SPEAKERS DIGESTCSF, Club No. 2009282   November-2012                                            ing   announcements       ...
After becoming a TM and participating in few CSF             This brings us to understand what Abhyāsa andmeetings I felt ...
President’s DeskAs always, it gives me immense pleasure toreach you all through this column. We joinToastmasters to improv...
SPE    It was the year 2010; I was serving as the                So, how can you get the maximum out of theA   President o...
2. Research                                             breaking the shell, but because of the several                    ...
TM Pon G Nithya    A            whole year is over. Wishes fulfilled. Dreams shattered. Promises kept. Resolutions broken!...
Few     things   taste   as   good   as           I have the habit of evaluating my    W         freedom. Success is one o...
Non Verbal                                              A new thought on        Cues are not                              ...
The words were spoken with different tonalities              research to any meaningful discussion between    and subjects...
TOASTMASTER’S RESOLUTION –                                  MY TAKE ON IT                                            TM Ka...
On the whole, I had attended 85 Toastmaster Meetings and 1 District Conference Meet in Bahrain.          12 out of 85 mee...
TM Ramesh Thandav    Life will be banal if it is without happenings; the    charm of life is change. Incidentally, most of...
Keeping it simple: To say I want to exercise this              Don’t let the set back discourage: The idea is to    year i...
Deepavali Celebrations at CSFSPEAKERSDIGEST                  13
Office Bearers                    President                   : Pravin Mani                    VP-Education               ...
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Speakers digest nov12


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A newsletter from Chennai Speakers Forum toastmasters club.

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Speakers digest nov12

  1. 1. SPEAKERS DIGESTCSF, Club No. 2009282 November-2012 ing announcements 0
  2. 2. After becoming a TM and participating in few CSF This brings us to understand what Abhyāsa andmeetings I felt how I have missed this great Kriyā are!organization that provides a platform and an ideal Abhyāsa is repeated practice performed withfriendly atmosphere to shape ones outlook towards observation and reflection. We all know ‘practiceevery aspect of life. Though there may be several makes a man perfect’ but Abhyāsa stresses onchanges in a person’s mental make-up over the observation and reflection while practicing and thisperiod, the greatest of them all one can experience shapes us towards reaching perfection.is ‘courage and self- confidence’, to face the world. Kriyā simply means action with perfect execution.When self-doubt rules the mind, to take simple We all know how important execution is and withoutsteps forward would be a greatest challenge, it is that all actions may fall flat. As John Doerr (athe achievement of others that shows us the light venture capitalist who supported and funded Googlethat it is possible and this is our world too to chase when none of us knew what Google is) said ‘Ideasour dreams and make our ideas turn into a reality. are easy, execution is everything and greatCSF is such a place where ideas shape reality. And teams win’.we are all witness to this great phenomenon, week Sādhanā, Abhyāsa and Kriyā are vital in our life andafter week seeing our fellow TMs break all barriers as I can see, this has been well implemented in theto reach their pinnacle. journey of CSF, where we have been witnessing theTo achieve this state of mind and action there are growth in the last one year. After the idea has takenthree essential things required: a) Sādhanā b) shape for a new TM forum every member of theAbhyāsa and c) Kriyā (borrowed these words from successive management team in CSF has raisedSanskrit). What do these words mean and how the bar in the last one year and exemplified howdoes it impact a person’s life if practiced? great teams should work. Finally the team’sSimply said Sādhanā means in pursuit of a goal or execution speaks it all and I am sure the day is notachieving something. How to achieve a goal and very far that we will be heard at international level.what is the critical action that makes it possible? Like every TM in CSF, I am equally excited to knowThe answer is: Abhyāsa and Kriyā! and welcome another great CSF management team to lead us to greater heights in the near future.Abhyāsa and Kriyā allow a person to shape aperson’s ideas and goals and turn them in to reality. TM Ramesh K TM Ramesh Thandav 1
