2. simple present


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2. simple present

  1. 1. Grammar 1 and 2IECPSummer 2013Nikki Mattson
  2. 2. House Keeping• Update on diagnostics• Course planning• Tutoring Center announcements
  3. 3. Agenda• Warm-up• Syllabus• Articles• Level 2 = lesson 1 (simple present andfrequency)• Level 1 = lesson 1 (present “be” andprepositions)
  4. 4. Warm Up - Boggle• Warm up activity• 2 minutes to write as many words aspossible• Letters must be touching• Copies do not count• Not abbreviations• No names• English only 
  5. 5. Boggle
  6. 6. Syllabus• -Write Course Blog address…• http://iecpgr1and2su13.blogspot.com/
  7. 7. Syllabus Quiz• 1. When are Nikki Mattson’s office hours (times she reserves to meet with students)?• 2. When is it okay to buy “used” textbooks?• 3. How many hours of absences are permitted for full-time students before they areremoved from the IECP program?• 4. When you are late to Grammar 1/ 2 by fewer than 60 minutes, how manyabsences will you receive?• 5. When you are late to Grammar 1/2 by 61 minutes or more, how many absenceswill you receive?• 6. Will you receive an absence if you are absent because of illness, religiousobservance, or test taking?• 7. What will happen if you are placed on academic probation for two semesters in arow?• 8. When will homework in Grammar 1/2 2 be collected? What will happen if you donot hand in your HW until the break?• 9. What should you do if you are absent from Grammar 1/2?• 10. What should you do if you miss a test in Grammar 1/ 2?• 11. When is it okay to use your cell phone in class?
  8. 8. Articles• What did we discuss in the previousclass?
  9. 9. • ?
  10. 10. Class Split
  11. 11. Simple Present Tense
  12. 12. Simple Present• Pg. 4
  13. 13. Simple Present Tense –Fluency LinesForm two lines facing one another.Answer the discussion questions in one minute. Switch partners.Discussion Questions•1) Do you like animals?•2) Do you have a pet?•3) What types of animals are the most common pets in your country?•4) Are any animals considered to be bad/dirty/unlucky in your country?
  14. 14. Americans and Their Pets• Pg. 2 – listenWrite two opinionsand two questionsabout the text.
  15. 15. Group Discussion• Share your questions and opinions withyour group.
  16. 16. Group DiscussionStating an opinion• In my opinion...• The way I see it...• If you want my honest opinion....• According to Lisa...• As far as Im concerned...• If you ask me...Asking for an opinon• Whats your idea?• What are your thoughts on all of this?• How do you feel about that?• Do you have anything to say about this?• What do you think?• Do you agree?• Wouldnt you say?Expressing agreement• I agree with you 100 percent.• I couldnt agree with you more.• Thats so true.• Thats for sure.• (slang) Tell me about it!• Youre absolutely right.• Absolutely.• Thats exactly how I feel.• Exactly.• Im afraid I agree with James.• I have to side with Dad on this one.• No doubt about it.• (agree with negative statement) Me neither.• (weak) I suppose so./I guess so.• You have a point there.• I was just going to say that.Expressing disagreement• I dont think so.• (strong) No way.• Im afraid I disagree.• (strong) I totally disagree.• I beg to differ.• (strong) Id say the exact opposite.• Not necessarily.• Thats not always true.• Thats not always the case.• No, Im not so sure about that.
  17. 17. Practice• Pg. 5, ex. 3• Pg. 6, ex. 4
  18. 18. Grammar in ReadingListenPg. 7 discussion Qs1. Do working people haveproblems taking care of their pets?2. Are some animals easierto take care of than others?
  19. 19. Pet Care in State College• http://www.care.com/state-college-pet-care
  20. 20. Practice• Pgs. 9-10, ex. 5-7• Pgs. 10-11, ex. 8
  21. 21. HW• Review PPT and pgs. 1-12• Buy a textbook