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Spruce goose 2


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Spruce goose 2

  1. 1. 1Indexno Topic Page1 Introduction 22 Terminologies 33 New Word 54 Summary 75 Mapping Out Ideas 86 Attachment 97 Conclusion 10
  2. 2. 2IntroductionFirst of all, I want to grateful to Allah because I can finish my assignment within the dategiven. I want also thanks to my parent for giving me to bring along my laptop to Pahang andthey also had bought for me a big Oxford Dictionary for me to refer a new word to completethis Assignment. I’m also want to thanks to my instructor Sir MohdHazrin bin Zainordin forteaching me English subject and give encourage and support for me to accomplish thisassignment. Lastly, I want also thanks to my fellow friend for helping and guiding me alongmy research.
  3. 3. 3Spruce Goose1. Teminologiesa) Skim Meaning – Read quickly, noting only main pointUsage – He is skimming in the crossword game to find the wordb) Scan Meaning – Look at every part carefullyUsage – He scan his room to find his missing keyc) Implicit Meaning – Implied, but not expressed directlyUsage – I have implicit faith in your abilitiesd) Sequence Meaning – In a particular orderUsage – describe the sequence of event, in the order in which they occurrede) Predict Meaning - Say in advance something will happenUsage – The earthquake had been predicted several month ago
  4. 4. 4f) Interpret Meaning – explain something which is not easily understandableUsage – interpret a difficult text
  5. 5. 52. New Worda) Scrapped Meaning – A small amount of somethingUsage – There was a scrapped of clothesb) Financial Meaning – Concerning money and financeUsage - New York is the financial centre.c) Brief Meaning – Report, DescriptionUsage – Brief on recent developmentd) Enormous Meaning – Very largeUsage – An enormous amount of moneye) Demanding Meaning – A task that need a much effort, patience and skillsUsage – A demanding job, schedule
  6. 6. 6f) Prototype Meaning – The first form of something new, made before produce inlarge quantitiesUsage – Designer have built a working prototype of the carg) Alternative Meaning – Different from something else and able to be used insteadof itUsage – Alternative ways of getting there will be investigatedh) Invested Meaning – To use your money with the aim of making profit from itUsage – How much do you have to invest?i) Military Meaning –Relating to armies or armed forces and the way which theyare organizedUsage – The government is prepared to take military actionj) Initial Meaning – Happening at the beginning of a process or when you firstsee or hear about somethingUsage – My initial reaction was to panic
  7. 7. 7SummaryThe Journey are initial idea and design is often long and complex. During the secondwar, which is on 1942, the millionaire businessman and engineer Hogward Hughes tookresponsible for this plane. The plane had to transport men and material in large quantityacross atlantic . It can able to land on water. It was built from alternative material because ofthe short supply of aluminium and steel. Many years spent on research and development forthis innovative project that cost a lot of money. When war end, the government decide to stopthis plane because it cost $18 million but Hughes put $7 million to finish the project. Hecompleted the prototype and the flight is succeed . The plane continue and spent for next 33years. The cost for the hangar is $1 million dollar a year .But when Hughes died, the planesent to museum.(150 words)
  8. 8. 8Mapping Out Ideas
  9. 9. 9AttachmentInternetNewspaper
  10. 10. 10ConclusionAccording to my research to complete this assignment, I had learn from Howard Hughes fornever give up to do something. I also got chance to learn a new word for me to use in mysentence. By learning the new word, it will give a wider knowledge about English.Bycomplete this assignment, I learn to use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint to makemind mapping. Lastly, with the help of instructor and friend, I had complete my Assignmentsuccessfully. Thank You very much to all people that involve to complete my assignment.Assalamualaikum