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Production splash deconstruction


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Production splash deconstruction

  1. 1. Production SplashDeconstruction
  2. 2. DreamWorks Young boy Night time sky, Links fishing. with the title. DreamWorks Dreams happen at create night animated films that are appealing to a young Clouds audience. could connote that the company isFirst initials of the key people on a highwho created DreamWorks. level and atSteven Spielberg, Jeffrey the top ofKatzenberg and David there gameGeffen
  3. 3. Universal The name Universal couldLogo on the mean that the companyoutside of the want to be a universalearth. This could or global organisationconnote thatuniversal are outof this world
  4. 4. Metro Goldwyn MayerLions are veryproud animals.This couldsuggest MetroGoldwynMayer is aproudcompany