is starting testing at thedevices and multiple collaborators. The filesystem of the beginning of software development process.future will be collaborative shared spaces. The market for discrete testing services worldwide and in the uS is expected to experience solid growth as cloud andImpact of Cloud on Software Development mobility drive next phase of evolution, according to a latestIndustry report ‘Worldwide and u.S. Discrete Testing Services 2011– How does the increasing adoption of cloud computing 2015 Forecast: Cloud and Mobility Will Drive Next Phasetechnologies influence software development? Will it affect of Evolution’, from market intelligence firm IDC. Discretethe development of web based and Software-as-a-Service or standalone global testing services spending reached $9.4applications? billion in 2010, with projections for worldwide growth esti- Most of the cloud migrations we see today are applica- mated at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGr)tions that have been written for physical environments and of 15.4% through 2015.are not taking full advantage of the cloud. We are now deal- Worldwide spending on testing (including both internaling with a growing boom in software development for cloud and external testing skills, tools and related hardware andcomputing that takes advantage of benefits but also issues systems) will near the €100bn mark in 2014, accordingthat will open up opportunity for new software develop- to PAC Consultants. Testing is also becoming one of thement. The selling and licensing of applications will change strongest areas of recruitment in the IT sector, and PACtoo. The way data is handled will undergo a major shift. Data estimates that there are now more than 100,000 professionaldriven applications will become mainstream. testers worldwide. The report found that global spending on In the cloud world, software development has become testing software and services is currently out-stripping overallmore complex in terms of security, reliability, usability and IT expenditure, and will continue to grow.performance and will keep the software development indus- According to Gartner, independent testing as a businesstry busy. globally is growing at 40 to 50 percent and there is a 35 to18 Globalservices september 2011
  18. 18. COUNTRY-IN-FOCUS Ensuring Global Visibility A special feature for countries to showcase their uniqueness There are numerous outsourcing destinations that exist as great alternatives to India and China. Inviting Countries to showcase capabilities that accentuate their uniqueness.Examples of Country-in-focus feature Egypt Philippines Jordan JORDAN For more information write to
  19. 19. Cover Story40 percent growth in offshore testing services. As per the esti-mates of Ovum, the uS alone spends a total of $ 59 billionon software testing. According to a recent Nasscom report, over the last 5-6years, India has grown to become the largest destination foroutsourcing of software testing services, accounting for 32%of the total global outsourcing share. Export revenues and thenumber of employees have doubled over the last four years.In Fy 2011, the Indian independent software testing marketis expected to grow 23.5% over Fy 2010. The icing on thecake is the fact that the domestic software testing market hasthe potential to cross $1.5 billion by 2020. As per the estimates of Ovum, the uS alone spends atotal of $ 59 billion on software testing. Of this total spend,$13 billion is outsourced as a service to the Asian countries.Given the reputation of India as an IT country, a total of70 percent, totaling to $9.1 billion is garnered by Indian ITservice providers. The application development and mainte-nance market has only demonstrated a CAGr of 19 percentyear-on-year, in comparison to 47 percent by the independ-ent testing services.New Waves in Testing As smartphones are becoming an integral part of thebusiness ecosystem, testing plays a very key role in ensuringthat business apps deliver the promises that are made to busi-ness teams. Testing mobile applications require significant kalyana rao konda, Vice President, AppLabs, says-”Thechanges in the way we approach test strategies, tools, proc- consumer demands are leading to technology advancementsesses and methods. This needs unique tools, technical know- and fierce competition between providers. The survival ofhow of various smart phones, mobile operating systems, providers has become subjective to the quality of the prod-know-how of emulators/ simulators, test automation tools uct with superior service. Software Testing plays a vital rolethat are specific to mobile applications, test methodology in providing reliability and quality to consumers to ensureand approaches etc… that they don’t have a bad experience on using / buying the A well-defined testing strategy combining a mix of several product they like.”testing methods and using emulators when required will help More so we can say that the current competitive environ-enterprises to resolve several issues from hardware, OS, and ment and consumer demand for sophisticated applicationsend-user perspectives, while ensuring cost, quality and faster is putting increased pressure on businesses to deliver qualitytime-to-market for mobile applications. apps at reduced costs and within shorter time