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Startup Squad


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Disruptive Technology Accelerator helping Veteran Owned Startups (VOS) launch businesses and careers supporting National Security.

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Startup Squad

  1. 1. An accelerator takes single-digit chunks of equity in externally developed ideas in return for small amounts of capital and mentorship. They’re generally truncated into a three to four month program at the end of which the start-ups graduate.
  2. 2. Focused on Cyber Security by Veteran Owned Startups (VOS) that will help defend our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure.
  3. 3. Defend & strengthen our Nation's Critical Infrastructure through Veteran Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
  4. 4. Ideation: Micro –seed grant to prove technical validity of disruptive solution “Shark Tank” like, ultra-selective application process; selected Veteran Owned Startups will receive $25K equity investment from Startup Squad Strategically located in Washington DC: USCYBERCOM + Prime Contractors + Academia with federal labs + Startup Ecosystem Mentorship from top entrepreneurs, investors, industry influencers, Prime contractors, Small Biz’ Federal Agencies Specialists and Startup Squad executives Demo Day presentation to target Prime contractors, Federal Agency program managers, angel investors, VCs & media Advisors and mentors will continue to work with graduated startups to help them grow and scale their businesses
  5. 5. Highly trained Veterans with security clearances and innovative solutions for public & private Cyber Security Missions. Recruitment through: • Partner Networks • Online Job Boards • Job Fairs • Social Media • Startup Squad Website • Cyber Conferences • Startup Squad events
  6. 6. Difficult for Veterans Owned Startups to create a winning business model that will make them competitive in the Public and Private Markets.
  7. 7. Difficult for Prime Contractors find qualified Veterans Owned Startups to partner with on Federal Contracts.
  8. 8. Difficult for most Federal Agencies to reach mandated Government-wide 3% Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business set-aside goal
  9. 9. Mentor-Driven Cyber Security Accelerator launching Veteran Owned Startups that are ready to defend our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure.
  10. 10. $25k Seed Funding Placement for cyber jobs Connections to Prime’s & Federal Agencies Over $100K in perks Top-notch Industry Leaders & SME Mentors
  11. 11. Graduates showcase solutions to: Federal Agencies Prime Contractors Private Companies Investors
  12. 12. Success metrics 15 -18 startups graduate with sub-contracts At least 200 jobs per year created as a result of startups At least 16 startups acquire follow on funding post graduation
  13. 13. Veterans understand the tactical problem. Veterans know how to execute strategic solutions. Mission Critical Market. Top-notch Mentors. Public & Private Market Solutions.
  14. 14. Satisfaction from a sense of civic duty to give back to Veterans. Pre-market access to innovative Veteran Owned Startups. Access to highly motivated cyber qualified Veteran labor pool. Strategic Partnerships and added capabilities for Federal Contracts. Safer & stronger America!
  15. 15. Sponsors Mentors