  3. 3. President’s DeskAs always, it gives me immense pleasure toreach you all through this column. We joinToastmasters to improve our communication taking the club to the next level but in theand leadership skills. But over a period of time process you will also takewe realize toastmasters is more than that. The yourself one step higher. By being part of therecent visit to Kochi proves this more than executive committee one will get greatanything else. Our members brought laurels to exposure. The Interesting part of toastmastersthe club. It was for the first time a member is that the more you give, the more you get. stfrom CSF won the 1 runner up at the District They say “The mediocre teacher tells, the goodLevel Evaluation Contest and it was done in teacher explains, the superior teacherstyle by our very own founder president TM demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.” HereArna Chugani and she also received the Golden in Toastmasters, you canGavel award for our club for the year 2011- become the great teacher by taking up2012. Our DTM Saro Velrajan received the best leadership roles. So I request you all to tap theDivision Governor in District 82 award. Our leadership skills buried in you.DTM Sastharam led his team and created I thank all the members of the club for takinghistory at Reverberations 2012 and also the club to greater heights.managed 187 registrations in less than 24hours for Ovation 2013. We not only received Look forward to a fantabulous farewell month.awards but also appreciation for energy and Wishing you all Godspeed!enthusiasm shown by our members.I strongly believe any member can achieve TM Pravin Manianything if good exposure is given and thatresponsibility lies in the hands of the leaders.As we all know Chennai Speakers Forumofficers election is coming up, I request you allto take part in the same and take the club tothe next level. By doing so, you are not only 2
  4. 4. SPE It was the year 2010; I was serving as the So, how can you get the maximum out of theA President of Chennai Toastmasters Club. A toastmasters program? This article describes aK guest in his mid-20s approached me at the end 3R technique that you can use to become a of the meeting and asked, “Sir! I’m completely successful toastmaster. The fullest benefit ofE impressed by the meeting. Can I complete the toastmasters program can be achieved onlyR entire course in just 1 year? I’m very busy with when you follow the 3Rs:S lot of other activities and I want to complete this 1. Regular course soon”. Being regular is the most important trait of a He is not an exception. Very recently, I was successful toastmaster. What happens to anD approached by a young toastmaster who said athlete, does not exercise regularly attendI “Sir! I am doing my under graduation now and I practice sessions regularly? Mastering the artG have lots of spare time. I want to complete my of public speaking is very similar to sports – it DTM in the next two years”. requires regular practice. What better platformE can you get to regularly practice your skills than I have seen several toastmasters who want toS complete their speaking projects, soon. Public a toastmasters club?T Speaking and Leadership are skills that are  Regularly attend club meetings developed by practicing, participating and  Regularly take a diverse set of roles in the performing. There are absolutely NO club meeting  Regularly deliver speeches in your club and SHORTCUTS. If there is one magic pill that you in other clubs can swallow before going to the bed and wake  Regularly participate in contests and up as a competent speaker the next day benchmark your performance morning, everybody will be a competent  Regularly take leadership roles in your club and outside your clubs speaker today. 3
  5. 5. 2. Research breaking the shell, but because of the several 1000 minutes that it spent in hatching.Performing adequate research is important forany assignment that you do – not just in Fellow toastmasters, let us take the followingtoastmasters. Charles E. Jones, a famous resolution to become a successfulauthor said "Five years from now youll be the communicator and a leader.same person you are today except for the I’m a toastmaster…books you read and the people you meet”. It is I participate in meetings, but don’t precipitatevery true. As a toastmaster, we need to develophabits of reading books, reading newspapers, I’m always prepared, so I’m not afraidattending educational programs, attending I help others to perform, so that their skillscontests and continuously learning new things can reformby research. Research helps us to discover I give everyone a pat, that’s the best way tonew ways of doing things, it helps us to get them to actconstantly innovate and discover a BETTERYOU! I’m a toastmaster …3. Rehearse I remain positive, even if my blood group is negativeOur District 82 Champions TM Alexandar Babu,and TM Guruprasad delivered a 7 minutes I treat everyone fair, they being a guest or ahumorous speech to win the prestigious 1st and DTM doesn’t matter3rd positions respectively in Reverberations I’m ready to serve the club, because my heart2012. Can you imagine how many times they says so with every single lub-tubwould’ve rehearsed before their most I’ll follow the rules, as it helps the club tomemorable performance at the District? They reach its goals.would’ve rehearsed at least a 50 times formonths together, before their final performance I’m a toastmaster!!!at the district. If great champions have torehearse for at least 50 times before their Byperformance, how many times should werehearse before giving our speech at the club? DTM Saro VelrajanA successful toastmaster rehearses multipletimes before they perform in toastmasters.A chicken that pops out from an egg is special,not because of the 1 minute that it spent 4