period. This ‘no scope for error’ environment has increased the need forTesting as a Service (TaaS) effective software testing. Today, it has become one of the Testing-as-a-service allows enterprises to outsource all the fastest growing areas of the corporate IT expenditure.aspects related to testing (Infrastructure, tools, people, test On the other hand, meeting customer expectationsmethodology etc..). This model allows enterprises to focus has now become a challenge for enterprises across all theon core aspects of their business. industries due to the faster delivery cycles and increas- TaaS is fast evolving to be a financially and technically ingly competitive landscape. According to kris Canekeratne,viable alternative to owning testing infrastructure and tools. Chairman & CEO, Virtusa- “The pressure on IT is on theMost enterprises today recognize TaaS as a sure-shot way to rise to deliver increased business value in a shorter duration,reduce cost and infrastructure spend while offering assurance improved quality, while meeting rapidly changing businessof purpose readiness. TaaS solution facilitates multi-tenant demands and controlling risks. Enterprises operating acrossuse of computing resources, optimizes expense and capital various industries and geographies have now realized theoutlays, and offer businesses flexibility by allowing rapid need to deliver quality products/applications and services toprovisioning and de-provisioning in a pay-per-use model. meet customer expectations.” GS20 Globalservices september 2011
  21. 21. Special Report Android Accelerates Mobile Application developmentthe unprecedented growth in the user base of Android-based devicesand the demand for mobile applications is fueling a huge demand fordevelopment using all methods of sourcing- outsourcing, crowdsourc-ing, and buying readymade apps.Sourabh Chandra PushpA ndroid device shipments currently reach As of May 2011, users in 131 countries could purchase close to 50% of the smartphone OS mar- paid applications from the Android Market. Some car- ket share. ron DuPlain, Lead Android & riers offer direct carrier billing for Android Market app Mobile Web Engineer, says that today when purchases. There is no requirement that Android applica-everything is centered around mobility, application tions be acquired from Android Market. users may down-development has taken vital transformation (both in load Android applications from a developer’s website orterms of development and strategy). Application devel- through a third party alternative to Android Market.opment companies are focused to help clients realize According to Markus Pohl, research2guidance,the potential of rapidly evolving mobile technologies, Android Market is the fastest growing mobile content plat-from developing a mobile strategy to launching mobile form since the beginning of 2011. The Android Market isproducts. clearly the most dynamic app market today with the high- ‘Android development’ is a complex process, the suc- est growth rates in terms of app numbers, but this does notcessful implementation of Android Mobile Application necessarily mean that the chance for an average developerDevelopment projects by and large depends on the devel- to generate revenue on that platform has grown as well.opment approach itself. With the explosion of smartphone On the contrary, the success of an app store is negativelyand tablet use around the world, enterprise development correlated to the success of an average developer.teams are being given new marching orders: “Get our There’s no doubt Android Market will at some pointapplications into the field!” offer more applications for download and/or purchase than Apple’s App Store, as the latter’s growth has beenThe Opportunity slowing down of late, while the Android application store’s With the launch of the Apple Developer kit (SDk), growth rate has been garage type developers with little experience in mobile In a recent report, app store analytics companycontent and application development rushed into the mar- Distimo forecasted that Android would surpass theket. Most of them initially developed their own applica- App Store in size before the end of July 2011. Providedtions but soon found out that developing for third parties current growth rates for new app uploads are main-generates a more secure revenue stream than becoming tained, research2guidance expects Android Market toa publisher themselves. They make the majority of their reach 425,000 apps next August, effectively overtak-business revenue with application development. ing App Store in size. It was recently forecasted the22 Globalservices september 2011
