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cookies law deck


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cookies law deck

  1. 1. Nigel GwilliamConsultant Head of Digital
  2. 2. — The Stupid EU Cookie Law
  3. 3. … in 2 ½ minutes
  4. 4. IPA advice for agencies— Tell clients there is no need to panic— BUT don’t do nothing— Audit the use of cookies— Classify cookie usage (& remove obsolete cookies)— Increase prominence of information— “Check where else you get online consent and how you get it – is there any way of adapting those techniques?” source: ICO
  5. 5. recent example from
  6. 6. What about advertising? “The efforts the advertising industry has already made will form a fundamental and important part of the package of measures taken across industry to achieve compliance and I am grateful for your work towards this goal.” Ed Vaizey, MP Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries
  7. 7. What about advertising?
  8. 8. What about advertising?
  9. 9. What about advertising?
  10. 10. Final Thoughts— DON’T DO NOTHING!!— Follow the simple steps described— Keep an eye on what British institutions like the BBC, the Guardian and John Lewis are doing— Only work with accredited OBA providers