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User Experience Boot Camp


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Basic introduction to user experience, the benefits and methodologies.

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User Experience Boot Camp

  1. 1. Digital Bootcamp User Experience
  2. 2. HELLO!My name is Nigel Hudson I’ve designed and managed websites, enterprise applications, mobile applications for over 16 years. Director, Experience Architecture
  3. 3. User Experience Introduction to
  4. 4. What is user experience?
  5. 5. What is User Experience? Customer Experience (CX) User Experience (UX) CX encompasses the overall interactions a person has with your brand. From brand perception, awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation and advocacy. UX is specific to the ‘User’ in the terms of digital properties of your brand. It is the design, measurement and optimization of the interaction a person has with your digital products and or channel. Company Vision, Business Strategy, Marketing Direction, Product Design & Management Digital Marketing Channels, Digital Products, WorkForce Tools & Automation, In-Store Digital Experience and POS
  6. 6. Layers of User Experience Visual & Motion Design Content & Messaging UI Patterns & Interaction Architecture & Navigation Business & Functional Requirements User Goals & Needs Research & Planning Creative Digital Translation, Theme and Animation Key Messaging, Copywriting & Tone, Experiential Content User Interface & Interaction Design Information Architecture, User Flow, Navigation Structure, Sitemap Business rules, objectives, functional requirements, platform considerations and constraints, agile user stories. User objectives, needs, goals , KPI and conversions Experience Road mapping, Journey Mapping, Experience Mapping, User Types, Personas, Web Analytics, Heuristic and Competitive Analysis, User Interviews and User Testing, Company Vision / Business Plan Technical Considerations Marketing & Digital Strategy Brand Governance Customer Experience
  7. 7. Source: 2015 Information Architects Impactful User Experience is a marriage of Business, Technology and Design Spectrum of User Experience
  8. 8. Incorporation of Experience Strategy & Digital Planning Goals & KPI’s AudienceAnalysis JourneyMapping ExperienceMapping OpportunityRoadmap Rapid Prototyping Lean User Testing Technologies & Platforms Ecomm CMS Portal Omni-Channel Adaptive& Responsive Mobile AppIntegration Experience Design Creative Design Content Creation Rich Content Localization Personalization ExperienceDesign User Interface Experience Optimization ExperienceAnalytics Web Analytics User Testing SEO/SEM Social Commerce Behavioral Remarketing Campaign Integration Experience Management ExperienceProgram Management Governance Experience can be incorporated across a digital property lifecycle.
  9. 9. Omni-Channel UX can assist in creating seamless, consistent and relevant customer experiences across multiple channels. UX Governance
  10. 10. Omni-Channel and the Age Context UX can assist in creating seamless, consistent and relevant customer experiences across multiple channels. Our profile and traffic patternsOur referral or source of entry The device(s) we are using
  11. 11. What are the benefits?
  12. 12. Inspiration
  13. 13. Benefits of UX Inspiration $18 Billion profit, the largest in it’s history
  14. 14. Benefits of UX Inspiration “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology” - Steve Jobs (1997)
  15. 15. Benefits of User Experience Loyalty & Marketing Share Reduced CostsIncreased Revenue
  16. 16. Benefits of User Experience Loyalty & Marketing Share Reduced CostsIncreased Revenue • When information is relevant and easy to find, the greater chance of user engagement • When a transaction is easy to do it, there is greater chance of completion • When a process is easy to do, it reduces staff overhead or task time • Users will pay a premium for better and consistent experience • Employees will be more efficient with a better and consistent experience Ease of use drives digital engagement
  17. 17. Benefits of User Experience Reduced CostsIncreased Revenue • influences customer perception “they care about my experience, they must take the same care in their products” • creates loyal customers through consistency and reliability in experiences • brand begins to sell itself, word of mouth Optimal customer experience increases brand perception, loyalty and market share. Loyalty & Marketing Share
  18. 18. Benefits of User Experience Increased Revenue • prioritize features for development thus reducing effort/cost • invest in more meaningful and impactful features • experience testing can catch issues early rather than later in development • less rework or redesign work is required • less customer support or employee training, faster onboarding Experience planning & design translates into smarter investments Loyalty & Marketing Share Reduced Costs
  19. 19. Where can we apply it?
  20. 20. Where can we apply it? User Experience (UX) Business Systems and Workflow Digital Product and Services Marketing and Acquisition Back Office Front Office
  21. 21. Applied UX Business Systems and Workflow User experience is not just for the consumer market. Creating optimal experiences for your business systems and workflows can create business efficiencies. • user adoption • optimized employee workflow • employee collaboration • document management and findability • improve communications • business Intelligence forecasting • mobilization of workforce • positive cultural perception • less support time
  22. 22. Applied UX Digital Product & Services Design User experience is critical in the product and service design for create a competitive advantage. • Desirable product experiences • Competitive Edge • Increased Acquisition • Prioritize feature roll out • Less Customer Support Time • Brand Perception
  23. 23. Applied UX User experience is critical in marketing and acquisition channels to drive engagement. • Targeted Experiences • Optimal Acquisition Journey’s (funnels) • Contextual & Relevant Messaging • Brand Perception • Optimized & Integrated Campaigning Marketing and Acquisition Services
  24. 24. How do we do it?
  25. 25. What is user experience? How we do it UX Process and Components Research & Discovery Concept & Validating Architecture & Design Experience Management
  26. 26. What is user experience? How we do it UX Process and Components Research & Discovery •Stakeholder/User Interviews •UX Workshops •Personas •Use Cases and Scenarios •Task Analysis •Experience / User Journey Mapping •Eco system Map •Audience Analysis •Competitive Analysis •Heuristic Evaluations •User Testing •Key Performance Indicators •Experience Planning Concept & Planning •Story Boards •User flows •Card Sorting •Content Audit •Content Planning •Component Planning •UI Sketches •UI Wireframes •Prototyping & Lean Testing •Technical Exploration •Business & UX Requirements •Solution Brief •User Stories Architecture & Design •Site Mapping •Component Mapping •Content Mapping •Creative Design •Creative Style Guide •Taxonomies •UI Wireframes •UI Prototypes •Functional Requirements •Agile Development •Lean User Testing •Iterate Experience Management •UX Governance •UX Program •Analytics Analysis •UX Analytics •A/B Testing •User Testing Discover & Prioritize Opportunities Validate & Plan Opportunities Design, Refine & Build Manage & Optimize Lean UX
  27. 27. Real World Example
  28. 28. Example The Challenge: Redevelop the automotive shopping tools across all 5 brands (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Fiat). Increase engagement and online conversions. Client asks: “must be industry leading”, “different” and “modern”. Constraints Canadian budgets 3rd Party Data Warehouse APIs Limited room to change content The Applications: Build & Price Search Inventory Locate a Retailer Engagement Forms Special Offers FCA Shopping Tools
  29. 29. Example FCA Shopping Tools Stakeholder Workshops HL Solutions Docs Heuristic & Competitive Analysis Data Analytics & Audience Analysis Journey Mapping Requirements & User Stories Wireframe, Prototypes & Lean User Testing Creative Design & Assets Agile Development and Deployment
  30. 30. Example The Result: A fully integrated applications for a seamless customer shopping experiences - the first of it’s kind. Device ready for desktop, tablet and smartphone. Measurement (3months): 15% increase in conversions for Desktop users 283% increase in conversions Mobile Users FCA Shopping Tools
  31. 31. “Start with experience to achieve success.” Conclusion
  32. 32. Thank You Nigel Hudson 1/29/16 5:32:46 PM