  22. 22. Android Accelerates Mobile Application Development Besides native application develop- ment and testing tools, there are quite a few hybrid application development and test- ing tools, frameworks and platforms that are available in the market to adopt agile Android development. Hybrid mobile appli- cation development platforms provide an integrated develop- ment environment where portable appli- cations can be rapidly developed once and deployed on various makes and models ofworldwide smartphone application market to reach $15 SmartPhones and Tablets. Hence, developers can focusbillion by 2013. The firm says the global smartphone more on the business logic than native platform develop-app market has in fact already reached $2.2 billion in ments. Hence, these tools enable reduction in develop-the first six months of this year. ment and maintenance costs and achieve higher customer Evidently, there’s always the question whether this satisfaction.matters at all. After all, the bulk of applications that are Besides rapid growth, Android applications are beingavailable for both platforms don’t see much traction any- outsourced consciously by many corporates to ensure costway, so how relevant it is whether there are 100,000 apps effective solutions of desirable quality. Most of the off-or 200,000 apps that are rarely, if ever, downloaded by shore service providers are presently keen on building theanyone? required competencies and are rapidly focusing on leverag- In fact, notes research2guidance, Android Market’s ing the current mobility market boom.high growth rate does not necessarily mean that the aver-age mobile app developer will have a better shot at gener- Major Players in Android Applicationating revenues from the store. In fact, the firm posits, the Developmentopposite may be true: There are two types of players in Android application Apart from individual users, the corporate world is development space:moving towards implementing large scale enterprise appli- 1. Framework/Platform development companies: Thecations such as CrM, BPM, Social Networking applica- following are some of the players and their frameworkstions etc. on smartphones and tablets. This is done with lead this market place:a view to take advantage of seamless connectivity to their • IBM rational Team Concert and PhoneGapenterprise resources and also to provide the next genera- • OpenPlugtion user experience. Such a trend makes it imperative that • rhoMobilemobile application development companies need to adopt • CloudPactindustry proven software development models such as Besides the above, Sybase, an SAP company is offer-Agile practices. Agile practices offer not only the SDLC/ ing a comprehensive mobile application developmentPDLC guidelines but also define the best tools and tech- framework called SuP (Sybase unwired Platform) havingniques that can be used to help rapid application and high Android support on their roadmap of 2011.quality software development with automated tools. For 2. Application development companies: Consideringexample, Scrum is the most frequently chosen Agile model the rapid growth of mobility worldwide, many servicethat the industry is adopting in android mobile application companies ranging from large to medium scale and evendevelopment. startup companies are offering “Enterprise Mobility” as23 Globalservices september 2011
  23. 23. Special Reportone of their core service offerings and are constantly focus- said Anshul Gupta, an analyst at research firm Gartner on gaining due market share. in Mumbai. With Agile development model that is totally basedon iterative and interactive development, one can achieve Market Application Restrictionshighest risk mitigation and address constant customer The Android Market application is not open source.change requests that will result in high customer satisfac- Only Android devices that comply with Google’s compati- bility requirements may install and access Google’s closed-source Android Market app, subject to entering into a licensing agreement with Google. The Android Market filters the list of applications to those compatible with the user’s device, and developers may restrict their applications to particular carriers or countries for business reasons. Carriers can also ban certain applications, for example tethering apps. Android’s Race in the Smart Devices Market Apple became the top-selling device manufacturer with its record-breaking 20.3 million device shipments during thetion. Agile model also offers cost effective development second quarter of 2011, whereas Android owns 48% ofprocesses where rework can be avoided and also unwanted market as a largest mobile operating system provider.modules can be eliminated sooner from the requirements. For most starting developers one of the key criteria in The biggest event in this space has been the recent selection of a platform is the potential reach of an applica-acquisition of Motorola’s Mobile business by Google tion, i.e. how many people own devices running the plat-which has given Google a strategic advantage to retain its form and how many users will actually be reached throughcompetitive position against Apple and Microsoft by bag- a chosen app store?ging 17,000 patents. Apple and Blackberry have their own Previously Apple was the unquestionable leader, withhardware as well as their own OS and the same was not the the largest app store user base. If we count only smart-case with Google in the past. This recent acquisition ena- phone users Android is already far beyond, howeverbles Google to have their own hardware division in addi- Apple App Store user base is fueled by millions of iPodtion to their own popular Open Source Android OS. This Touch users and a successful iPad spread. To date Appleenables Google to compete against Apple and Blackberry has shipped over 240 million smart devices (iPhones,with a more controlled hardware and OS development. iPod Touch and iPads) leaving Android behind with 170 “The