  6. 6. TM Pon G Nithya A whole year is over. Wishes fulfilled. Dreams shattered. Promises kept. Resolutions broken!S Yet another new year is here. New year. New beginnings...PE Here are my Toastmaster resolutions for 2013.A 1. To attend Toastmaster meetings regularly. (Well, this ones the absolute usual..er essential!!)K 2. To take every prepared speech and role seriously and look-out for the learning it is supposed toE bring.R 3. To give my fullest effort, to the preparation and performance every role and prepared speech.S 4. To volunteer for table-topics sessions when needed. 5. To watch-out for fellow Toastmasters, and help them in their journey of self-development, with useful and encouraging feedback.D 6. To spread the Toastmaster spirit of personal-leadership, learning and sharing, beyond theI portals of Toastmaster meeting.G 7. To always be on the look-out for opportunities for learning.E 8. To improve personal relationships and professional competencies.S 9. To make the way I live my life, and not just my spoken words, do the talking for the world toT hear. 10. To listen to and trust the gentle hopes that love, faith and life whisper. 11. Now this is one set of resolutions I hope not to break :-) A toast to all the Toastmasters out there! Wish you a Happy New Year! 5
  7. 7. Few things taste as good as I have the habit of evaluating my W freedom. Success is one of them. D progress. Initially it was “bad to okay” and soon it became “okay” Joining Toastmasters, regularly and suddenly one day I could give a i attending meetings, actively participating in contest, taking the e “fair” to it. I felt okay with the “okay” and “fair”S s CC manual seriously and giving speeches and practicing in front of s feels good and just thinking aboutP mirror till you are satisfied...wow how “good” will feel makes me feelE h where these all take us.. i too good. Don’t wish to be a good speaker justA This is the recipe for being a masterK ? communicator. r desire to be a good speaker..don’t just desire to be a good speaker but Success is never a hit or miss!ER There is a recipe for success. There is always e decide to be a good speaker. Once you decide, follow this recipe and a recipe for success. success is a sure shot.S I am a result oriented person like everyone ? and when I joined Toastmasters, I asked aD fellow 3-yr- toastmaster, how long does it takeI to become good in communication skills and the answer I got was 1 year. He said, “attendG the club regularly and in one year you will be aE good speaker. “S That was the best answer I could haveT received. I had a concrete answer that I could trust. He said that with such conviction that it looked like he was giving a guarantee and I completely bought it. My intuition said, yes..it is true and i decided to give it a shot and stick with it for one year and see . 6
  8. 8. Non Verbal A new thought on Cues are not effective communication…. by Nijil Chandran Important The content may not be the king when it comesS How often have you heard the importance of non-verbal cues in your speech? The most often to a speech, but it is no worse than the soldierP quoted research says that for any speech or who faces the enemies up front with courage.E conversation or discussion, the meaning of the What was this research that gave such accurateA message is carried more by the voice and the numbers? How did they measure this? Thanks body language than by the actual spoken words. to the internet, my research was not asK cumbersome as the research under question.  Your words 7%E  Your tone of voice 38% Who did this research? AlbertR  Your body language 55%. Mehrabian came up with this research in the late ‘60s, but there are few important points toS For anyone who has been part of any note before confirming the direct implication of communication group, this may not be news. his research to a speech. That your body language and vocal variety isD much more important than the content of your THE STUDIES speech is a widely accepted and repeatedI mantra. But the numbers are fascinating, almost Mehrabian and his colleagues were seeking to understand the relative impact of facialG unbelievable; I wondered why words carried expressions and spoken words.E only 7% while we spend more than 70 % of the Study 1 time writing those words for the speech. Is thatS even possible? In Mehrabian and Wiener, (1967), subjects listened to nine recorded words,T How can someone explain such disparity?  Three conveying liking (honey, dear and Though I agree that I’m much more impressed thanks) by Obama’s enthusiastic animated speech than  Three conveying neutrality (maybe, really Manmohan Singh’s dull recitation, I had difficulty and oh) in agreeing to the sheer insignificance assigned  Three conveying disliking (don’t, brute and to words in a speech. terrible). 7
