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Open house 2013 no movie


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Open house 2013 no movie

  1. 1. Welcome to 4NIWelcome to 4NI Shanghai American SchoolShanghai American School Nazli Ighani Grade 4 Blog:
  2. 2. Who is Your Child’s Teacher?
  3. 3. The goals for Open House To share with you our standards and the curriculum here at SAS! ➣To help you understand the work your child will be doing throughout the school year. ➣To work in partnership with you and explain the expectations for your child. ➣To help remind them of their character traits and how this will help them become successful learners. ➣To share information that will help you support your child’s learning.
  4. 4. EAGLES - Our EAGLES define the learner profiles we hope to instill in our children: Empowered-Adaptable-Global-minded - Literate- Empathetic- Skilled Inquirers. Mission Statement SAS inspires in all students: - a passion for lifelong learning, -the commitment to act with integrity and compassion, and -the courage to live their dreams.
  5. 5. Grade 4 Curriculum Five core subjects ➣Readers Workshop ➣Writers Workshop ➣Math ➣Science ➣Social Studies Specials (7 Day Rotation) PE (3x) Art and Music (2x) Library Checkout and Guidance (1x) Technology and Library are integrated
  6. 6. Specials Rotation Day 1 – Art & Guidance Day 2 – Music Day 3 – PE Day 4 – Art Day 5 - PE Day 6 – Music Day 7 – PE
  7. 7. Support teachers Helen Jin - EAL (English Additional Language) Ms. Lourdis - EAL TA CATY ROMERO - Academic Support for Math JEFF DUNGAN - Technology Support DIANE ENOKA - Literacy Coach
  8. 8. Reading The goal of our reading program is to develop good readers. We do this through: ➣Shared, guided and independent reading activities. ➣Reading strategies and skills instruction. ➣Instructional read alouds. ➣Projects which encourage reading and celebrate books read.
  9. 9. We use a Readers Workshop model Each Readers Workshop session begins with a mini lesson that focuses on a reading strategy. Students then read independently and practice the skills from the mini-lesson. This may include: ➣Meeting with Reading Partners ➣Writing in Reading response ➣Working in a Guided Reading ➣Conferencing with the teacher
  10. 10. We use a Writers Workshop model Each Writers Workshop session begins with a mini lesson that focuses on a writing strategy. ➣Students begin by planting their seed ideas ➣Share with their writing partners before they begin their writing. ➣They go off to write their first draft before sharing again with their writing partner.
  11. 11. The Writing Process Five step writing process ➣Pre-write(planting the seed, organize thoughts) ➣Draft (put ideas on paper) ➣Revise (verbs, adjectives,adverbs and elaborating) ➣Edit (correct spelling, mechanics and grammar) ➣Publish (prepare a copy for others to read)
  12. 12. MATH As of this year, our math instruction has been aligned to match the National Common Core Standards LEARNING TARGETS: Numbers, Geometry, Measurement, Probability and statistics, Algebra, Patters and Functions, Problem solving, Computational Skills
  13. 13. Grade 4 Math Practices 1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 4. Model with mathematics. 5. Use appropriate tools strategically. 6. Attend to precision. 7. Look for and make use of structure. 8. Look for and express regularity in repeated
  14. 14. Word Study Words Their Way ➣Spelling patterns ➣Strategies Learning Vocabulary ➣which allows us to hear the words ➣ declare our words
  15. 15. Science Full Option Science System (FOSS) ➣Inquiries ➣Investigations ➣Analyses Three units studied ➣Magnetism and Electricity ➣Water ➣Structures of Life
  16. 16. Social Studies Trimester 1 ➣Geography: Maps, Atlas, Longitude/Latitude, Landforms ➣Geography of Asia and China Trimester 2 ➣Ancient China Terra-cotta Warriors Chinese artifacts Dynasties Trimester 3 ➣Modern China Ongoing ➣Current Events
  17. 17. Technology Each class has a one to one laptop ➣Integrated into all curriculum areas ➣Support from Technology Integrationist
  19. 19. Super Fourth Events ➣Soccer days (Fall Sept. 26th & Spring TBA) ➣Halloween Party ➣Field trips - Shanghai Museum - China Alive - Peasant Painting ➣Sharing Lunch ➣Classroom Holiday Party ➣Book Swap ➣Other planned events
  20. 20. Homework Homework is an opportunity for students to practice and fine-tune the skills we are working on in class. Each student will have an assignment book that they are expected to carry to and from school each day. Each school night ➣20 minutes of reading each night. ➣20 minutes of homework reading response assignments, word study or daily oral language activities, math practice, writing assignments and science/social studies work.
  21. 21. Class agreement Ασ Λιφε Λονγ ΛΕΑΡΝΕΡΣ... 4 NI will show … • Χολλαβορατιον •Χοµµυνιχατιον • Χοµµιτµεντ
  22. 22. Thank you!