quality of work here in India is surpisingly inspir- million cumulative device shipments. Given the deviceing, the rates Indian developers charge are very low,” replacement cycles and other relevant factors, actualsaid Akash Dongre, chief operating officer at MoFirst potential user bases today are lower but Apple still winsSolutions. His clients pay as little as $15 an hour for a over Android.programmer. As we see the smartphone app market, monopoly is MoFirst is tapping India’s next wave in outsourcing, continuously transforming into a duopoly. Both plat-with thousands of programmers that charge a fraction of forms together comprise nearly two thirds of all potentialSilicon Valley prices to capitalize on demand for programs smartphone application users, leaving all other platformsfor Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone and devices running as niche players. We think it won‘t take long for AndroidGoogle Inc. (GOOG)’s Android software. Developers-for- to catch up with Apple in terms of potential applicationhire for mobile applications may generate $5.6 billion in store users. Another successful quarter for Android, andrevenue by 2015, a 14-fold jump from this year, Forrester absolute reach will no longer be a deciding factor forresearch Inc. estimates. developers, which platform to choose for an app. They will “India is a logical place to do it for the same reason the have to consider more qualitative user base differences andsoftware and services model has worked here: lower cost,” potentials, or develop for both platforms.24 Globalservices september 2011
  24. 24. destinations 2011compendiuma one stop resource on outsourcing destinationsDestinations compendium brings together the myriad dynamics of the outsourcing locations. It covers research report on top 100 outsourcing cities, countries-in-focus, regional dynamics, city profiles, experts opinion on location assessment. Dont miss this opportunity! Book your space now! Contact Niketa at
  25. 25. Android Accelerates Mobile Application Development The types of companies providing application develop- tHE nExt PHASE In outSouRCInGment services have changed over the last ten years. In the WHY IS It HAPPEnInGpre-app store world mobile application and content devel- Indian developers may have the edge in pricing. MoFirstopers were classical developers with backgrounds in Java, bills clients in the uS, the uk and the Middle East $15Symbian, BrEW, Palm OS, Windows PocketPC to $20 an hour, compared with the $50 to $100 charged and other mobile development platforms. It was a by developers in the uSniche market with small customer numbers. In last twoyears, the market for mobile application development has WHAt ARE tHE DEMAnD DRIVERSexperienced a tremendous change in the service provider requests for programmers who write code for Apple’slandscape. iOS platform rose 20% in the second quarter, says Elance. Demand for programmers with Android skillsFuture Outlook For Android Application rose by 15%, while developer requests for BlackberryDevelopment devices increased by 3% kalpana Verma, Senior Project Manager, rapidsoft WHY IS It A SEConD CoMInGTechnologies opines- “Android application developers Offering cheaper software than in the u.S. and Europewill have a lot to do as they have to develop unique and has worked in India before. TCS. and Infosys havemigration-friendly apps for users which will enhance sales grown to become Asia’s two biggest IT firmsand purchase on mobile platform. Android applicationdevelopers will have to consider various marketing condi- Outsourcing Android Applicationtions like heavy traffic, large inventory base for particular Developmentitems, enabling purchases with high inventory set-up and DV Satish, Head – Enterprise Mobility CoE, Mindteckmore.” says, “Besides rapid growth, Android applications are Google’s next target would be to gain market share in being outsourced consciously by many corporates totablet space. As per analysts, Apple’s current 75% market ensure cost effective solutions of desirable quality. Most ofshare will fall to 39% by 2015 and Android will gain by the offshore service providers are presently keen on build-38% by producing more affordable Android based tablets ing the required competencies and are rapidly focusing onand eventually these tablets may replace PCs. This will be leveraging the current mobility market boom.”a big opportunity for application development companies Mobile Application Development and Outsourcingto focus on tapping this business. is evolving rapidly because of the popularity and den- Android already supports advanced features like sity of iPhones/Android phones among the users. ManyLocation based services and Cloud based service integra- mobile application development companies in India,tion for IT management. As per analysts, going forward, have developed more than 150 mobile apps for custom-Android phones will also be used as credit cards for any ers in the uk, Europe and uS. The software developmentfinancial transactions which will enable e-commerce com- company involved in the business of mobile Applicationpanies to come up with much more user friendly services. Development provides a variety of services that help SmartPhone and Tablet applications needed in enhance the functions and performance of the iPhones/Healthcare