  9. 9. The words were spoken with different tonalities research to any meaningful discussion between and subjects were asked to guess the emotions two human beings. If that is not enough, the behind the words as spoken. The experiment research was done only using words not finding was that tone carried more meaning than complete meaningful sentences. the individual words themselves. Of course, there is no denying the importance of Study 2 voice and body language in any communication situation. They are as important as the words. In Mehrabian and Ferris (1967), subjects were But for a complete speech, a ratio of 33:33:34 asked to listen to a recording of a female sayingS the single word maybe in three tones of voice makes much more sense than Mehrabian’sP to convey liking, neutrality and disliking. 7:38:55. Words cannot stand alone all the time, Mehrabians research in itself is a perfectE The subjects were then shown photos of female testimony to this fact. His research was probably faces with the same three emotions and wereA asked to guess the emotions in the recorded tweaked by innovative individuals to attain their own goals. The more people accepted theK voices, the photos and both in combination. misinterpretation of his theory, the more peopleE The photos got more accurate responses than joined the bandwagon of 7:38:55. With time, his the voice, by a ratio of 3:2.R theory developed a credibility that will be very They cautiously note: hard to break.S All this reminds of a Siddhuism, “Statistics are These findings regarding the relative like miniskirts, they reveal more than what they contribution of the tonal component of a verbal hide.”After all Obama owes as much as to hisD message can be safely extended only to catch phrase “Yes we can” to all the emotions communication situations in which no additionalI information about the communicator-addressee he showed while making that historic speech. The title may be slightly misleading, but I knowG relationship is available. you wouldnt read if not for such controversialE Let us analyze his experiments with a title. It is not too far away from the central idea speech in mind?S of this article; although we can ill afford to 1) Mehrabian arrived at the ratio 7:38:55 through neglect non-verbal cues, they are not asT two independent experiments. important as you thought them to be. 2) Mehrabian used only words, not a speech, not even a complete sentence for conducting this experiment. Can combing results of two complex experiments on human behavior be sufficient to arrive at such a conclusion? Mehrabian’s disclaimers are proof enough to confirm that we cannot draw an accurate parallel from his 8
  10. 10. TOASTMASTER’S RESOLUTION – MY TAKE ON IT TM Karthikeyan Balasubramanian We’ve come to that phase of the year where good moments alone are remembered and unpleasantS incidents are erased off from our memories considering them as bad dreams. Its time to take upP promises, be it NEW or OLD, after all we need to keep up our promises and live up to it.E At this juncture, I would like to pull in an incident that happened couple of years ago between twoA toastmasters. The topic was about RESOLUTION FOR THE NEW YEAR 2009. It was on that Sunday evening after Chennai ToastMaster Club’s last meeting for the year 2008, myself andK another toastmaster cum goodE friend of mine were chatting forR long time. Our conversation extended upto 9 pm and weS discussed about many issues before finally touching on theD topic of New Year Resolution. Both of us took the sameI promise and that is, to attend allG meetings of Chennai TM Club inE the year 2009. Did we keep up our promise,S eventually?T NO. Both of us failed to live up to our promise, however, I did some justice though. My friend had to leave Chennai for pursuing his masters abroad. While, Year 2009 happened to be the best year in my calendar as I bagged the Best Speaker Ribbon for 7 times (3 of which coming from TM clubs in Bahrain), Best Evaluator Ribbon for 15 times (8 of which coming from TM clubs in Bahrain) and striking my maiden Best Table Topic Speaker Ribbon from Manama TM Club (the first and oldest club in the Pearl Island). 9
