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Building a Brand


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Creating brand identity

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Building a Brand

  2. 2. IDE Living on the EdgeN Theres somethin wrong with the worldT todayI I dont know what it is Somethings wrong with our eyesT Were seeing things inY a different way
  3. 3. JU • BoldDG • Live lifeE without fearM • UnconventionalEN • RebelsT • Ready to take
  4. 4. R I could stay awake just to hE • Relate to their attitude of living lifeL without fearAT • Aerosmith has been unconventional inI their music becoming the best-selling American rock band of all time- IO believe in creating my own higherN standards allowing me to innovateS and adapt quicklyHI • Their comeback after internalP conflict in the 1980’s has been described as one of the most
  5. 5. Thank You