and Life Sciences is increasing day by day to Android phones. These include- data integration, Internet-treat life threatening diseases and develop lifesaving drugs. based applications, providing solutions to get private host-Many physicians and lab technicians prefer Android-based ing platforms for the iPhones/Android phones, custom-SmartPhones or Tablets because of its powerful video izing usability features, interfacing with existing enterpriseand 3D imaging capabilities. Hence, there will be sig- applications, implementing various value-added services,nificant growth expected for Android based applications and enabling interaction with other mobile devices andin Healthcare and Life Sciences domains. platforms. GS Overall, the future is “Mobile Age” and as per Gartner’sreport Cloud and Mobility are leading the list of top 10technologies of 2011. Apple, Google, Microsoft, andBlackberry continue to battle for market share. Consideringindividual users interest, corporates need to adopt a mobilestrategy to support their mobile applications running onheterogeneous handsets and tablets. One of the best waysto implement such mobile strategies is to adopt HybridMobile Application Development.26 Globalservices september 2011
  26. 26. Case Studies That Define Global Sourcing onE STop rESoUrCE
  27. 27. Powering hotwire’s new Client: • Sophisticated back-end systems to At A GlANCEHotwire, Inc. is a well-known oper- manage deals and other business-ating company of Expedia, Inc. related data; Client– the world’s largest online travel • Interface for the suppliers to fill in Hotwire, their offers. Service Provider Luxoft demonstrated a deep under- LuxoftSituation Analysis: standing of Hotwire’s industry andLeveraging its relationships with business processes. Luxoft engineers Industrymore than 10,000 travel compa- produced a detailed system design Travel/e-Commercenies, Hotwire began offering public for the web application projects.access to insider deals that could Service Provided New site was launched as planned Application Softwarenot be found on other sites, includ- within the budget. Luxoft contribu- Developmenting special limited-time offers, tion encompassed:small hotels that don’t usually sell Solutiononline, exotic locations and more. • Internal Web portal for use by both salespeople and suppliers Development of a state-of-the-A new website, • Support of sales agents who can art back-end system featuringcom, was created by the Hotwireteam to offer this new service. work with multiple suppliers in front end, internal portal for addition to the direct supplier’s salespeople and suppliers, andTo ensure a successful launch, astate-of-the-art IT system was to organizational scheme support new CMS for entire created that included the front- • Multiple reports generation andend for customers and back-end distribution, e-mail notifications, • Efficient test automationfor Hotwire’s salespeople and travel newsletters, deals alerts and more While working on Travel Ticker’ssuppliers. However, all of Hotwire’s • Integration with Oracle Financials back-end system project, the Luxoftinternal IT resources were already System engineers seamlessly integratedworking at full capacity. Hiring • Powerful and scalable CMS with into Hotwire’s onshore team. Theirmore staff was out of the question – user-friendly interface cooperation yielded significantin addition to being a lengthy proc- across-the-board enhancements,ess, such hiring made little sense for • Future-proof design allowing easy upgrades and extensions empowering.what would be a one-time effort.Outsourcing the creation of theback-end system and CrM seemed success Metricsto be the right answer. Compared to the customization of an off-the-shelf CMS or implemen-Solution: tation of an application from an ASP, an estimated rOI of the Internal Portal project is about 400%. The Test Automation project helpedHotwire’s new project goal was increase the application code coverage from 35% to 63% and thecreation of a specialized website for number of automated use cases went up from 500 to 1,700. IntangibleTravel Ticker. Luxoft was entrusted benefits like security, usability, data propriety, and speed are likely towith the full-cycle development of be even more significant.the following major components: FoR moRe inFoRmation ContaCt : Jeffrey osborn, global head – travel and transportation,, tel: 212-964-9900 x 250, mobile 404-242-2664
  28. 28. xperts by hari haran, President, Persistent Systems, inc. Enterprise Mobility – Facts and Myths!!! this document shares how customer satisfaction functions will continue changing as the market evolves further.A n year ago I was discuss- As far as bandwidth goes, it really wants to retain a certain portion of ing with a client on the depends on the coverage in that loca- the value it creates by the enterprise subject of developing and tion, the traffic, and numerous other mobile service. To assume that the implementing an enterprise factors. Certainly more than often carrier would want to play a pureapplication for their workforce. This you run into latency issues. “pipe” role and be relegated to aapplication required large amounts of The point here is simple; you can- commodity player would be naïve.real time data to be accessed periodi- not embark on an Enterprise Mobility