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Sprint Meetings
Story Writing
Not part of the Scrum ceremonies, but essential part of the
project. The Produc...
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Scrum Meetings Infographic v12


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Scrum Meetings Infographic v12

  1. 1. Sprint Meetings Story Writing Workshops PO Not part of the Scrum ceremonies, but essential part of the project. The Product Owner engages with the Stakeholders and Sponsors to understand the value of the work to be done, and to help develop the scope (Stories). StakeholdersSponsors Sprint Planning EPIC EPIC Feature Feature Feature Story Story Story  Team works with PO to refine estimates, and agree Stories for inclusion in this Sprint  PO & Team agrees the Sprint Goal Sprint Prioritization (Scrum Team)  Decide how to achieve Sprint Goal  Create Sprint Backlog  Define Tasks  Team Pull initial tasks to work on  Do NOT estimate tasks! Sprint Planning (Dev Team) PO SM Backlog TO DO Doing Done Goal Product Backlog Tasks Input Outputs Daily Scrum Created by: Nigel Thurlow Last Updated: 28th August 2015 Version: 12 A C D Sprint Review  Hosted by the Scrum Team  Product Owner Must Attend  Open to any stakeholder to attend  Demonstrate the Sprint achieved its Goal , elicit stakeholder feedback, and decide what to do next. E Retrospective F 2 Hrs Per Week of Sprint MAX 1 Hr Per Week of Sprint MAX 3 Hrs MAX SMEs  What went well? J  What didn t go so well? L  How can we improve? Kaizen  Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis (5 Whys)  Attended by the Scrum Team. 10% of the Sprint MAX Backlog Refinement PO SM Story EPIC Feature Story Story Story Story Story EPIC Story Story Story EPIC Delete Items Refine Items Insert Items 20 Estimate Items Prioritize B The team should meet with the Product Owner up to 10% of the Sprint to refine the upcoming stories to ensure they re READY. Ready = everyone understands the WHAT. VALUE to the business is defined. Enabling items are identified (specs/wireframes etc). Stories meet INVEST. Everyone Answers The 3 Questions  What did I do yesterday > that helped the Team meet the Sprint Goal?  What will I do today > to help the Team meet the Sprint Goal?  Do I see any impediment that prevents me > or the Team from meeting the Sprint Goal? Purpose – Define a plan for today s work! Every Day! 15 Mins  NO Deviation or Debate  PO SM MAX Fixed Time Fixed Location