  11. 11. On the whole, I had attended 85 Toastmaster Meetings and 1 District Conference Meet in Bahrain.  12 out of 85 meetings were attended in Bahrain TM Clubs.  Attended 44 out of 48 meetings of the Chennai TM Club.  Attended 27 meetings of TM Clubs situated in different parts of Chennai and,  Participated in 2 Demo TM Meetings during the year. It was a magnificent year for me, as I had ribbons pouring in.S However, I am still finding it really tough to revive the same spirit in me as I took a long break in theP year 2010 from TM activities.E Coming back to the topic though, I’ve my stand clear on whether to or not to take resolution this year. Without giving any work to my mind, my clear reply is NO as I’ve decided to walk in the path ofA another good friend of mine since; I am inspired of his MANTRA and desiring to adopt the same. It’sK a tough challenge though, however, on Day 1, 2013 the adopted MANTRA will be put into action.E  WHAT IS THAT MANTRA?R  WHY I CALL IT A TOUGH CHALLENGE?S  HOW THE MANTRA INSPIRED ME? Answers to all these will be voiced out in Jan 2013 Newsletter Issue.D I take this opportunity to wish all my friends from the Toastmasters family a very Happy, Prosperous, Joyous and a Successful New Year 2013.IGEST 10
  12. 12. TM Ramesh Thandav Life will be banal if it is without happenings; the charm of life is change. Incidentally, most of us dread the very word change and find comfort in our own shell. Life gives numerous occasions toS everyone to embrace change and question the statuesque. One such occasion is New YearP and New Year’s Resolution.E Let us try to understand what Resolution meansA and trace its historical significance. Resolution is stop eating sweets, lose weight by one pound a derived from the word ‘resolve’ means breaking week rather than lose weight. Women appear toK into parts, reducing things into simpler forms, increase their success rate by 10% when theyE and holding it firmly. A simple fact is if we want share their goals with their friends. to achieve something, a) we should believe in itR b) hold it firmly and practice it. Why is this astounding failure percentageS Historically speaking, resolutions during reported? Lets us examine what causes this. Most important of all is one should believe that important occasions and events are quite resolutions are for us to make our life better. It prevalent from ancient civilizations especiallyD creates a basic conviction to pursue it against all from Babylonians, Romans and Medieval odds. The best way to begin is to believe that ‘II period. hold the power than any other outside influence’,G Many a time resolutions are not necessarily a Abraham Lincoln once said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed isE life changing effort. It might come from a simple reasoning and change the way things are and more important than any one thing.”S this change may be something to do with a Did you know that before being elected the 16thT person’s life or something that impacts the well President of the United States of America, he being of the society. lost 8 elections? How many of us would lose 8 A study by Richard Wiseman shows that 88% of elections and keep going? Many of us would the people who make New Year resolutions fail quit at the first sign of adversity. But Lincoln had even though 52% of them were confident that a “resolution” to succeed. they will succeed. It is said, men achieved 22% I found four proven ways to succeed in more when they get into goal setting. This achieving resolutions: a) Keep it simple b) Keep basically helps to form small measurable goals it realistic c) Don’t let the set back discourage d) like indulge in sweets once a week rather than Make it accountable. 11
  13. 13. Keeping it simple: To say I want to exercise this Don’t let the set back discourage: The idea is to year is bit vague and not specific, instead to say progress on the goal we want to achieve. In the it simply that I am going to exercise 30 minutes event of failing on some occasion we should three days in a week. By making it simple will avoid being hard on oneself. Consider it as a help us clearly see and follow what we are slight set back and try to come back on track. accomplishing and make course correction if Let’s not get discouraged. necessary. Make it accountable: It is a good idea to have Keep it realistic: A goal that is realistic will be a partners in goals. Husband and wife can jointlyS good partner in our endeavour. Setting have some goals or find a friend with whom oneP unattainable goals will lead us to failure. A can have goals together. This will bring in some realistic goal can be a good motivator. sense of accountability. End of it all it brings inE lot of fun and also a sense of fulfillment in one’sA life.KERSDIGEST 12
  14. 14. Deepavali Celebrations at CSFSPEAKERSDIGEST 13
  15. 15. Office Bearers President : Pravin Mani VP-Education : Vivekanandan B VP-Membership : Nijil Chandran VP-Public Relations : Kiran Sarma Secretary : Ram Kumar Treasurer : Ramesh Karunakaran Sergeant at Arms : Padma Prabha VEditorial Team Chennai Speakers ForumRamesh Thandav Meets every SundayK Ramesh 10am to 12pm Ruby Hall, Presidency Club, Egmore, Chennai, India www.chennaispeakersforum.com Please write your feedback to our VP-PR: kiransarma88@gmail.com