Similarly to assert that the mobilecally from a database and occasionally strategy without taking into account device manufacturer, with a rich userreceiving high bandwidth content on the entire ecosystem. According to interface and application, can l easilythe mobile device. Concerned with a new report by Global Industry access information from a server or athe bandwidth requirement and the Analysts, Inc., the global market for cloud and deliver at the right speedpotential latency issues, I engaged enterprise mobility is likely to exceed would be client in some architectural dis- uS$168.8 billion by 2015. A precursor to laying out a strategycussions. The client replied in haste, Depicted below is a view of the for enterprise mobility is the analysis“The bandwidth is not an issue. With value chain and the landscape in the of the business processes and delinea-3G/4G and unlimited data plans cost ecosystem: tion of the problems that needs to bewill not be a major factor.” Each layer in the value chain plays solved through mobility. In the bigger Famous last words, I must say. a key role in bringing an enterprise picture, it is important to nail downMost carriers are pulling out of unlim- mobile application to the user. It is the role of mobility in the support ofited, “all you can eat” data plans. only natural that each of these layers various functions vis-à-vis marketing, Solution native Hybrid Web/HtMl5 Based characteristics user Controls Native uI controls could Appropriate mix of select It is possible to integrate be utilized to provide great standard html or native user uI components control- user experience controls led by   touch and swipe in  HTML5 based web apps Integration with other High Achieving through native calls Limited browser capabilities native functionalities e.g. device specific functionalities Performance Good design can yield high- Depends on proportion of response time could be er performance native Vs. html call high Maintainability Needs smart design Depends on proportion of Easy approach native Vs. html implementation Scalability App store up gradation App store up gradation Easy Extensibility Separate binaries for other Easy to extend to other Easy to extend to other platform platforms platforms Cost of Development High Comparatively low Low29 Globalservices september 2011
  29. 29. ADMsales, manufacturing, field personnel architecture as well as shorten the Global ServiceSmanagement, supply chain / transpor- time to deployment. With respect totation logistics etc. Equally important architectural considerations and the MaGazineis the congruence of this mobility changing landscape, these are some Past Issuesstrategy with the industry vertical that of the areas that need to be carefullyincludes this enterprise. A harbinger analyzed while defining the mobility 2011 July Hro Soto any technology and architecture strategy. issue old, Yetundertaking is to gauge what is the Carrier Relationships: It makes So newquantitative value of incorporating sense for applications to leverage the HRO pro-mobility into some of these processes? WiFi or WLAN where possible andWhat is the rOI? Does this increase latch on to the 3G/4G network; oth- viders areyour productivity? Does it reduce erwise the user needs to optimize the not seeingwaste? Does it improve your top line? data plan usage. For high availability too many The changing landscape in the eco- applications, it brings about an inter- opportu-system presents a number of factors esting problem of seamless roaming. nities forthat are critical in the formulation of There are some solutions that should multi proc-a mobility strategy. One has to envis- be deployed in the carrier network to ess dealsage potential changes and innovations make this possible. Doing this with- click Herethat may come about in technol- out the carrier cooperation would be To readogy, regulatory matters, new devices quite expensive both from a serveretc. that could further exacerbate the implementation point of view as wellchallenge. Some of the questions that as from the device perspective. Now 2011 May Theneed to be addressed are: for applications that require accurate issue Promise of How much information is accessed location information, it is necessary iaaSfrom the server or the cloud and how to get the location APIs or location Newfrequently? Is the information content information from the carrier network. Opportu-rich (graphics)? This is not easily exposed or available, Will there be a mix of smart and and requires certain agreements with nities inlow end devices deployed to the user carriers or with settlement companies Globalcommunity? What is the diversity of that have the appropriate technology Sourcing:mobile devices that can be deployed? / agreements with carriers. Finally, in IaaS andWhat is the diversity of the Operating order to guarantee levels of end to end AnalyticsSystems? QoS or bandwidth optimization, agree- click Here Would there be devices using mul- ments with the carrier is very essential. To readtiple carrier services? While there are solutions around appli-• How important is security? cation delivery optimization, this will Important, critical, Mission-critical? increase the deployment cost.