The Life of Nika Maborang


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Autobiography Powerpoint Presentation

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The Life of Nika Maborang

  1. 1. Who is Maria Maborang?Join me on a journey through my life…
  2. 2. Renato Maborang Hydie Trocio Where It All Began Meet The Parents
  3. 3. Wedding Bells Ringing!My mother and father first laideyes on one another onOctober 7, 1987. Not longafterwards, they were gettingmarried and expecting theirfirst child together. RenatoMaborang and Hydie Trociobecame Mr. & Mrs. Maborangon April 21, 1988.
  4. 4. Now let meintroduce my parents…… (My Fathers Side)
  5. 5. Renato Maborang Sr.My Father Renato Maborang was born on October 21, 1951 inSan Juan, Philippines. Born the son of Manuel and ErodidaMaborang, Renato was the sixth out of seven children.
  6. 6. The Seven Little DwarfsMy grandparents Manuel and Erodida had a total of seven children. • Virgilio (Ver) Maborang • Corazon (Cory) Penalez • Romelio (Romeo) Maborang • Miemie (Mimi) Gutiérrez • Manuel II (Bebot) Maborang • Renato (Nat) Maborang Sr. • Nestor Maborang
  7. 7. VirgilioVirgilio (Ver) Maborang is the oldest child of mygrandparents. Virgilio married Helen and together theyhad three precious daughters.• Sheila was their first child. She is married to Jo-Jo and they had two children (Matt and Brittney).• Then there was Melissa. Melissa was the middle child. Melissa is the only child that has not been married, nor has she had any children.• Their youngest child was Samantha. Samantha married Edward and as of yet they do not have any children.
  8. 8. CorazonCorazon (Cory) Penalez is the oldest daughter of mygrandparents. Cory has been married twice. Her firsthusband was Alan Caramanzana and together theyhad six children.• Bong was their first son.• Mary Ann was their first daughter. She was married twice. Her first husband was Oliver Ambat and together they had one child; Mark Ian. Then she met her second husband Jo-Jo Ignacio and together they had two children; George Miguel and Patricia Shane.• Then there was Louie. Still single, any takers????• Edward was the next to come. He is married to Anto and together they have one daughter named Isabel.• Dennis is their next son. Dennis has been married three times and has one child with each spouse. First is Dencel, then Raiden, and finally Dennis Jr.• Then there is Tyrone. Tyrone has been married twice and he has two kids. The first was his son Rukia and then he had a daughter named Sachi.• Ronald is their final child. Ronald has been married three times and
  9. 9. RomelioRomelio is the second son from my grandparents.Unlike the majority of my family, he has only beenmarried once to Yolly. They had two childrentogether.• Their daughter Candy was their first child. Candy is married but she has no children yet.• Their second child was their son Joshua. Joshua is single and works as a Chef.
  10. 10. MiemieMiemie is the youngest daughter. Miemie is marriedand has two daughters.• Rochelle was her first daughter. Rochelle has eight children. Too many for me to remember…• Karen has three children. Justine, Joanna, and Jeremy.
  11. 11. Manuel IIManuel has been married twice. He is currently marriedwith Zedy. Manuel has four kids with his previous spouseAnna. No kids with Zedy.• Maria was Manuel’s first child. Maria has been married once and has five children.• Then there’s Melvin. Melvin is single with no children.• Raymus was next to come. He is married with Karen and together they have two children.• Finally, there’s Jen. Jen is single and works as a Nurse.
  12. 12. Renato Jr. (Aka Daddy)My father has been married twice. First with Saling and together they had fourchildren.• He was 17 when he had his first son Manuel III. Manuel III has been married twice and has two kids.• My fathers next child was Rowena. Rowena is married and has three children.• Then there is Joey. Joey has been married twice and has two daughters.• Finally there is Orly who is married but has no kids.Then my dad got married to my mother Hydie. Together, my parents had three of us.• Cherrie was the first to come. She has been married once and has one son.• Renato was next. Renato has no children.• Then there is me, Maria.
  13. 13. NestorNestor was the last of my grandparents children.Nestor died when he was fourteen years old. He hada brain tumor and unfortunately, he passed away.
  14. 14. Hydie MaborangMy mother Hydie was born on June 14, 1970 in Bacolod,Philippines. My mother was born the youngest child of mygrandparents. My mother was four years old when her parentspassed away.
  15. 15. The Four Little BearsMy grandparents from my mothers side had fourchildren: Murito Trocio Hybellen Maturino Buboy Trocio Hydie Maborang.
  16. 16. Murito• Murito has only been married once and it was with Lilybeth and together they had two kids.• Maribeth was their first child. She is married to Bonn Louie and together they have one child, Marrick.• Mervin was their last child and only son. He died when he was 18 years old.
  17. 17. Hybellen• Hybellen was my grandparents first daughter. she was married to Bubot and together they had three daughters.• Jennifer was their first child. She graduated and become a chef.• Elaine was next to come and she has been married once and had her first baby a month ago and they named her Athena.• Then finally there is K.C.
  18. 18. Boy Boy was m grandparents last son. He has been married to Fe and together they had one child, Leah.• Leah was born a year after my sister was born.
