Grooming ppt,NIHAS SAINUDEEN,FIAT Trivandrum


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Grooming ppt,NIHAS SAINUDEEN,FIAT Trivandrum

  2. 2. I am really thankful to ‘Mrs. JYOTHI THOMAS’ who is our grooming faculty. She taught me the right way of grooming.I thank ‘FRANKFINN’ for giving me this opportunity to present my assignment. I also thanks to all my friends.
  3. 3. Grooming means the way you take care of your body like dressing, posture, walk and etc. It’s an art of self presentation. Good grooming is commonly used to refer to a person’s appearance.
  4. 4.  Grooming. Humble. Patience. Good communication skills. Time management. Ready smile. Confidence. Physical fitness.
  5. 5. A person must be humble as he has to constantly deal with guests and has to make sure that every guest that he deals with feels comfortable in his presence. Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on a specific activities.
  6. 6.  I wake up early in the morning. I brush my teeth and wash my face with cold water. I drink 3 glasses of water and go for a jogging. I do exercise till 30 minutes. I take bath and have my breakfast. After I go outside wash my face with cold water. I keep my dress clean. I take balanced diet suitable for my weight, skin and hair.
  7. 7.  My skin is Shiny, Greasy and Thick. I have pimples and black spots. The oily skin it is prone to pimples very fast
  8. 8.  I drink 9 glass of water per day. I apply neem leaves paste (10-15 min) for pimples. I Consume more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. I don’t eat outside oily food like (fast-food and bakery items). I use water based moisturizer (Ever youth) I use Clay based face wash (Ever youth) I use a Ayur skin toner and Himalaya cleanser
  9. 9. SHAVINGo Shaving is removal of hair especially face.o I use Supermax Shaving set and Laser shaving cream.o I use aftershave lotion as application after shave without alcohol content and use moisturizer.FEW TIPS FOR SHAVINGo Always use a sharp blade.o Clean the Razor with Dettol.o Always shave upwards.o Avoid shaving as soon as you wake up.
  10. 10.  My hair is non greasy and it look shiny. My hair is very easy to manage. When I go outside I use a cap
  11. 11.  I use shampoo twice or thrice a week. Have oil massage twice in a week. I use olive oil for soft and shiny hair. I apply one egg with curd, it is the best conditioner. I don’t take bath in hot water I don’t use soap I wash my comb daily I use my own comb & towel I apply henna twice in a month
  12. 12. Height – 168 cm’sWeight – 54 kg’sBMI – 19.13I have an ideal weight
  13. 13.  SundayBreakfast3 dosa with sambar and 1 glass of milkLunch2 cup of rice, vegetable salad, fish curry and fish fryTea time1 cup of tea and chipsDinner2 Idly and fish curry
  14. 14.  MondayBreakfast1 steam cake and Greenpeace curry with 1 glass of milkLunch2 cup of rice, been thoran, fish curry and 1 eggTea time1 cup of tea and 3 slices of breadDinnerMasala dosa, and sambar
  15. 15.  TuesdayBreakfast2 appam, egg curry and 1 glass of milkLunch2 cup of rice, sambar and mixTea time1 cup of coffee and 5 biscuitsDinner3 chapatti and vegetable curry
  16. 16.  WednesdayBreakfast3 Chapatti, chicken curry and 1 glass of milkLunch2 cup of rice, fish curry and curd curryTea time1 cup of tea and 2 pieces of cakeDinner3 slices of bread and jam
  17. 17.  ThursdayBreakfast5 rice noodles and egg curry with 1 glass of milkLunch2 cup of rice, fish curry and mixTea time1 cup of coffee and 2 vadaDinner1 cup of milk and 2 pieces of cake
  18. 18.  FridayBreakfastPathiri, chicken curry and 1 glass of milkLunch3 cup of rice, chicken curry, chicken fry and mixTea time1 cup of coffee and 2 fried bananaDinner3 chapatti and vegetable curry
  19. 19.  SaturdayBreakfast3 puri, vegetable curry and 1 glass of milkLunch1 cup of rice, fish curry and carrot thoranTea time1 cup of tea and 2 meat cutletDinnerChapatti, vegetable curry
  20. 20.  Walking Playing football, Cricket, Shuttle Jogging Pushups Cycling Ground exercise Chinning
  21. 21.  Fat control Good posture Good body shape Body language Self Confidence
  22. 22.  I am very thankful to our grooming trainer ‘Mrs. JYOTHI THOMAS’ for her guidance and support to make us learn how to groom well.From the assignment, I have understood how to develop my personality and grooming.
  23. 23.  Magazines