• Would data need to be stored local- Security: In a survey conducted by 2011 april The new ly on a frequent basis? Datamonitor to establish issues that issue rules in• Would the application(s) have to are currently preventing enterprises bPo be integrated with other enterprise from investing in mobility solutions, Learn IT systems? Would some of them the majority of the 467 respondents about what be legacy? rated security as the greatest barrier to will drive• How important is location infor- adoption of mobility solutions. The mation? How precise and accurate issue of access and policy manage- the BPO should the location information be? ment was an important factor. Will sector in These are some of the factors that the security software reside in the this specialwill impact the architectural decision. server or the cloud? Alternately, is it report.Moreover, there may be the need to possible to implement a device based click Herebring in some unique set of partners solution? What is more cost effec- To readto complement your application, in tive and germane for the particularorder to optimize the cost of the enterprise applications? How do you30 Globalservices september 2011
  30. 30. ADMprevent Data intrusion? Are some of Enterprise Integration: At the 2011 March contactthe main areas of concern. end of the day, most enterprise appli- issue center Mobility Cloud: There is a grow- cations do not operate in an island. industry:ing trend to move more of the mobile They interface with existing applica- wheremiddleware to the cloud. To a certain tions and system within the enter- do Youextent, the cloud approach can solve prise. This requires thinking through Go Fromsome of the challenges presented the Systems Integration aspects of Here?above. For example, location based these projects. Will the enterprise Contactinformation can be exposed by a carry this out in-house? Will they Centersmiddleware in a cloud which has pre- appoint a standard software systems and theexisting agreements with settlement integrator? Or will this be the cloud Challengecompanies. Further, in order to scale operators responsibility? of Sociallarge enterprise mobility projects as Device Client Architectural Mediawell as reduce uptake cost (through Approach: In summary, the endeavor click HereSaaS Subscriptions), the cloud model of planning and deploying enterprise To readoffers a very competing approach mobility is a process of cooperationto deploying mobility. Once could with players in the ecosystem. No oneenvision thin mobile clients that only player can do it entirely in a cost effec- 2011 February nextaccess data from the cloud on an as tive way. There are some competing issue & bestneeded basis with the cloud doing approaches for solving this problem. Practicesmost of the heavy lifting may very It is imperative to do a full rOI before in Globalwell alleviate the “unlimited data selecting a certain option. One thing is Sourcingusage” problem. This could be a clear, no matter what option is selected, Thought-public cloud operator such as Google the partnership with the right software leadingor Enterprise Private Clouds. Finally, services company is crucial to a success- Practi-the advent of HTML5 will make ful implementation. It will be ideal if the tioners’data caching better and reduce load company is a services company that has Viewpointdemands which will make cloud the requisite experience in all aspects of click Here To readbased mobile connectivity better in the ecosystem (Carrier, Cloud, Device,areas of poor coverage. Operating Systems, and Application 2011 January Utility Diversity of Devices: The plethora Development) with an unbiased viewof devices and the variety of operat- on the architectural choices. issue compu-ing systems poses a definite challenge (NOTE: “The views expressed in ting: Thein deploying mobile applications. It this Article are strictly the personal realityis expensive and time consuming to views of the author. The trademarks checkrewrite the application for various or trade names mentioned in thisdevices. yet we are talking about dif- paper are property of their respective In the dec-ferent form factors, screen sizes, device owners and are included for reference ade thattypes etc. This implies putting a lot of only and do not imply a connection went by,thinking into middleware and plat- or relationship between the author the out-forms for these devices so there can and these companies.”) GS sourcingbe maximum reuse of the application industryacross devices and Operating Systems. As the President of Persistent Systems Inc., had many Infrastructure Management: Hari Haran is responsible for Persistent’sMobile Device Management is of Global Sales, Marketing and Business Devel- momen-paramount importance to not only opment efforts and continues to position tous shiftsstandardize the offering in every Persistent as a leader in Outsourced Software click Here To readdevice but also, to ensure security, Product Development. Hari also heads theaccess control etc. Can this be a man- operations of the Persistent USA subsidiary.aged service run by a carrier or will He brings over two decades of strong experi- 2010 archivesthis be run by the enterprise, is some- ence primarily in the telecom, wireless, broad- www.globalservicesmedia.thing that needs to be thought about. band, convergence, and professional services. com/e-magazine31 Globalservices september 2011