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5 ways to make a good first impression at work


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making first impression can be the spring board to your success in your career. learn the basic steps to achive it

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5 ways to make a good first impression at work

  1. 1. 5 ways to make a good first impression at your new job
  2. 2. After going through the hurdle and getting a job, you’re to report at your new job. Most times first impression matters a lot and people might judge you by that. Here are a simple 5 tips to make a good first impression at your work.
  3. 3. Be punctual Make sure you are your new office early to report yourself. It’s important to arrive earlier before the boss shows up that day.
  4. 4. Dress appropriately Be smart and dress decent. Make sure from head to toe is looking good and not shabby. Dressing will show who you really her. Dress in a way that is not offensive.
  5. 5. Be a listener Don’t be quick to talk. Listen to what they say, because when you listen, you will not miss out on any important information about the organization. When you listen, you might be able to ask reasonable questions.
  6. 6. Think before you speak If you don’t have anything reasonable to ask, don’t speak. Not speaking does not remove your smartness or makes you a fool. But if you want to speak, it’s important you think on what you have to say. Make sure it’s reasonable enough before you can say it.
  7. 7. Smile always Always wear a smile while in office.