  19. 19. HydieHydie was my parents last Child. My mothergrew up with her aunts. They treated her bad soshe decided to leave. She met my father whenshe was 17 years old.Then they fell in love and then she had her firstchild, Cherrie at age of 18 years old.Two years later my mother gave birth to her firstson and named him after my father, Renato.Then two years later, my mother gave birth tome.
  20. 20. It’s my turn….Enough about the family. Now let me introducemyself.
  21. 21. Father’s absenceMy mother was seven months pregnant with mewhen my father left to America to work. If itwasn’t for my mother he wouldn’t have had toleave. My father used to own a bakery and it wasvery successful. But then my mother always tookmoney from the cash register and gambled. Somy father thought it would be best to leave andwork in a different country. My father never sawme when I was a baby, not even pictures. Mymother never had time to sent pictures to myfather.
  22. 22. Maria “Nika”Maborang I took my first breath in March 21, 1993 in Quezon National Hospital.
  23. 23. Growing up….When I was little, about three or four years old Ientered preschool. My mother put me in one of thosespecial schools. I knew why and it was because I wasvery sick. My mom said that the doctorsrecommended that I attend a school that is enclosedfrom the outside environment and isolated from theouter elements. There were not many students in myschool. I remember I had to wear these baby bluedresses and I also remember dreading to wear them.They were at least eight teachers in the classroomand I felt very uncomfortable. Then I got better  andmy mother put me into another school calledChristian Family Centre.
  24. 24. Childhood Memories ...I went to Christian Family Centre until my fourth grade. I remember when I was in first grade we had to dance for Coronation night. We had to dance the song called Barbie girl. My mother promised me that she will come but she never did instead I saw my nanny Carmen. I was very upset that while dancing I fell and everyone was laughing at me. That was one of the days that I hated most.
  25. 25. Third Grade at CFCWhen I was in third grade I began to excel atschool. It is kind of hard to describe but I wasawarded first honor. That meant that I had thebest grades out of any third grader in myelementary school class. That was the first timethat my mother showed up to school to see theaward being handed over to me. I was ecstatic tosee my mom in school and seeing that she isproud of me.
  26. 26. Holy ChildMontessori School The fifth grade came and I was once again transferred to another school. My mom thought that it would be best that The Big Bro I attend school along with my older brother and sister. In my mind, I thought to myself, why did my mom always separate me from my siblings? Was I any different? I felt like my mother basically neverThe Big Sis liked me… 
  27. 27. Graduation TimeOn March 29, 2003 I graduated from Holy Child MontessoriSchool along with my sister. I graduated from the sixthgrade while my sister graduated from High School. In thePhilippines, elementary school ends after the sixth gradeand then high school begins. To celebrate, my mom threwthe biggest party for the both of us. Though I alwaysthought that it was mainly for my sister. Either way, I washappy. That day was the first time in my life that I havetalked to my father on the phone. Before then, I thought henever existed… Cheenah (Me) Cherrie Berry
  28. 28. Welcome to America!On July 12th, 2006 I came to America along withmy family. I remember that on that day, I couldnot have been happier. I would finally be able tosee my daddy. Well honestly, I had mixedemotions about the whole thing. I still could notget over the fact that my father basically missedout on my entire childhood. The moment that Isaw my father, I remember being silent and Icould not held but to stare at him. It was anawkward ride home. With time, my father and Ibegan to get along…
  29. 29. Back to SchoolAs summer ended and fall approached, it onceagain became time to return to school. I wasenrolled in Farnsworth Elementary school. Iremember hating that school at first. The mainreason for that was that they held me back onegrade! That all changed when I made friends.
  30. 30. Graduation Again…During the summer of 2008, Igraduated from eight grade. Iremember that day like it wasyesterday. I remember beinghappy to finally see my fatherwitness an important moment inmy life. There I was in my capand gown crossing the stagewith my father in the audience. Icould not have been more proud.Deep inside, it hurt that mymother did not bother to show upto her own daughters graduation.
  31. 31. William Howard Taft High SchoolI entered Taft High School in the Fall of 2008.Like any incoming freshman, I was happy in oneway and kind of concerned in another. That allchanged the moment I started school and mademore friends.At the beginning, I always did well in school. UntilI started hanging out with the wrong people. Iended up cutting class and I was doing horribly inschool.
  32. 32. Senior Year!!!I have rebounded from the mistakes that I havemade in past years. One issue that I still have ismy attendance. I am just not a morning personand with work, sometimes I have trouble wakingup. I know that while I have not gotten off to thebest start on my senior year, I will change that. Iwill make sure that I begin to do all that I possiblycan to graduate this year to make my daddyproud. Hopefully he would be…
  33. 33. The End…